Pocket Luna Guide: How to Get Minions

Anurag Ghosh
A minion to the rescue in Pocket Luna

Minions are your benevolent companions who will automatically attack any incoming enemies during a battle. They can be very useful in arena battles and expedition levels. You will have to collect a certain amount of spirits to unlock a minion. Once you collect the required number of spirits, don’t forget to tap the recruit button on the minions’ page. You can then select a minion on the battle preparation page before beginning your adventure.

A minion to the rescue in Pocket Luna

You might get a minion on certain special events, such as the “Come and Get it” login event that lets you acquire the adorable Snow Wizard character after logging in consecutively for two days. Here are a few more tips and hints to obtain minions in Pocket Luna:

1. You can summon a minion through the “Dimension Summon”. However, you can summon only once and then wait for 45 minutes to get the next free summon. You will receive a few minion spirits if you go for the free summon and will need to collect a certain amount of spirits to unlock a character.

You can summon the complete minion if you spend diamonds. If you opt for diamonds, you can summon 10 times to get a complete character.

Check minion availability via calendar

On the summon minion screen, make sure you check the “calendar” to see a list of characters you get on certain days. A minion is available for two days and then it’s replaced by another, so make sure you acquire maximum spirits using free summons while he/she is available. You can acquire the remaining spirits by other means. You will have to find spirits, which I will explain in the next paragraph.

2. Like I said earlier, you will need spirits to unlock a minion. To acquire spirits, you must find them first. Tap “Minion” on the bottom of your home screen and then tap an unlocked character. Next, tap the “+” button next to “Recruit”. You will see a list of locations where you can obtain spirits to unlock that character.

How to find minion spirits

For example, if I want to unlock the “Steel Armor” minion, I will have to attempt the third level in the seventh dungeon (Cagell Waterfall) in “Hard” mode (opens when you complete the level 12 main mission) to obtain steel armor spirits. I can also obtain his spirits from the challenge shop (which opens at player level 18) and from dimension summon. You can easily find spirits by tapping the plus icon below each unlocked minion’s stats page.

3. Using honor is another way of acquiring minion spirits. You will get honor when you defeat a player in the PvP arena challenge. You can then exchange honor points with sprits at the “Arena Shop” under “Store”. To fight players in the arena, tap “Event Calendar” and then tap the arena button. The game finds a matching opponent for your character. You can select a skill set and a minion before the battle begins. You will receive 10 honor points if you win. Even if you lose, you will get 50 percent of the total winning honor points. You can exchange honor points for wings and spirits by tapping the honor businessman in the arena. The “arena shop” refreshes every few hours so keep checking to see if there are any new minion spirits available in the shop. You can also receive honor points on completing certain achievements.

4. Complete simple daily missions to get special chests. Tap the “Daily Mission” icon on the right side of the screen. You will have to complete a set of tasks to increase your activity level, which will decide what chests you will be receiving. Higher level chests (purple chests) will contain minion spirits, but you will have to reach activity level 140 to get it. Tasks include raiding a certain number of normal dungeon raids, challenging players in the arena, enhancing equipment etc. You will receive activity points for completing these set of tasks. Keep completing daily missions to reach purple chest level.

5. Finally, you will receive minion spirits on certain days if you log in every day to play Pocket Luna. As of writing this guide, I will be receiving Shadow Guard spirits on certain days. Log in bonuses are available for 30 days until they replaced by a new set of login rewards, so make sure you play daily to get coins, diamonds, essences and minion spirits before the expiry date.