Peroxide Reiatsu Crystal Tier List

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Peroxide has many features to strengthen your character, including obtaining Reiatsu Crystals. These crystals are rare and sought-after due to their unique qualities that significantly augment your character’s capabilities, making these crystals an invaluable asset.

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With different abilities and rarities, choosing the right crystal that fits your game style may be challenging. As such, in this article, we will provide a tier list that determines the best and worst crystals in Peroxide.

Peroxide – The Crystals

Twenty available Reiatsu Crystals and three Ultimate Crystals are used to enchant skills, but only one can be equipped at a time. When replaced, the previously activated crystal will be destroyed in Peroxide.

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How are Crystals obtained?

Roblox – Peroxide Reiatsu Crystals are obtained from Shady Shinigami NPC for ten Time Relics and 50 Peroxide bucks, like Gacha, giving you random crystals based on chances:

  • Common Crystal – 80% Chance
  • Rare Crystal – 18% Chance
  • Legendary Crystal – 2% Chance

Meanwhile, Ultimate Crystals are obtainable by redeeming an Unstable Time Remnant, a loot box that allows you to choose between a Godly Accessory, an Ultimate Crystal, or a Legendary Skill.

Note: Time Relics are guaranteed drop in Raids. Raids appear as a huge beams of energy coming from the sky and will spawn powerful opponents. The huge beams spawn around the map every 30-45 minutes and despwan after 5 minutes.

Shady Shinigami NPC

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You’ll encounter the Shady Shinigami NPC at the ASR Café, situated in Karakura within The City. Once inside, proceed to the back of the room, where you’ll find the Shady Shinigami NPC lingering in the corner.

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Reiatsu Crystal Tier List

Note that tier lists serve as tools to assess the best-performed crystals and are suspectable to updates. Ultimately, the most reliable method to determine which crystal aligns with your playstyle is through hands-on experimentation and firsthand experience.

S Tier Reiatsu Crystals

These are currently the best performing Reiatsu Crystals in Peroxide—the must-have with their impressive ability that will aid you through your conquest.

Crystal of Exponentiality

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The Crystal of Exponentiality expands the timeframe between the hit and the damage the opponent takes. It also makes the move deal 30% more damage. While the opponent has a mark, they will immediately take damage when hit with a follow-up move.

Crystal of Terra

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The Crystal of Terra creates a wall behind the opponent when activated. Inflicting an additional knockback damage once pushed into it.

Crystal of Conduction

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Once activated in combat, the Crystal of Conduction delivers a potent lightning strike following a slam, dealing increased damage when used mid-air.

Other Notable S Tier

Crystal of InfernoOnce used, the Crystal of Inferno adds burn damage of the attack move you apply.
Crystal of ChainsThis Crystal links together two or more opponents, causing them to suffer damage even if only one is struck. The chained opponents must be close and receive less damage than the main target.
Crystal of IchorThe Crystal of Ichor grants life steal to the move it is used on. The green damage indicator shows how much you get healed. This crystal also works on Evasives by making them heal you; however, the heal has a limit of 100, and the Evasive becomes slower.

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A Tier Reiatsu Crystals

Still considered powerful but short compared to S Tier in Peroxide. Nevertheless, it’s strong when utilized in combat well.

Crystal of Degression

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At the activation of the Crystal of Degression, the move applied will add a mark to the opponent, which devolves his moves and removes all of their used Crystals.

Crystal of Null

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When activated, the Crystal of Null significantly boosts the damage of the current move, but it comes with the drawback of greatly reducing the damage of the subsequent move.

If you execute a Reiatsu Burst while equipped with a Null Crystal, the nullification effect transfers to you instead, resulting in reduced damage received after executing the move in Peroxide.

Other Notable A Tier

Crystal of ReapOnce activated, the Crystal of Reap disables all forms of healing for the target.
Crystal of ClutchActivating the Crystal of Clutch will grab the nearby player and then pull them towards you.

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B Tier Reiatsu Crystals

This tier is considered above average and suitable as a starter Reiatsu Crystals if you don’t have any higher tier.

Crystal of Spirit

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When activated, the Crystal of Spirit decreases the Reiatsu required cost for the move. It also removes the Anti-Reiatsu regen effect.

Other Notable B Tier

Crystal of CreepWhen you apply the move with the Crystal of Creep, you will take some of the target’s Reiatsu.
Crystal of DespairOnce you strike the target with the move affixed with Crystal of Despair, a dark aura will surround your target, preventing them from using any extender ability.
Crystal of GlassThis Crystal makes block breakers do as much damage as they usually do when block breaking.
Crystal of ArtificialityThe Crystal of Artificiality gives 20% more NPC damage to the move it’s affixed in.
Crystal of WindThe Crystal will add a brief wind dash and perfect dodge in its affixed move.


There you have it! Some Common Tier Reiatsu Crystal is considered decent if you utilize it well with your move. However, aiming for higher-tier gems to maximize your character’s potential in battle is still best.

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