Phantom Blade: Skills Tier List

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Phantom Blade - Skills Tier List

Our Phantom Blade: Skills Tier List is a list of skills complete with rankings, which characters each skill belongs to, and their effects.

Phantom Blade – Executioners is a side-scrolling action RPG game developed by SHARPMAN STUDIO LIMITED and is currently available for download on STEAM, the Google Play Store, and the App Store.

This Tier List ranks the best skills of the four playable characters, giving players an idea of which skills should be leveled up, and used in a combo.

Phantom Blade - Splash Art

Phantom Blade – Skills Tier List

S-Tier Skills

Phantom Blade - Meditation

S-Tier Skills are potent skills that can aid your character against enemies without the need for other skills. These skills are typically the ones you want to capitalize on as the main skill, with the combo skills attached to it to further capitalize on its effects. As such, we recommend you prioritize leveling these skills.

Zuo Shang – Blade AuraBursts Internal Chi and generates four energy swords that follow the caster at the back of the caster. When the caster hits a target, the swords will also attack the target, dealing damage equal to 115% of ATK.
Soul – Dragon BladePlay a healing song that pushes nearby enemies away, dealing damage equal to 120% of your ATK and healing the caster, teammates, and Guardians within the area for 1% HP per sec, lasting 4 secs.
Mu Xiaokui – FalconPut the Privilege at the waist to charge up. Then quickly draws it out and slashes forward, dealing damage equal to 111% of ATK.
The Chord – MeditationPlay a healing song that push nearby enemies away, dealing damage equal to 120% of your ATK and healing the caster, teammates, and Guardians within the area for 1% HP per sec, lasting 4 secs.

A-Tier Skills

Phantom Blade - Double Slashes

A-Tier skills deal good damage and are great follow-up attacks to S-Tier skills. These skills also have secondary effects that boost damage or Shield Break when leveled up, so investing in these skills is also viable.

Zuo Shang – Overwhelming SwordStrikes the target with 4 sword energy beams in front, dealing damage equal to 98% of the character’s ATK in total.
Soul – Double SlashesSlashes twice in a row. The first slash launches the enemy into the air, and the second slash smashes the enemy to the ground, dealing DMG equal to 123% of ATK in total.
Mu Xiaokui – Black EagleLeaps up in a whirl and smashes the ground, dealing DMG equal to 126% of ATK.
The Chord – Sound TrapLay a ready-made trap of notes that lasts 5 seconds. When triggered, the trap releases a sonic wave that deals damage equal to 75% of your ATK.

B-Tier Skills

Phantom Blade - Heavy Dragon Sword

B-Tier Skills are less powerful than the character’s other skills, but still offer some good damage and effects, especially when used as part of a combo.

Zuo Shang – Heavy Dragon SwordForms a large folded sword aura, dealing damage equal to 126% of the character’s ATK.
Soul – Raining SlashesLaunches 5 attacks in the air, dealing DMG equal to 108% of ATK in total. This skill is very effective against Shield.
Mu Xiaokui – EgretSlashes nimbly in the air three times in a row, dealing DMG equal to 112% of ATK.
The Chord – Deadly StringPluck the strings rapidly and unleash sharp Sha Chi, dealing damage equal to 105% of your ATK.

C-Tier Skills

Phantom Blade - Double Kick

C-Tier Skills do not deal as much damage or provide useful effects, but are great additions to combos, especially when upgraded, as these can provide Sha-Chi charges for your character.

Zuo Shang – Falling StarSmashes the ground from the air to generate a sword energy wave, dealing damage equal to 136% of the character’s ATK
Soul – Rolling CleaveA series of graceful airborne attacks like a whirlwind, inflicting a total DMG equal to 105% of your ATK in 5 hits.
Mu Xiaokui – Double KickKicks twice in a row, dealing DMG equal to 75% of ATK.
The Chord – Sonic BlastPush the enemy away with a large sonic blast, dealing damage equal to 102% of your ATK.


Prioritize investing in S-Tier and A-Tier skills as these will provide your selected character with the most benefit in Phantom Blade.

As you upgrade these skills, think about building your combo around these skills for maximum effectiveness.

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