Phantom Blade – Executioners: Game Guide With Tips

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Phantom Blade - Executioners
Photo: S-GAME

Phantom Blade – Executioners is an action role-playing game that takes players on immersive adventures and engages them in intense combat.

Featuring enchanting, in-game content captivating phantoms, a compelling storyline, and a wide array of choices this game delivers an exhilarating gaming experience.

Created by S-GAME, this fantastic game is accessible on both Play Store and App Store. Will soon be available, on Steam!

Phantom Blade - Executioners
Photo: S-GAME

Getting Started

Upon opening Phantom Blade – Executioners, it will ask you to pick a character and assign a name.

  • Zou Shang
  • Soul
  • Mu Xiaokui
  • The Chord

This will then throw you into a battlefield. In a bid to ensure you fully understand all aspects concerning combat, the game will provide a tutorial.

Phantom Blade - Executioners
Photo: S-GAME

Important notice: Make use of the tutorial. Pay attention to the instructions. Also, put in a lot of time practicing the game’s mechanism.

Tutorial in Phantom Blade – Executioners

In the tutorial, you will be guided on how to move your character using a joystick, walk, and do some skating as well as to execute attacks while holding something in your hands.

Moreover, you would learn of ways to blow up cover for additional damage and use the combo to kill faster.

However, if there is a necessity to repeat this action, one can simply return to the Tutorial section which u can find in the carriage.

Phantom Blade - Executioners
Photo: S-GAME

Claiming Battlefield Items

While fighting enemies, don’t forget to look at the ground for dropped coins or equipment.

Gathering these treasures is an important task for improving your character’s survival skills.

Phantom Blade - Executioners
Photo: S-GAME

Mastering Skill Combos

It is important to develop your character to win action games. In Phantom Blade – Executioners. Another technique, executioners, upgrade your skills, in this case.

You will have to collect the skill points which are rewards for fight wins to improve your skills.

The effectiveness they will offer will be enhanced by investing in skill upgrading. Increase your chances of triumph.

Phantom Blade - Executioners
Photo: S-GAME

Skill Upgrades

Upgrading your characters’ skills is paramount in action games for success. Executioners upgrade works differently in Phantom Blade – Executioners.

You’ll have to collect skill points and these points are obtained when you win a battle.

Upgrade your skills to make you more effective and improve your winning possibilities.

Phantom Blade - Executioners
Photo: S-GAME

Effective Battle Strategies

In addition to the tips mentioned earlier there are some strategies that every player should use during battles:

  1. Break Enemy Shields: Dealing damage is crucial; it requires breaking the enemy’s shield first. Use skills specifically designed for shield breaking to show your enemies and attack them.
  2. Dodge Attacks: Many times boss battles require players to dodge rather than attack. Dodge enemy attacks whenever.
  3. Dealing with Bleeding: Ensure that you do not move your skills, in case your character bleeds as a result of enemy attacks. To minimize health losses, stay still until the bleeding stops.

Understanding the In-Game Control System

Phantom Blade - Executioners
Photo: S-GAME

Phantom Blade – Executioners employs a touch control system with various icons:

  • Attack: The attack icon allows your character to perform regular attacks with their default weapon.
  • Jump: Use the jump icon for leaping over obstacles, and cliffs, and inflicting damage to enemies in battles.
  • Joystick: The joystick controls your character’s movements, including walking, running, and strafing.
  • Combo Skill: This button enables you to execute combo skills, but it has a cooldown, so use it strategically.
  • Combo Chain: Customize your combo chains by tapping empty slots, adding skills, and dragging skill icons. These chains correspond to the two skill buttons in battle.

Character Selection and Stories

In Phantom Blade – Executioners there are four different characters with their plot.

As players move forward, they can explore the characters’ stories or ignore the storyline element (if preferred).

Completing Quests

Phantom Blade - Executioners
Photo: S-GAME

The game has different quests to accomplish like the daily quests, progressing quests, cultivation quests, and technique quests among others.

Finishing these missions will pay you with essential resources like energy, iron coins, and many others.

Understanding the Combat System

Combat mechanics in Phantom Blade – Executioners rotate around traversing floors and fighting.

It involves moving players through different stages where they encounter enemy soldiers until they meet a monster at the end.

Collected hearts can also be used to revitalize your character in case you have lost them and you are about to lose the fight.

Phantom Blade - Executioners
Photo: S-GAME

Combo Chain Mastery

Victory is achieved by using the combination chain technique during battles. you can choose your style of combo chains via your skill selections

This makes it easy to implement combo attacks that combine the use of ground skills as well as shield breaks.

Phantom Blade - Executioners
Photo: S-GAME

Shield Break and Damage

Combat includes, but is not limited to, breaking shields and inflicting harm. Enemies do not easily fall without breaking shields. Inflict harm.

Be sure to include skill-based breaker combos.


Events in Phantom Blade are special because it has some events such as “Goodstart” which is rewarding if you check in every day.

Do not forget about events such as the “Fashion Show”, “Fallen Justice”, and “Justice Iron Coins Bonus” that make the game more real.

Phantom Blade - Executioners
Photo: S-GAME


Action RPG Phantom Blade – Executioners is a very good game with many strategies, great fights, and interesting characters’ stories.

If a player follows these tips, will get over all the challenges of the game and he will enjoy a great gaming experience.

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