PewDiePie’s Pixelings: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

A new PewDiePie game has hit the Play Store and I am sure you are as excited as I am! Created by Outerminds, PewDiePie’s Pixelings teleports us to the cute Pixeland, where the inhabitants are facing a new threat. A mysterious entity has invaded the worlds of Pixeland and only you and the world’s most popular YouTuber can get rid of this threat. Build a team of cute and wacky pixel heroes, including your favorites from Tuber Simulator and collect adorable creatures from missions and PvP battles.  

PewDiePie’s Pixelings has two game modes – A story mode and a real-time Arena mode where you battle other players for loot and rewards. The real-time combat system is very engaging and offers great strategic depth. Gameplay is fairly easy, but you should have a proper strategy to outwit enemies. These tips and tricks will help you assemble the best team to win missions, obtain spells and collect all Pixelings. 

Your Pixeling’s Position Plays a Big Role in Battle 

Your pixeling’s attack style and position plays a crucial role during combat.  

When you drag and drop a hero onto the empty position, always check the arrow.  

For melee pixelings, their arrows always lead to the front position, which means they will attack the enemy placed on the front spot regardless of their position.  

Ranged units will always attack enemies placed directly opposite them. 

When placing characters on three empty field positions, make sure that every party member gets to attack each enemy.  

PewDiePie's Pixelings Positions

Keep this simple formation in mind when positioning pixelings:  

A melee pixeling should be placed on the front (middle field position) whereas two ranged pixelings can be placed on the top and bottom field positions.  

Try to reposition your units from time to time so that every unit gets to attack each enemy. Also, place heroes, ranged or melee according to enemy positions. You don’t want all melee heroes attack the front position enemy, while the enemy ranged units attack them. To reposition, drag and drop a pixeling on top of another to swap their positions.  

Because combat takes place in real-time, you can easily replace your current heroes in battle with newer ones from the bench in case all three heroes are attacking only the front position enemy.  

Select a Team based on Enemy Lineup  

Continuing from the previous tip – In story levels, build a team only after knowing enemy attack styles. Tap a level and then long tap on each enemy to know its attack styles (melee, ranged etc.).  

If there are more melee units in an enemy’s team, then obviously they will target your frontline attack. You must have high-HP “Tank” unit in the middle (front) position to take less damage and at the same time deploy two ranged units to take down enemy melee units that are placed on the top and bottom field positions.   

Before combat, tap the pixeling icon under “Your Team” to make any changes that you need and it should be strictly based on the current mission’s enemy line-up.  

Pay Attention to the Timer  

During combat, keep an eye on the countdown timer on the top of the screen.  

When it hits 2:00, damage is doubled and when the timer hits 3:00, it triples. Plan your strategy accordingly.  

For example, you can start using more damage-dealing spells to attack enemies when the timer hits 2:00, or replace current ones with higher-damage heroes. 

Choose Spells Wisely 

Before a battle begins, select the best spells from the list. Tap home and then then tap on the spell tab located on the left side. When choosing spells, keep the healing spell as it is as you will need it the most when your heroes lose HP against tougher enemies.  

Spells requires mana. On the battle screen, the mana bar below spells fills up automatically. Some spells require less mana than the others. The Flaming Bolt requires only 3 mana than lightning, which can be used when the mana bar reaches “4”. Keep the mana cost of each spell in mind before selecting one.   

For some stages, you can select the most powerful damage spell. Between Flaming Bolt and Lightning, I chose lightning for some missions as it deals more damage than flaming bolt. However, lightning targets a random enemy, but I noticed that usually the enemy with lowest HP is targeted. Experiment with different spells and then choose the best spell combo to win every battle, be it PvP, story or special mission.  

How to Obtain Spells  

As you progress through stages, you will acquire additional spells. You can obtain spells by playing special missions. These missions are purple in color on the level map.  

Brotown’s mission 4B “Raiders of the Lost Glasses” was harder than story missions, but with proper strategy I could defeat enemies to receive the lightning spell as reward.  

Keep playing World missions and check what rewards you will be receiving in a special mission by clicking on the purple markers on a map. As you progress, you will also unlock a new spell in Mission 8B “Who you Gonna Call”.  

Swap Positions with New Heroes  

One of the key strategies to win stages in PewDiePie’s Pixelings is to keep repositioning heroes and swapping their places with better characters whenever there’s a danger of losing one.  

Surely you can use the “healing touch” spell if your current character is low on HP. But if you can’t use the spell, and your character is on the verge of defeat, quickly swap its position with a new pixeling from the bench. The bench usually pulls out two random heroes from your team, so keep this in mind before replacing heroes.  

How to Choose the Best Team 

Your team should be powerful enough so that you can easily switch between different characters and reposition them. These pointers will help you build the best Pixelings team:  

Attack style: Like I said earlier, the attack style and position play a very important role in this game. You just can’t have an all-melee party. You should have a mix of melee and ranged characters, so that no all units in your team attack only the front position enemy.  

Know a Pixeling's attack style and abilities on its info page

Class and Charge Ability: A pixeling’s class also has a big role to play during combat. There are various classes, such as Tank, Support, Assassin, Saboteur etc. Always have a combination of best classes – Tank (high HP, low damage), Assassin (high damage, low HP), Support (having support abilities that provide buffs or heals random allies).  

Along with class, pay attention to each character’s charge ability. Recruit heroes that can launch” Heavy Attack” which deals greater damage to enemies, heals self or a random ally and provides buffs, such as Bob’s “Strengthen Back” ability that increases attack by a certain percentage for heroes in the max position.  

Each character class has a unique charge ability. To know your hero’s abilities, tap home and the tap on the character tab. It is located on the left side of the home screen, just below the boost button. Next, tap and hold a character’s portrait and an info page will pop up on the screen. This page shows hero abilities and other information.  

How to Level Up a Pixeling  

A Pixeling gains XP after a completion of a story level, special mission or a PvP battle. When his EXP bar is full, he levels up. Leveling up increases a character’s Health and Damage.   

You can speed up leveling by using food items. You will obtain them in certain story levels and also from chests.  

To increase a character’s XP and level him up faster, collect food items as rewards from certain story missions.

A mission usually shows what rewards you will be receiving even before attempting it, so you will get a clear idea which missions provide food as rewards.  

Level up a hero using food

Next, go to PewDiePie Pixeling’s page via Home. Long tap on a character’s portrait to bring up his info page, tap the fruit icon beside his level and then tap the food to gain XP. The EXP amount varies from one food item to the other.  

Use a Character’s Favorite Food to Gain Bonus EXP  

A character gains more EXP if you use his favorite food. On the level up screen, you can check his favorite food.

Bob's Favorite Food

For example, in the screenshot above, Bob’s favorite food is berries. If you obtain berries from a mission, make sure to feed them only to Bob to gain more EXP.  

Rank Up a Character Using His Copies 

Ranking up a pixeling greatly increases his damage, health and power. To rank up, you will need certain number of copies of the same character and coins. You can obtain character copies from chests.  

How to Rank up a Pixeling

You will receive chests as rewards from certain story missions and PvP battles.  

You can also buy copies from the shop. Tap the shop icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen and under “Pixelings” purchase a character copy using coins.  

Once you have acquired the required number of copies, head straight to your base > character list and tap on a character that has a rank up notification on his card. You will also need coins to rank up a character.   

How to Collect All Pixelings 

They are cute, charming, but have deadly skills. Yes, I am talking about PewDiePie’s Pixelings and you can collect’em all. Here are a few ways to get them:  

Collect all pixelings

Chests may contain characters. You may earn a chest by completing certain missions in Brotown and other worlds. The chest icon is displayed above a level. In most levels, chests are not “guaranteed” rewards. You may have to grind out a level until you earn one. When you claim a chest from a level, you can’t get it from the same level anymore.  

You can also win chests by battling other players in the “Arena”. These chests may contain an original character or copies of a character.  

It will take a few hours to open a chest. When you get one, head to your base and then tap the tiny chest icon. Tap the chest and then tap the “Start” button. You can speed up time by watching an ad or using bux.  

Login every day to claim uncommon and rare characters on certain days. The new player login rewards are “Falcon” and “Sponsy” for consecutive logins.  

New Player Login Rewards

Purchase new Pixelings from the market. You will need coins to get them. Earn coins from levels, special missions, arena battles and login rewards.  

Unlock Instant Win to Try for Rare Rewards  

In story mode, winning a level without losing a pixeling grants three stars, and you achieve a “Flawless” win. When you get 3 stars in a mission, you unlock “instant win”, which lets you complete the same mission instantly. To instantly win a mission, you will have to spend 3 stars instead of 1.  

Unlock Instant Win

Try to achieve flawless victories in each mission so that it becomes easy for you to grind out the same mission using instant win. This way, you can go after non-guaranteed or “you may get” rewards such as chests and characters.