Phantom Blade: Executioners Codes List November 2023

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Phantom Blade - Introduction
Picture: Sharpman Studio Ltd.
(Last Updated On: November 7, 2023)

Phantom Blade: Executioners is a recently released action role-playing game. You can download it from the AppStore and PlayStore.

The Kungfu masters have gone rogue, and it is up to your character to stop those masters from spreading mayhem in the world. 

To stop the bosses, players need to upgrade the characters frequently and to do that, sometimes, you require redeemable codes that will give you free material and XPs to upgrade the character. That is where we come in.

Phantom Blade: Executioners released on 2nd November, and the codes are already out. They are redeemable and ready to use. You can also check out the game guide.

Phantom Blade - Story
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Introduction to the Game

In Phantom Blade: Executioners, you get to play with one of the four characters. The characters are Mu Xiaokui, Sould, The Chord, and Zua Shang. You can select any of the four characters to start with, and each character brings itself different abilities. 

The characters specialize in Wuxia skills that can be developed throughout the game. As you progress through the game and collect XP, you can upgrade the skill level of the characters. Each has a unique and distinct set of skills. 

Phantom Blade - Gameplay
Picture: Sharpman Studio Ltd.

There are chain attacks and combo attacks for each character in the game. Every character has its own unique moveset. Players can upgrade the movesets as and when required during the game. 

As players clear stages and bosses within those stages, they will get a certain amount of XPs. In Phantom Blade, the Coins are the XPs where players will collect points with each downed enemy, and it will eventually help unlock a variety of stuff. 

The chains attacks and combos are very easy to use, and they are incredibly easy to understand as well. The biggest thing that Phantom Blade: Executioners has going for itself is the fact that the game is straightforward to understand and play. 

There are hidden areas within the map where the player can go to collect hidden stuff and talk about the map. Phantom Blade has an incredible variety of terrains to fight in. The landscape of the game is diverse, and it stretches from Snow Mountain to the Craters to Temples and Fields and more. 

Phantom Blade - Game
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How Can You Redeem the Code in the Game?

Redeeming the code in Phantom Blade is a simple process. Follow these few steps to know the procedure to redeem the code in the game. 

  • Launch and then Start the game.
  • Finish the tutorial of the game.
  • After finishing the tutorial, tap on the pause button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
Phantom Blade - Enter Code
Picture: Sharpman Studio Ltd.
  • Click on the Gift Codes option. It is the first option in the Pause menu.
  • A Redeem bar will appear. Enter the Redeemable Code in the Bar.
  • Hit Confirm and watch the magic happen. You’re good to go! 

When you get the codes, try redeeming them as soon as possible because the codes in these games expire quickly. So, to avoid getting the error, invalid, or code expiration messages, redeem the code as soon as you get it. 

Phantom Blade - Level Up
Picture: Sharpman Studio Ltd.

Here are the Redeemable Codes for the Phantom Blade: Executioners

As it is still early into the game’s launch, not many codes are available currently. There is a single redeemable code that is available presently and one that has expired already. Hence, we recommend using the code early. 

Once the code expires, it is of no use to the players, and players cannot redeem an expired code, which is a given but has to be said. 

Here is the redeemable code that you can use in the Phantom Blade: Executioners.

Phantom Blade - Silverblade
Picture: Sharpman Studio Ltd.

SILVERBLADE – Entering this code will give you 2 Tickets, 20 Stamina, and 10k Currency. 

As the game is still in its toddler stage, there aren’t many codes, but expect more codes to be released once the game gets in its groove and more people start playing the game. 

Here is also a code that is NOT redeemable anymore. We’re just providing for information’s sake.

Phantom Blade: Executioners – This code is no longer in use and has expired. 

What are the Other Sources to Find Redeemable Codes for Phantom Blade: Executioners? 

When you launch Phantom Blade: Executioners, on the right-hand side, you will see a small icon dedicated to forums. Those forums include Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Discord

You can join those communities and can get the codes in those communities. There are regular updates in such groups, and they are not limited to codes. 

Phantom Blade - Coins
Picture: Sharpman Studio Ltd.

The Reddit community is probably the best community a player can join because the updates are pretty frequent, and there are high chances you can get codes here quickly. 

When do New Codes Come Out in Phantom Blade: Executioners?

Check every week, if not daily, for new updates. You can check our website, too, for updates. 

Considering the codes that get released expire pretty early, it is worth keeping an eye out for new code updates frequently. 

Phantom Blade - Gameplay
Picture: Sharpman Studio Ltd.

Expect new codes to come out weekly; that is the gist of it, and as we have already mentioned which forums to look for when checking out new codes, you are very much covered. 

Phantom Blade - Level
Picture: Sharpman Studio Ltd.


Phantom Blades: Executioners is a solid game with solid gameplay. The gameplay is enjoyable as it is, but an additional boost to skills and combat free of charge is always welcome. 

Redeemable Codes help the character get a boost without having to tool in the game. The more codes, the better. Always keep an eye out for new redeemable codes every week. 

Do you want more codes? Check out our Codes category for all the latest updates.

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