Pocket Love: Dating, New Floor, Jess and More!

Anurag Ghosh

Pocket Love lets you decorate your own sweet virtual home with new furniture, wall objects, floor tiles and wallpapers. You can also change character outfits and equip trendy accessories to them. We have explained everything in detail in our beginner-level Pocket Love guide.

Pocket Love - Dating and Other Features

The game doesn’t get boring as developers Hyperbeard keep new features to its gameplay at regular intervals. In this new Pocket Love Guide, we will explore dating, adding a new floor and using the elevator, obtaining a new pet, the address book and new ways to earn rewards.

Dating: Going Out on a Date with Your Partner

Dating is Pocket Love’s newest gameplay feature. You will get a chance to go on a date with your partner immediately after moving in to your new home.

Pay attention to the glowing heart above your partner. It suggests that he/she is ready to go out with their partner on their first date. If you are a new player, then the heart will appear after the tutorial ends.

Tap your partner when you see a heart above him/her. A dialogue will appear on the lower-right corner of the screen. Your partner is all excited for the first date.

Tap the heart above your partner to begin dating
Tap the heart above your partner to start the dating mini game.

He/she will ask you to get dressed and take a stroll through a cutesy park in midtown. Make sure you tap the screen to move to the next dialogue.

Tap the green button once your partner finishes her dialogue. If you are not interested to go on a date at the the moment, just press the pink button:

Always tap the green button to move to a different location for your date

You will be taken to a garden – Name is “Cherry Park”. You and your partner talk about this new place and how awesome it is. Your partner also mentions about that mysterious neighbor and wonders why he is following you.

The garden area - your first date location
The garden is beautiful

Once the dialogue between you and partner ends, you will receive hearts. The game will also take a pic of you and your partner having a meal at the park. It will be stored in your in-game memories.

Press the “End Date” button on the lower-right corner of the screen and then tap to claim your “souvenir”.

Tap the end date button

The souvenir could be a random furniture or a décor item from the same location you just finished dating. You will receive more hearts after claiming the souvenir.

Tap to claim a random souvenir from the same dating location
Claim your souvenir

Once you claim a souvenir, you can go back home to “play again” to get another souvenir. Spend five dogllars or watch a 30-second ad to get a new one.

Your visit to Cherry Park will always be memorable. To see your memory (pic of that park), tap the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) on the top-left corner of the screen > camera icon.

There will be more dating opportunities in the future, so pay attention to your partner and don’t hesitate to tap him/her when the heart icon appears above them.

The first location for your date will be Cherry Park. As you progress, you will be taken to new locations for your next date. Do let us know if you find them and post your thoughts in the comment box below.

The second dating location is the local arcade.

Pssst… the next location for your date is the local arcade. Make sure to grab a new souvenir after the date’s over. Follow the above steps to complete new dates.

Add More Rooms and a Second Floor!

Another fun addition to Pocket Love’s gameplay is the ability to add more rooms to your house. Once you purchase three more rooms, you will be able to add a second floor to your house.

For the first floor, dogllars required to purchase the first three rooms are as follows:

Room 1 – 10 dogllars

Room 2 – 20 dogllars

Room 3 – 30 dogllars

Once you have a total of four rooms in the first floor, it’s time to build the second floor.

Tap the red house signboard to talk to Jane the builder. She will propose to build an extra space for your beautiful house. Once her dialogue finishes, tap the “Let’s Build It” button if you have at least 15 dogllars. You may tap “Maybe Later…” and come back again anytime by tapping the red signboard to build a new floor once you have enough dogllars.

When you are ready, purchase a new room for 15 dogllars for your second floor.

A new room will be built atop the first floor. Congratulations! You have built a two story house in Pocket Love. You can build three more rooms in the second floor.

Building the second floor
Building a second floor by adding more rooms atop the first floor

Tip: To move from the second floor to the first floor or vice versa, tap the elevator icon on the lower-left corner of the screen. Press the purple “1 Floor” button to move to the first floor. If you are in the first floor, press the purple “2 Floor” button to move to the second floor.

Tap the elevator on  the lower-left corner of the screen
Tap the elevator on the lower-left corner of the screen
Tap the purple button to move to that floor
The yellow button suggests the current floor. Tap the purple button to move to the second floor

If you want to decorate the second floor, make sure you use the elevator to move to that floor and then tap on a room that you want to decorate or place furniture into it. Next, press the room edit button on the lower-left corner of the screen to start placing new furniture or putting items back to storage.

Missing Pet? Here’s Why

In Pocket Love, most people wonder where their pet is when their beloved kitty or doggo disappear all of a sudden. There’s no need to worry.

The first thing you should do is check all rooms. If you have built a second floor, then use the elevator to move to that floor. Next check all floors in the second floor to find your pet.

If your pet is still missing in Pocket Love, then you should add more rooms to your house to bring her back. Missing pets usually happens when there are few rooms in your house. Another reason could be a lot of items crammed inside one room, making it difficult to locate your pet.

More Ways to Earn Coins/Dogllars

In the latest update, there’s more than one way to earn extra rewards. However, you will have to watch an ad to claim them:

1. Tap the white gacha machine with the “Ad” mentioned on its top. Check the below screenshot:

Tap the white gacha machine to get your free rewards

You will have to watch a 30-second video before claiming your rewards. There are high chances of earning coins than dogllars from this machine.

Tap the hovercraft

2. A pilotless flying device will hover over your house at regular intervals. Tap it, watch an advert and get free coins/dogllars. Again, the chances of obtaining coins are more. However you might receive 5 dogllars sometimes from this device.

How to Get More Than One Pet

In Pocket Love, you can adopt more than one pet. You will get the first pet in the tutorial.

As soon as the tutorial finishes, pay attention to Jess. She will appear near home. Tap her. After a brief self-introduction, Jess will offer a few pet choices.

Tap the “I’d Love another pet” button, watch a 30-second advert.

Next, choose whether you would want to adopt a dog (Bark-Bark) or a Cat (Meow-Meow).

A random dog or cat, based on your choice, will be available for adoption. Give it a name and press the OK button.

Know Your Guest’s Timings through the Address Book

You will find some guests arrive at your doorsteps at regular intervals. Whether it is Kai, Guy or Kevin the furniture buyer, you will find them waiting next to your house at random intervals throughout the day. But you may be wondering when do they come? Do they come every day or at certain times during the week?

The address book

Well, there’s an easy way to know when they arrive at your doorstep:

Tap the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) on the upper-left corner of the screen. Tap the third icon (the address book). It’s just above the cogwheel.

In the address book, you will see a list of guests and days on which they will arrive.

Below the guest’s pic are the abbreviations of days of the week (M –Monday, T –Tuesday, W – Wednesday etc.).

Yellowed days mean the guest will arrive only on those days.

You can know which guest arrives on a particular day – all guests except for Jess.

You won't find days under Jess
Jess has a “????” below her. Wonder why?

Jess lets you adopt additional pets, but you will notice “???” below her pic in the address book. As of writing this guide, there’s no way to know when does Jess comes to your house. She will appear next to your house at random occasions.

But do keep an eye on the address book. You never know when the game updates to show Jess’s arrival dates.

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