Play Together: Guide to Pets

Anurag Ghosh

Haegin’s Play Together lets you spend quality time with your cute pet. There are more than 20 adorable animals to collect. From dogs and kitties to chicken and pigs, you can have them all and teach cool tricks to these endearing critters.

Play Together Pet Guide

You will have to take care of them and fulfill their desires. Check out our Play Together Pet guide to know how to get hearts, hatch eggs and obtain rare pets: 

Get the Egg from the Pet Store Clerk

You will get a free pet egg from the beginner mission named “Try talking to the pet shop clerk”. Beginner missions are available to those who have just started playing the game. If you haven’t got access to them, just tap on the pinned note on the top-left corner to the screen to find the checklist.

Go to the pet shop in the plaza (Kaia Island). If you can’t find this shop, hit the smartphone icon on the right side of the screen > map and find the shop in the in-game map.

Talk to the shop clerk and she will give you a free normal egg.

How to Hatch an Egg

You will need to fulfill an egg’s “desires” to level it up and hatch it into a cute pet.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to hatch an egg in Play Together:

1. Once you have received the free egg from the shop clerk, it’s time to take it along while exploring the plaza.

2. Tap on the red backpack on the right side of the game screen. Go to the pets section and tap on the egg.

3. The egg will now follow you wherever you go. The way it follows you, bouncing around and scurrying, makes it look so adorable.

4. Pay attention to its “desires”, i.e. its wants or needs. You will notice the egg behaving strangely at times, greenish fumes all over it or a “zzz” callout icon above it – All this indicates that it wants attention and probably desires something. You may also have to tap on the egg at regular intervals to know its desires.

Pay attention to your pet's desires

6. Fulfilling your pet’s desires grants stars and hearts. The latter is very important as you will need at least 50 hearts to level up and hatch the egg into a cute pet. You will receive hearts when you complete its desires within the stipulated time.

7. All desires have a time limit (as shown in the above screenshot). You will have to complete a desire before the timer goes off. You will only have 15-20 minutes to fulfill a pet’s need so do it fast before it’s too late. Desires are available randomly all throughout the day and the occurrence isn’t too frequent, so make sure you complete one before the timer goes off.

5. Some of your pet desires are as follows:

  • If it wants to sleep. There will be a “zzzz” callout above it. Tap on your pet to get more details.

Go to the pet shop near the mart. There will be a free bed. Go near the bed and tap on the icon above it. You pet will jump into the bed. A circle above the egg will fill up. Once it fills up fully, you will receive stars and hearts.

Pet tub and bath in the shop
The free bed and tub in the pet shop is where you can give your pet a bath and make her sleep
  • If it needs a bath, you will see greenish fumes all over the egg.

Quickly take your egg to the pet store and you will find a small bathtub next to the bed. Tap on the bathtub, press the bathing icon above it. That’s it. Wait for the circle to fill up above the bathing pet.

  • The cute hopping egg also needs to play sometime.

Go to the pet shop and find the mini toy section inside the shop. You will need more than 1000 stars to purchase a toy. If you haven’t earned any stars yet or are short of them, then you should read these Play Together tips and tricks to know how to earn them.

Once you have purchased the pet toy, tap on the red backpack and pull out the toy to play with the egg.

6. Hearts fill up the hearts meter. Keep fulfilling desires to get hearts and obtain 50 hearts to hatch the egg.

7. Your egg will also desire to go for a balloon ride or go on top of the Ferris wheel. Check the map to find the location of these two attractions.

8. Once the egg is hatched into a cute pet, you will unlock additional “tricks”. These are nothing but commands such as “come here”, “sit” etc.

Pet Commands aka Tricks

Just tap on your pet and then tap on the paw icon to use these commands.

9. Unlock additional commands once you level up your pet to level 3, 4 and so on. Fulfill his/her desires to obtain hearts and fill the heart meter to level up.

Purchase More Eggs at the Pet Shop

In Play Together, there are two types of pets – normal and rare pet. You can purchase them at the shop.

Head straight to the shop located near the mart or use the in-game smartphone’s map to find it.

There will see two large eggs near the shop clerk. Move closer to these eggs and tap on the shopping cart icon above the white egg first. You will see a list of normal eggs. These aren’t hatched yet and you will have to follow the above guide to hatch them.

A single normal pet egg costs 2000 stars.

The percentage below each cute animal shows how high are the chances of getting them. If an animal has 17 percentage below him, it means there’s a higher chance of getting him when the egg is hatched.

Now tap on the shopping cart above the yellow pet. You will find a list of premium eggs – they usually contain rare pets.

You will need gems to purchase premium eggs. Complete missions and collect crowns to reach milestones and unlock stars/gems as rewards. You can also buy pet food at the shop. Make sure you have enough stars to purchase them.

  1. How do I take care of my pets while they’re inside the ‘lovely fence’? There’s no button for me to take care of them. However, I have taken care of other eggs but in another ‘lovely fence’ Tell me how I can take care of my other eggs in the other ‘lovely fence’

  2. I had to purchased one of those pet yard things from the furniture store, but I can’t figure out how to remove my pet now :/ any help?

    1. @Kori, when you stand next to the pet yard there’s a button you can push that pops up. Then down in the left hand corner there’s little icons of your pets. Click them to remove them from the yard.

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