Plague Invader: Survival Wars – Ultimate Guide

Paul Moronfola
Plague Invader Survival Wars Opening Screen
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

Most RPG games require playing in a landscape orientation which opposes the natural way of holding mobile phones. However, it seems like Age of Legend, the producer of Plague Invader: Survival Wars, relied on that information to create something that doesn’t oppose the natural way of holding phones. Aside from the stunning graphics and enticing story, you have a game that is highly addictive.

Plague Invader Survival War Secret Police
Screenshot – Plague Invader Survival War

While Age of Legend possibly wanted Plague Invader: Survival Wars to be very interesting using its features, its plethora of features and vastness means that playing the game without help will be challenging. Many players simply don’t understand the game and will waste the in-game currency before they understand.

Plague Invader: Survival Wars  Gameplay
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

We wanted to reduce the complexities surrounding Plague Invader: Survival Wars by introducing the most basic things you need to know about the game. Did you know it has an element of strategy? Get ready to survive!


Plague Invader Survival Wars Gameplay 2
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

Plague Invader: Survival Wars is a very easy game to play. The gameplay is very easy, and the most basic thing you need to know is that you have several soldiers (you will start with four), and you take them to battle your enemies (mutants and heroes of various levels). Each soldier or hero has special abilities, and assembling the best team can help you win. It is an idle game, as everything is generated automatically. Also, you can control your heroes manually or allow them to fight automatically.

Game Menu

Plague Invader: Survival Wars can confuse new players due to its game menu. Here we will discuss the basic things you need to know about the segments that make up the game menu.


Plague Invader Survival Wars Quest
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

This is the main part of the game that will directly take you to the gaming arena. There are several features in this menu. We have the Notebook icon, which denotes the quest you have to undertake to get a particular reward or level up. For every quest you complete, you get the claim of the reward given.  

Plague Invader Survival Wars Top Up
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

For people who love to spend money on games, the Top Up icon (which shows up later in the game) allows you to spend real money on fictional items. This can be the best way to get some items and level up.

Plague Invader Survival Wars Vehicle Evolution
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

Aside from the two, other icons that appear on the World Menu are Events you unlock later in the game. They include Vehicle Evolution which shows the stages of improvement your vehicle is undergoing to turn into a giant mecha mutant killing robot. You would have experienced it at the beginning of the game. After leveling up, you can get the feature. The Vehicle Evolution menu also has Skills in the top right corner that will show you the basic capabilities of the vehicle.

Plague Invader Survival Wars Officer Aids
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

Another event is Officer Aids which offers a free draw during the event every day. The draw will guarantee you a random reward, which you can simply redraw if you don’t like. After drawing the reward, you can claim them.

Plague Invader Survival Wars Wish Summon
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

Wish Summon is another Plague Invader Survival Wars event feature that allows you to summon heroes for free or 8888 diamonds. Select a hero and weigh your chances of getting the hero based on the number of attempts guaranteed to summon the hero. You will also see the hero’s ability on the screen’s right side. You can continue summoning till you reach the hero you desire.

Plague Invader Survival Wars Interstellar Summon
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

The Interstellar summon is similar to the Wish Summon. However, here you can summon the strongest heroes to aid your cause. Since you are summoning the strongest, the number of attempts increases, and the cost is slightly higher.


Plague Invader: Survival Wars City
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

The City menu will show the same events as the World segment. It contains many landmarks you will unlock when you reach the right level. These include the Shop, War Museum, Honor Monument, Arsenal, and Talent Center,

Plague Invader Survival Wars Shop
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

The Shop is where you can get anything you need. There are two parts Daily Shop and Discount Shop. The Daily Shop allows you to buy things using Diamonds and refreshes Daily. The Discount Shop, on the other hand, has a five-time free refresh, and each free refresh takes an hour, or you can refresh using 30 diamonds.  

Plague Invader Survival Wars Talent Summon
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

The Talent feature is divided into Talent Summon, Faction Summon and Point Summon. Talent costs Talent Summon Tickets and allows you to summon 3-star or 5-star heroes while granting you 10 points. The chances of getting a talent summon are lower for 5-star heroes (5.61%) and highest for 3-star heroes (73.69%).

Plague Invader Survival Wars Interstellar Summon
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

A Faction Summon costs a Faction Summon Ticket, offers an extra Faction Seal, and grants 3-star- to 5-star heroes. The chances of getting a Faction summon are lower for 5-star heroes (6.67%) and highest for 3-star heroes (70.13%). The Point Summon uses 5000 points and grants you a random SSS hero.   

Plague Invader Survival Wars Synthesize
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

The Arsenal menu lets you synthesize new gear, including Weapons, Armor, Helmets, Shoes, and Watch. Synthesizing a gear costs banknotes and low-level gear. Also, once you equip a gear on your hero, you cannot assemble it in this menu.  

Plague Invader Survival Wars Honor Core
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

The Honor Monument brings you to the Honor Core, Strength Institute, Resonance Center, and Faction Box. The Honor core is where activating the core will grand stat bonuses. Also, the core level increases for every five cores activated. Others are accessible on unlocking.

Plague Invader: Survival Wars Legendary Heroes
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

The Museum is divided into four parts. These include the Archive, which contains Legendary heroes you can unlock, and the City Album, which contains every city event. The other two are Hero Bond and Alien Collectible, which open in Class 23-10 and Class 36-10

Other System Settings

The above are the main parts of the City Album. However, the menu includes other things that you should take note of. One of them can lead to the loss of progress when you mistakenly press it.

Plague Invader Survival Wars Friends
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

The friend’s icon, denoted by the headshot of two soldiers, shows the friends you have. According to the Age of Legends, you can only have 50 friends, and you can DM each other and send each other Hearts. Other options include managing your friends, which allows you to search for a friend using the name or ID, answer requests, and remove friends. You can also use Claim and Send to claim and send Hearts to your friends. The number of hearts you have is in the box in the top right corner (the maximum number of hearts you can have been 100).

Plague Invader Survival Wars Reset Hero
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

The Reset Hero feature, denoted by the single helmet icon, allows you to reset your Heroes to Level 1. This applies to heroes, gear, and toys. You can also dismiss a hero here.

Plague Invader Survival Wars Bag
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

The bag icon contains every item and rewards you have collected. These include items (such as gene potion, 5-star officer, and AI chip), shards, gears, watches, and toys. You can check the source of each item by clicking it, and it will take you to missions where you can get more.

Plague Invader Survival Wars Mail
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

Other features include Mail, Gifts that show rewards from Daily signing, Monthly cards, Growth cards, and Official Gifts. Supply is divided into Selected Pack, Daily Benefits and Perks, and Top-up Gifts. It also includes Events which contains every event available at the time.  


The car menu is very important to improve your chances of winning. There are three sections to take note of.

Plague Invader Survival Wars Stats
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

The stats section allows you to view the capability of the vehicle you are using. This is denoted by the heart icon, which shows the vehicle’s life, and the bullet icon, which shows the offensive power of the vehicle. There is also the shield icon, which shows the defensive attribute of the vehicle. Pressing the notebook icon to the far right will show you the complete stats of the vehicle. You can also upgrade the vehicle here.  

Plague Invader Survival Wars Modify
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

The Modify section allows you to use collected items, for example, the Startling Engines, to modify your vehicle. In cases where you do not have enough items, you can simply click the item, see the source and go there to earn it as a reward. The last section Ascend is unlocked at Class 5-10


Plague Invader: Survival Wars Heroes
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

The Heroes menu contains the list of every available in-game. Each hero belongs to a tier, with the lowest being the C tier and the strongest being the SS.

Plague Invader Survival Wars Field Medic
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

Clicking on a hero will show the error level on the extreme left and other stats. You can also check the hero’s function by clicking on the icon at the extreme right. A “+” icon means the hero will play a support role. You can also click the “time” icon on the far left to reset the hero. When you reset a hero, you will get some items.

Plague Invader Survival Wars tier list
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

There is not much to say about the heroes aside from that. You can click each hero (owned), upgrade them, check their stats, change their gears, and use the ascend feature to increase the hero’s star level.

Each hero has his unique abilities. For example, some can heal while attacking, while some can only fight. You can assemble the best Plague Invader: Survival Wars using the list below.  


Plague Invader: Survival Wars Warpath
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

When you unlock the Warpath, you get to embark on certain types of missions. For example, the Skyscraper Rescue, Bounty Association, Empire Legion, and City Alliance. Each one has its unique requirement and rewards. For example, in Skyscraper Rescue, you get to clear enemies on each level to gain access to the next level. For every five levels cleared, you can get a very big reward. Generally, Warpath contains missions that require a lot of strategy and willpower.

Plague Invader Survival Wars Tips and Tricks

Plague Invader Survival Wars Gameplay 3
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

Plague Invader Survival Wars have a simple look; however, it can be tedious when you don’t know what to do. Below are several tips and tricks you can try.

Focus on upgrading a hero at a time

Plague Invader Survival Wars Hero Upgrade
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

If you have the luck of getting the best team from the lucky draws, you can focus on upgrading them till they get to 5 red stars. Also, you don’t need all the strongest characters at the beginning. Having special main characters can be worth it when pushing on stage and adventure until you build your best squad.

Direct attacks on the team member in danger

Plague Invader: Survival Wars Direct Attacks to Hero
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

A simple strategy you can add to your list is to control the mecha to attack enemies unto the team member or the enemy with the lowest HP. This will reduce the elimination of your team members and contribute to your victory. 

Choose the right lineup

Plague Invader Survival Wars Choose a lineup
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

Every hero is unique in terms of abilities and special powers. As a result, using the right strategy can be the difference between winning and losing. For example, many pro players suggest putting the support hero at the rear end to heal the team. Also, the strongest man should be in the middle. You can treat other heroes depending on their abilities.

You can choose the best heroes using the Chess pawn icon at the right part of the screen.

Pay attention to watch skills

Plague Invader Survival Wars Watch Skills
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

The watch contains special skills that can be tailored to your character based on their roles. As a result, when you properly use them, you can boost the hero’s effectiveness. For example, for Assault heroes, you can consider equipping the hero with a watch that will guarantee a boost in offensive capabilities such as Rage, Warpath, and Morale.  

There are essential team members

Plague Invader Survival Wars World Menu 2
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

Although the choice of heroes depends on the enemy, most time, you should have a healer and reviver in your team. This is very important to winning, especially in the Skyscraper Rescue mission,

Analyze the Enemies

Plague Invader: Survival Wars Analyze the enemy
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

You should know the enemies you intend to face to choose the right hero for the attack. This includes understanding the enemy’s composition and their number of heroes. Ensure you have something to combat their strength. 

Understand the game

Plague Invader Survival Wars Cutscene
Screenshot – Plague Invader: Survival Wars

Beyond the flashy graphics, Plague Invaders: Survival Wars has many features that can make it hard to understand. As a result, you should ensure that you calm down and understand the game before playing. If possible, read some of the dialogues to gain an understanding of an event, quest, skill, item, or feature.

Final Thoughts

Plague Invaders: Survival Wars ranks high on our list of RPG games, although it pales compared to Undawn and Immortal Rising due to its lesser immersive gameplay. However, what captures our interest in the game is the simplicity. While we know we cannot give you a total overview of the game, we set you forward with the necessary tools to survive and, more importantly, win. As we say to all players, enjoy the game!

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