Pocket Luna: 8 Tips and Hints to Make Your Character More Powerful

Anurag Ghosh
Changing Weapons in Pocket Luna
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Pocket Luna is a super cute fantasy RPG by developers at XD Global. The game transports you to a fairytale world full of adorable pets, monsters and deadly bosses. You will be able to collect minions, mounts, equip armor weapons and wings your character and fight enemies in the expedition game mode. There are lots of things to do in this game and there are several fun game modes to keep you busy for hours.

Gameplay is fairly easy and beginners who are new to role-playing games will love everything about Pocket Luna. A powerful character and his minion are crucial to win monster battles in expedition mode. With these tips and hints, you will be able to make his equipment stronger, level up minions faster and find out how mounts and wings can help you in dungeon levels. You can also watch our gameplay video to know more about enhancing and refining equipment and combining materials to improve minion gear.

1. Enhance and Refine Equipment at the Blacksmith

As you progress through levels, you will come across tougher enemies. You must have powerful weapons and armor to boost your ATK (Attack) and DEF (Defense) stats. Enhancing your weapons is the best way to make them stronger and increase certain key stats. To enhance equipment, tap “Blacksmith”, select gear and then tap the “enhance” button. You will need enhance stones to make your weapons stronger. You can get enhance stones from an expedition dungeon level and the limited shop. To access limited shop, tap “Store” and then tap the first tab. You can buy 50 enhance stones for 5 diamonds. You can also extract an enhance stone by breaking down green and blue equipment.

Enhancing Equipment

Along with enhancing your equipment in Pocket Luna, you should also consider refining them. Refining unlocks at player level 13 and considerably increases key stats associated with that particular gear.

For example, enhancing the green double-edged sword to level 2 increases ATK by 8, but if you refine the same weapon to refinery level 1, ATK increases by +44 points.

To refine a piece of equipment, you will need pink refinery stones and lots of gold. You can obtain pink stones from a dungeon level, mystery shop, limited shop and explorer shop. To access all these three shops, tap “Store” on the top of your home screen. For starters, you just need 10 diamonds to purchase 50 refinery stones.

2. Break down Lower Level Equipment to Obtain Materials for Enhancing Gear

Lower level or duplicate gear isn’t of much use if you have better equipment of the same type equipped to your hero. Plus they take up space in your “bag” (inventory). Fortunately, there is a way to discard them. Best part is that you can extract precious enhance stones from low-level discarded gear. You can sell them for gold, but I recommend breaking them down to extract stones as they can be very useful to increase stats of higher-level gear equipped to your hero.

Breaking Down Gear

Head straight to the blacksmith and tap the “Break Down” tab. Now select a lower level gear which you haven’t equipped to your character and don’t intend to do so in future. You can select more than one piece of equipment to get more stones. After selecting gear, tap the “Break Down” button to get enhance stones and gold.

3. How to Make Minions More Powerful

Along with your main character, you should also make your minions stronger. Minions can be of immense help during battle as they automatically strike enemies, making it easier for you to tackle multiple foes. Make your chosen minion more powerful and increase his/her BR by combining materials to create and enhance his equipment. This will make his equipment more powerful and will gain more stats. To know the location of a material, just tap the material’s icon on the combine page.

Make Minions Stronger

You can find materials in expedition dungeon levels. If you have achieved 3-stars in a level, then you will just have to “raid” that level to get rewards, which includes materials. Once you have acquired the required materials, head to the minion’s page, tap one of his/her equipped items and then press the combine button. You will need gold to combine materials. You can see an increase in key attributes points-wise on the left hand side of the combine page. When you combine materials to upgrade a minion’s equipment, you also increase his BR. Reach the total minion BR target score to get bonus attribute points. The total minion BR gauge can be seen on the bottom of the minion’s page and increases as you unlock more and more minions.

You can quickly level-up a minion using the pink experience liquid, a single bottle of EXP liquid increase 50 XP. Leveling up a minion not only increases stats but also increases BR, which will help get to the Minion Total BR target quickly. You can obtain experience liquid by playing “Pirate’s Treasure” game mode at the Nara harbor. This game mode is fairly easy – All you have to do is break dropped chest to obtain huge amounts of minion exp liquid. Go to “Event Calendar” to locate Nara harbor in the map.

4. Switch to a Stronger Weapon and Armor to Boost Character Attributes

Make sure you have equipped powerful gear to your character before heading to battle. You will get weapons, armor etc. from dungeons in Pocket Luna’s expedition mode. You can also get them from dimension summon, under the “summon equipment” page.

Changing Weapons in Pocket Luna

When you get a higher-level or rarer weapon/equipment from a dungeon level or any other location, you don’t have to do anything – the game will suggest switching the current weapon with the newly acquired one. You just have to tap the new weapon’s portrait pic on the home screen to equip it and your older weapon will be replaced by the new weapon.

5. Pay Attention to the In-Game Hint When You Come Across a New Enemy or Boss

When you encounter a new boss, his portrait appears on the bottom of the battle screen. Just tap it to know its strengths and weaknesses, which will definitely help develop your own strategies when fighting him.
The game also provides in-game hints for new enemies – Just tap a new enemy’s portrait on the bottom of the screen to know his key traits and weaknesses.

6. Choose a Stronger Skill Set According to Enemy’s Elemental Affinity

Your main character has three sets of skills which are based on three elements – Fire, Earth and Wind. Each set boasts three special skills which you can use during battle. One of them is gesture-based, so you will have to draw certain lines or shapes around enemies to launch the skill.

Select a Stronger Skill Set

At the battle preparation screen, you can select one of three elemental skill sets. Always go with the game’s recommendation (a “rec” badge can be seen on a skill set) before going out to battle. The game recommends a set of skills based on the weaker elemental affinity of enemies. For example, if there are more fire element enemies, the game will recommend water-based skills.

7. Recruit Mounts to get Attribute Bonuses

Did you know that your character can ride atop the back of an exotic beast? While it looks pretty cool using a mount to navigate the main city, a mount also provides certain stats bonuses. For example, the “Royal White Horse” provides a +8 percent HP bonus when you recruit and ride him. Turtle provides a +3 percent HP bonus when you use him. Most mounts can only be used in the main city, but the character attribute bonuses they provide are permanent and will help you in your adventure.

To recruit a mount, tap “Character” and then tap “Mount” on the bottom of the screen. You won’t have to work too hard to get the first one. The rest can be found in mystery summons and event centers. Just tap a mount’s portrait and then tap the “Obtain From” to find out where you can get them.

8. Equip Wings to Increase ATK stats

Equipping wings to your main character is a must if you want to deal more damage to monsters. To do this, tap “Character” and then tap “Wings” on the bottom of your character’s stats screen. You can equip an unlocked set of wings once you complete simple tasks. These tasks can be found in the “cultivate” section. For example, if you want to unlock the Dark Flame Feathers wings (equipping them will grant a +3% ATK bonus and 150 points to your character’s ATK attribute), then you will have to complete 5 steps, which includes reaching level 40, gaining 50000 BR, unlocking a total of 8 minions and acquiring 140 stars. When you complete all steps, you will be able to unlock and equip wings to your character.

Those were a few beginner-level Pocket Luna tips and strategies. If you have any questions, do let us know using the comment form below.