Pixel Petz: How to Grow, Breed and Sell Pets

Anurag Ghosh

Before we learn more about pet breeding, let’s find out how does an animal age up in Pixel Petz. Your pet’s age determines whether he/she is ready to breed or not.  

Know Your Pet’s Age  

To know your pet’s age, you will have to see the “Growth Chart”. To access this chart, go to the living room, where all pets are playing and then tap on a pet’s portrait located on the bottom-left corner of the screen.  

You will notice the current growth or life phase (Example – Child or Teen) of your pet on the right side of his portrait page. If you have just created a pet, he/she would probably be a child or a baby. Tap the “?” beside his current growth phase to open the growth chart.  

The growth chart shows how many days does it take for a pet to reach his teens, adulthood and old age. It also shows at what age your pet can perform tasks (Jobs), participate in shows, trade, breed and retire.  

For example, a pet dog can participate in shows from child to adult and start breeding from his teens until he is “Elder”. You can see every bit of information about a dog’s growth phase in the chart below:  

A pet’s growth chart

Normally, it takes five real days from baby doggo to a child and 5 more days to reach “Teen”. This is when he or she is allowed to breed.  

How to Grow Up Instantly 

If you don’t want to wait for 5-10 real days for your pet to grow up in Pixel Petz, there’s a little trick to age up quickly:  

Tap on a pet’s portrait on the lower-bottom left corner of the screen when you are in your living room or home.  

Tap on the goggles tab to access the shop. Next, tap on the purple briefcase tab and purchase the “Growth potion”. Use it to make your grow up faster. However, you will need 5K coins to purchase this potion.  

How to Breed 

To breed, you will need two pets – a male pet and a female pet. You can choose the gender of a pet in the fourth stage of the create screen.  

Choosing a pet's gender

For example, if you want to create a new pet, tap on the paw icon on your home screen and then go through various stages of creation until you reach the fourth stage. This is where you will be choosing your pet’s gender.  

Once you have a male and female pet, let them grow together until they are in their teens (check the growth chart to know more). It will take 10 days for each pet dog to reach their teens. A pet dog can breed from Teens until he or she is in their “Elder” growth phase.  

To start breeding pets, tap on the paw tab and then tap “Breeding”, select a male and female pet on the left and right slots respectively. Make sure both are in their teens or adulthood. The friendship meter below checks their compatibility.  

Check their compatibility

Let both pets spend some time together. Yes, this might be a slow process, but we want successful breeding, which can only be possible if the friendship meter is filled up by more than 50 percent. The more it is filled up, the better the chances of a successful breeding.  

You will need 500 coins to attempt breeding. You can also press the “Preview” button to check how will their offspring might look like.  

Breeding pets in Pixel Petz

There are various possibilities and to get a completely different and unique breed, make sure you choose dogs or cats belonging to two different breeds. Also, make sure both male and female dog/kitty designs are unique and beautiful. You can read our Pixel Petz Basic Design Ideas to know how to create and decorate pets.  

How to Sell Pets 

Selling pets is easy. You can sell a dog, cat or other animals at the “Petz Market” (paw tab). Make sure your pet isn’t retired. You can trade or sell pets between baby to elder growth phase.   

Selling a pet
Selling a pet

Tap the “Petz Market” and under the “Sell” tab, tap on the empty slot to add a pet for selling. Tap on the home tab and then select a pet.  

Tap on “Price” and set a price. You can set the price in coins or gems. Gems are rare to get, so choose coins.  Make sure it’s not too high. You can get an idea of a pet’s price range under the “Buy” tab. 15 percent tax will be deducted from the total price. Check profits before selling a pet.  

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