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Here's best Cookie Run Kingdom Pitaya Dragon Cookie toppings.

Cookie Run Kingdom is one of the most popular mobile games released by Devsisters. In CRK, players can collect over 100 playable cookies and put them in a fight against evil. And if you recently obtained Pitaya Dragon Cookie or want to expand your knowledge about Cookie Run Kingdom, you’ve come to the right place. 

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In this article, you can discover the best Pitaya Dragon Cookie toppings and their benefits. We’ve included multiple options to make this guide suitable for everyone. Read it carefully, and you’ll easily find the option for yourself.

Who Is Pitaya Dragon?

Before we discover and show you the best toppings for Pitaya Dragon, let’s learn more about the cookie. This knowledge can be very helpful while choosing Toppings for Red Dragon.

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Pitaya Dragon, also known as Red Dragon and the Greenish Red Dragon, is a strong front-line cookie released in May 2023 in the Legend of the Red Dragon update. Still, the cookie appeared as an NPC in the Heart of Courage and Passion update for the first time.

Regarding the particular in-game role, Pitaya Dragon Cookie is a classic damage dealer. Its Draconic Bladestorm can ignore DMG Resist and reduce the target’s ATK. Therefore, Greenish Red Dragon should be played strictly on the front lines.

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What Are The Best Toppings for Pitaya Dragon?

As Pitaya Dragon is a classic damage dealer who should be played strictly on the front lines, you should use attack-increasing Toppings. If you’re an average player who isn’t concerned about stats, any toppings that increase attacking capabilities will work fine.

But if you aim for the best result, note that Pitaya Dragon Cookie was released after the 4.5 update. Thus, it’s one of the multiple cookies that support Draconic Toppings.

  • Draconic Toppings – Draconic Toppings, also known as Resonant Toppings, are slightly improved versions of regular Toppings. They have higher minimum bonus stat values.

The best among the Draconic Toppings is x5 Dragon Raspberry Toppings, with KD increase as sub-stats. This combination allows Pitaya Dragon to reach the highest battle effectiveness, making it a real damage-dealing machine.

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If you lack Dragon Raspberry Toppings, you can use Draconic Chocolate Toppings as a substitute. While they may not be as potent, they are still highly effective for Pitaya Dragon. It’s worth noting that even the most skilled players use Draconic Chocolate.


That’s it with Pitaya Dragon cookie toppings. As you can see, the best options for Pitaya Dragon are Dragon Raspberry and Draconic Chocolate Toppings. They allow players to reach the highest effectiveness with Pitaya Dragon.

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And if you don’t have Resonant Toppings, feel free to use the regular ones. While they don’t provide overpowered boosts, using them can still significantly improve your in-game experience.

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