Pixel Petz Guide: Basic Pet Design Ideas

Anurag Ghosh

In Pixel Petz, your pet will not only bring joy to your home, but also let you earn cool prizes and rewards. You can also sell him at a higher price to get coins.  

To earn prizes, tap on the trophy tab and then select your best pet to enter the “Daily Show”. By paying a mere 50 coins, you will participate in the most happening show on earth.  

Pixel Petz

A pet securing first place will earn lots of coins, a gem and 25 show points. These showpoints will be helpful to earn bonus coins when your pet is retired.

Showpoints chart for retiring pets

The more showpoints a pet earns in daily shows, the more coins and gems he/she will earn.

You can check all prizes by tapping on Trophy tab > Daily Show > Prizes. When the daily show is over check who is the winner in the results tab.  

Your pet’s Daily Show rank is determined by player votes. His/her overall look and costume also determines their rank, so make sure you create the most beautiful and unique animal to get to the top 10 rankings. Here are a few basic design ideas to create dazzling creatures in Pixel Petz: 

Stages of Creation and Design  

You start with choosing and designing your pet. In the beginning, you will get to choose only two animal types – dogs and cats. Later, you will be able to create other types of animals, such as rats and chinchillas.  

The pet creation and designing process is easy. Under Dogs, you can start with a “Blank” pet, or choose a different pre-designed breed, such as a pug, chihuahua, corgi etc. The same process applies to cats. Tap the cat silhouette tab to select a blank cat or a different breed (Tabby, Siamese, Manx).   

After choosing a pet type and breed, you can start designing your creature. If you are short of design ideas, just tap the dice on the center of the screen to get a random design. Most of the random designs in Pixel Petz are downright ugly, so you may have to tap the dice several times, until you find a pretty design combo that suits your tastes. You can try the random option for each pet breed.  

If a random design is not your cup of tea, go to stage “2” to take manual designing a step further. In stage 2, you can choose body parts, make them larger or smaller using sliders underneath the pet. Unfortunately, except for the ears, there won’t be any options to change body parts in the beginning.  

Coloring and designing a pet

In stage 3, you will be adding colors and choosing a pattern from various designs. There are four tabs: Patterns, Pencil, Bucket and Dropper. Under patterns, you can select one from a list of motifs or choose a randomized pattern by tapping the dice.  

Under pencil, you will start drawing various patterns manually. Tap a color shade and then tap on your pet to color each tiny pixel. Long-pressing the color shade in the palette will reveal a huge set of color shades. You can disable shading by tapping the sun icon on the extreme right. The slider under the pencil menu lets you increase the size of the pixels, making it easy for you to color your pet. Pencil will allow you to put multiple colors and even help you design your pet’s coat.  

The paint bucket tab lets you add a single color to your pet. Make sure you use the pencil tab first to draw various patterns and then use the paint bucket tab to fill the background with a single color.  

I didn’t find the dropper tab very useful, except for the fact that you can use it to pick color from your pet. Tap the last tab – dropper and then tap on a color on your chosen dog or cat to “pick it”. Next, tap the pencil tab and then click on the pet to paint with the color you just picked using the dropper.  

To make pixel painting and designing easier for players, the game lets them pinch to zoom in, double tap to focus on a particular body part and use two-fingers to Pan.  

Once you have finished designing a creature, you can name your pet, choose a gender and give him/her a personality.  

Want to know more about breeding and selling pets? We have written everything you need to know: 

Check the Cost before Finalizing Creation and Design   

When selecting a different breed of a dog or cat, pay attention to the total cost shown on the top-right corner of the screen. Some breeds will have a unique nose, tail and paw. These unique body parts cost coins.  

Check a pet's cost on the top-right corner of the screen before completing design
A pet’s cost is shown on the top-right corner of the screen. Turn them off one by one.

I would recommend not to waste coins on buying them in the beginning. While they do look cute on your pet, turning them off won’t make much difference in the overall look of your pet. To turn them off, tap on the “X” mark beside the unique body part on the top-right corner of the screen. Once you remove all parts, the total cost will be reduced to 0.  

You will have 500 coins to begin with, so spend them wisely. You can use them to buy pretty items for your pet, so that it makes her look beautiful. Spending coins on a few body parts when you will have a much better options later won’t be a wise idea.  

The more visually-appealing your pet is, the higher the chances of getting player votes in the “Daily Show”, which may help you rank higher up and win cool prizes.  

Basic Design Tips 

When designing your pet, try to be as original as possible. The game does warn against copying other players’ design. Doesn’t matter how plain-looking your pet is, it’s your own design and you should be proud of it.  

I am sure you want to know how to change a pet’s eyes, ears, nose, paws and tail. The first time when you design a pet, you won’t have any options to change his/her body parts. However, after finishing designing your first pet, you can create three additional pets and can even change their body parts to make them look attractive.  

To create an additional pet, tap the paw icon and under “Create Your Own”, tap on the blank space to go back to the pet design section. The pet design process is the same. Select a “Blank” pet and then go to stage 2. This is where you will be purchasing new parts, such as eyes, tail, flops etc.  

Choose a pet's body parts, such as eyes, nose and tail

Tap the blue “+” sign and you will be taken to a new page where you can purchase and select parts from various designs. There will be tons of ear types, nose types, eyes and tail designs. Purchase the ones which will make your pet stand out from the crowd.  

Changing the overall look of your pet will surely make him look way more attractive and unique than others, increasing his value, which will allow you to sell it at a much higher price. A total pet makeover with new a new pair of flops, ears, tail and nose will also allow you to get more votes and reach higher ranks to get prizes in the form of showpoints, gems and coins.  

In Pixel Petz, you can’t blatantly copy a fellow pets owner’s design but surely you can draw inspiration from it. This will give you a better design idea for your pet. Tap the trophy icon on the bottom of the screen and then tap the “Vote” tab. This is where you can see top pets and get inspired by their designs. This will let you come up with a completely new, unique or even a wacky design idea.  

Choose accessories

As you progress, you will be able to adorn your pet with several accessories. Tap on a pet’s portrait in your living room and then tap on the pair goggles to access the shop. You can buy collars, hats, tees, shorts and glasses. Make sure you purchase the most snazzy-looking accessory so that your pet stands out from the crowd.  

Accessories and body parts will cost coins. You can earn them by completing tasks or by playing various cool mini-games. Tap on the pet’s portrait on the bottom of your home screen and then tap on each tab to know their tasks and play games. You can also get coins from log-in bonus (gift box icon on the top-left corner of the home screen). 

  1. Hello! Nice guide! But is there any info on How people recolor theyre pets?
    Like when you make a pet but want to sell them in different color?
    say I shade and make a green dog with white stars on it,but now I want to make more of it in other colors like red with yellow stars,another with black and blue stars etc? do I really HAVE to paint this dog by hand? that is very hard when you shade with the brush :/ I have a hard time to think the heavy shaded pets get clones and would be colored pixel by pixel..

    1. Hi Noxiana. Thanks for commenting. I am guessing you know how recoloring and cloning pets works. From what I have seen in the pet edit/recolor menu you will have to do this manually if you are recoloring a fresh new pet or a pet that has been cloned from the previous pets design/pattern. You can try cloning if the pattern is complex, but then you will have to manually change color. You can increase the brush size of the pencil/paintbrush if you want to color pets quickly without using the paint bucket. Just increase the slider.

  2. I have seen people who make some of their pet transparent and I can’t find out how to do that

    1. To make your pet transparent in Pixel Petz, you will have purchase the color wheel first. On your home screen, tap on the shop tab located on the lower-right corner. Purchase the golden token. You will get a luxury box that contains pet space, rare partz, a thousand coins and most importantly, the “color wheel”.

      Once you have purchased the golden token, watch this video to make your pet transparent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZYBodUg-G0

    2. @Glowstick, You have to get a golden token.you can get 1 hour of a golden token by watching 10 ads in the little television in the room.Next,use the color wheel and choose a color you want.Change the visibility to 11% and use that color on your petz.your petz should be transparent.hope this helps!

    1. @Menthos,They say enter contest can let you earn 5 gems if you win,I don’t know how it works. But I heard and seen people seeling pets for ges,you could try design a pretty pet and sell it for gems,hope that helps?

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