Pickle Pete: Survivor – Beginners Guide With Tips

Nivenka Stanton
Pickle Pete

Pickle Pete is a roguelike-type game developed by Frojo Apps. This action-packed game is available to download and play for free from the Play Store.

Your goal in this game is to equip yourself with the best weapons possible, in order to survive the waves of monsters trying to annihilate you.

Use unique builds to become stronger, fight enemies, and search for the antidote to save the world!

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Pickle Pete
Photo: Frojo Apps

Pickle Pete Gameplay

Pickle Pete is easy enough to play, use the joystick to run around on the map, avoiding enemies as they come at you.

Enemies become more robust with each wave, so having a solid loadout of weapons is essential.

The game starts off with you having to fight off enemies, so be prepared!

Each enemy that you defeat will drop pickles. You need these pickles in order to progress further. You are able to choose weapons once you have cleared the first wave, as well as each wave thereafter, using pickles.

When the first pop-up screen appears after you have cleared a wave, you will have three skills to choose from. These skills allow you to increase your damage, mechanical damage, and pick-up radius, to name a few.

Pickle Pete
Photo: Frojo Apps

You will notice a dice at the bottom of the screen, the left icon is an ad you can watch and the right icon will show you a pickle with a number just below that. Use either option to reroll your buff options.

This applies to the second pop-up screen as well. The second screen allows you to choose weapons.

Pickle Pete
Photo: Frojo Apps

Weapons in Pickle Pete can be anything from Molotovs, chainsaws, batons, pipe wrenches, and more. Additionally, you can choose items that allow you to increase your health stats and items that allow you to life steal.

You are able to keep each weapon as a new wave begins. If you come across a weapon that you would like to equip rather than the ones you already have equipped, you can do so. You have a limited number of slots available so be wary of the ones you choose.

In order to switch to a different weapon, simply select the weapon you would like to replace and select the recycle icon on the bottom. Keep in mind you will receive a certain amount of pickles in return when you do this.

Pickle Pete
Photo: Frojo Apps

Wave three on a stage will give you a supply chest that appears in the center of your screen. Activate this chest by standing in the circle and waiting for it to open. This chest will give you a valuable weapon that can be the difference between life and death in Pickle Pete!

Choose one of the three weapons offered and notice the difference it makes during gameplay. You are able to merge 2 of the exact same items if they are in your inventory at the time.

Simply select the item you want to merge, and select merge in the pop-up screen that is displayed.

Pickle Pete
Photo: Frojo Apps

A suggestion would be that you choose a long-range if that is available. You are able to reroll the weapon choice by watching an ad. Simply select the video icon at the bottom of your choice list.

You are able to dodge an attack by tapping on the dodge icon on the left-hand side of your screen, this helps when you are being forced into a corner by enemies and need a quick escape.

Pickle Pete
Photo: Frojo Apps

Become The Master Pickle Pete

Stages you clear will open various features that enable you to progress in Pickle Pete. Below we will look at these in more detail:

Gear – Unlocks at Level 2

Fellow gamers know exactly how important gear is in any given game! Pickle Pete is no different.

Pickle Pete
Photo: Frojo Apps

Each gear item has a rarity level, the gear items are as follows:

  1. Weapon
  2. Hat Gear
  3. Chest Gear
  4. Boots Gear
  5. Back Gear

Rarity levels starting from lowest to highest are:

  1. Common – Grey
  2. Uncommon – Green
  3. Rare – Blue
  4. Epic – Purple
  5. Legendary – Gold

You are able to view your acquired designs in the gear tab. These designs enable you to upgrade the level of your gear. Note that upgrading your gear will only change the level and stats, not the rarity level.

In order to upgrade the rarity level of your gear, you will need to acquire three of the same items, and then click on the anvil icon tab to the right, you are able to merge your gear, sell it, or reset the leveled-up stats of gear.

Pickle Pete
Photo: Frojo Apps

Talents – Unlocks Level 3

Talents enable your character to become stronger as you progress. You are able to upgrade talents using coins.

You can only upgrade talents once you have reached the required levels to do so.

Pickle Pete
Photo: Frojo Apps

Shop – Unlocks Level 5

The shop in Pickle Pete enables players to purchase items that help them throughout the game.

These items can be purchased using real-time currency, or you can use gems and coins to purchase other items. These range from gear to opening chests for additional items.

Pickle Pete
Photo: Frojo Apps

You are able to purchase the battle pass in the shop as well. The battle pass gives you rewards for free, however, purchasing the premium battle pass will give you greater rewards.

The in-game currency and the one you should be saving for dear life in Pickle Pete, would be the gems earned during the game. These gems are very valuable, as they help you obtain high-level rarity equipment that increases your buffs and makes you stronger.

Missions – Unlocks Level 6

Pickle Pete
Photo: Frojo Apps

Missions in Pickle Pete become available after reaching level 6, you can choose to go on expeditions, play competitively, as well as play daily missions.

Daily missions are easy enough to do, at least in the beginning.

Expeditions on the other hand have certain rules that are applicable during gameplay:

When you start an expedition, you are only able to attack an enemy while standing completely still. You are unable to run and attack.

Pickle Pete
Photo: Frojo Apps

The second rule is that you have to eliminate all the enemies before you can proceed to the second room. The portal will only open once all enemies are defeated.

Note that these enemies are harder to defeat than others on a normal map. You will need to pass all ten rooms and clear all the enemies in order to go to the next area for expeditions.

Mutations – Unlocks Level 6

Mutations are very beneficial in Pickle Pete! Find the extensive list below, along with what each item does:

  • On a roll – Increases critical hit chance
  • Holy Pickles – Heal 20% when leveling up
  • Headshot – Chance to kill enemies instantly
  • Critical HP – Restores percentage of max health
  • Close Quarters – Melee damage increases with every 100th kill
  • Flame on – Damage percent is 20% more on burning enemies
  • Ressurection – Damage and attack speed percentage increases for 10 seconds after revival
  • Parasite – Enemies can drop medkits
  • Head Start – Gain one level up lottery with rare choices when the level starts
  • Reinforcement – 100% chance for a supply chest to spawn
  • Carpenter – Crates are destroyed by hitting them once
Pickle Pete
Photo: Frojo Apps
  • Frostbite – Attacks have a 10% chance to deal 50% damage on enemies that are frozen
  • Passive aggressive – All passive weapons have a +15% damage
  • Smoking barrels – Higher chance to obtain ranged weapons in the wave shop
  • Slayer – Higher chance to obtain melee weapons in the wave shop
  • Supernatural – Higher chance to obtain elemental weapons in the wave shop
  • Engineering – Higher chance to obtain mechanical weapons in the wave shop
  • Haemophilia – Steal 50% more life force if the enemy is bleeding
  • These mutations are good to have if you want to gain an extra advantage over the enemy. Take note that you are only able to equip 3 mutations at a time.
  • The currency required to purchase mutations can be obtained in expeditions and random tasks found throughout Pickle Pete.

Tasks – Unlocks Level 7

Tasks can be found on the right-hand side of your screen and is displayed as a badge icon. This enables players to claim a daily login gift, as well as work toward achievements that will reward them with additional gems.

Pickle Pete
Photo: Frojo Apps

Conquest – Unlocks Level 8

Conquest is a whole different version of Pickle Pete. You are able to build constructions such as barracks weapon factories, and more.

Pickle Pete
Photo: Frojo Apps

You will start off having a Headquarters only. A comprehensive list below will help you better understand the mechanics of each construction:

  • Headquarters – The heart of your base. If you upgrade your HQ, new buildings will become available as well as traps and more.
  • Builder – You need builders in order to construct buildings, this is the next building you will need to construct in order to build more.
Pickle Pete
Photo: Frojo Apps
  • Weapon Factory – Main weapons can be produced here.
  • Barracks – Spawn grunts at regular intervals.
  • Special Barracks – Spawns special mobs.
  • Item Factory – Produces special items and passive weapons used for raiding.
  • Resource Generator – Produces resources for the main game.

You are able to name your base before attacking. However, you will need to complete all the quests before you are able to attack.

Pickle Pete
Photo: Frojo Apps

Your next tab in the shop is Resources:

  • Scrap Generator – Very important to have, this produces scraps that are used to build and upgrade constructions.
  • Scrap Storage – This enables you to store scraps. Upgrade the storage to store additional scraps.
  • Emerald Generator – Produces emeralds needed for exclusive buildings and upgrades. Take note that the emeralds and gems are two totally different items.
  • Emerald Storage – Enables you to store emeralds that have been produced. Upgrade the storage to store additional emeralds.

Traps are available in the next tab. Placing traps around your base will protect your base better, rather than having enemies get too close.

Pickle Pete
Photo: Frojo Apps

The traps available in Pickle Pete are as follows:

  • Sawblade – A blade that slices from left to right.
  • Vertical Sawblade – A blade that slices from top to bottom.
  • Spike Trap – Spikes will appear and disappear at timed intervals.
  • Dart Pillar – Deadly darts will fly in various directions.
  • Tesla Turret – Emits deadly electrical shocks periodically.

Decorations and gemstones are also available in the next two tabs.

Produce weapons in the weapons factory to take with you on a raid. See the image below:

Pickle Pete
Photo: Frojo Apps

Attack On Base

As I mentioned earlier, you will need to complete the quests of construction before being able to attack other bases. Once you have done so, select the attack icon on the left-bottom side of your screen.

A screen will display the weapons you have equipped, as well as your opponent’s base. See the image below:

Pickle Pete
Photo: Frojo Apps

You are able to equip each weapon you have produced in the weapons factory, however, there are limited slots available in Pickle Pete. The main goal is to destroy as many buildings of your opponent as possible, working under a strict timer countdown.

You will have enemies attacking you at the same time, however, try to avoid focusing on them as much as possible, as destroying the buildings will give you the most rewards.

If you do happen to defeat the enemies, they will drop pickles, which in turn will award you with a choice of buffs.

This can be a waste of valuable time, or it could work to your advantage.

We do suggest creating a few smg’s in the weapons factory, as well as one melee weapon, such as a katana of sorts.

That’s A Wrap!

Pickle Pete is an action-packed roguelike game that will keep gamers entertained for hours on end. there is no need to worry about having to build up energy to enter battles, and the ads are minimal. We can’t wait to see what Frojo Apps comes up with next!

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Happy Gaming!

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