Peroxide Hollow Progression Guide

Al Bagiuo

Beyond the inspiration of a known anime, Peroxide translates Bleach’s epic combat system into Roblox, and developers are hard at work carving the concept into a seamless and enjoyable game for dedicated anime fans and newcomers.

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You enter Peroxide as a human, a blank canvas brimming with potential and opportunity to create your own path. Will you choose to become a Soul Reaper, a Hollow, or perhaps a Quincy?

If you have chosen to progress as Hollow, this guide is for you. In this article, I will walk you through each step of progression and the requirements needed for your transformation in Peroxide.

Peroxide – Become a Hollow

To unlock the path of the Hollows in Peroxide, you must undergo a transformation from Human to Soul. To achieve this, seek out a fellow player to engage in combat and have them eliminate you.

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Once you have turned into a Soul, press ‘G’ on your keyboard to break the soul chain, freeing yourself from the bonds and embracing the darkness—stepping onto the path of the Hollows.

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Become a Red Eye Hollow

Your journey as a Hollow in Peroxide progresses further by defeating fellow Hollows until you reach level 20. When you reach this milestone, your eyes will glow crimson red, marking your ascension as a Red Eye Hollow.

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But be wary, if you die as a Red Eye, you will revert to your Hollow stage. To retrieve your Red Eye status, you must find and eliminate a Red Eyed Hollow and steal their eyes, but this is only possible if you grind back up to level 20.

Alternatively, you can wait 30 minutes to recover your Red Eye automatically without leveling again to 20.

Become a Gillian

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Gillian is the first stage in Menos’s evolution in Peroxide. To obtain Gillian, eliminate a Red Eye as a Red Eye Hollow. If you die during the battle, you will revert back to a Hollow and need to level up again to 20, then steal Red Eyes from another Hollow.

Alternatively, you can regain Red Eyes by waiting for 30 minutes. After achieving Gillian, you can progress as Menoscar or Adjuchas.

Become a Menoscar

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Easy to achieve after turning into Gillian, but not advisable as Menoscar is the weakest Arrancar in the roster. However, if you still wish to progress as Menoscar, all you have to do is remove your mask by pressing “G.”

Once you have become Menoscar, you will receive these buffs:

  • +35 HP Bonus
  • +20% EXP Buff

Become an Adjuchas

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The second stage of a Menos’ evolution, Adjuchas, is a result of the continuous consumption of Hollows as a Gillian in Peroxide.

Progress to Adjuchas by eliminating 30 Hollows as a Gillian and surviving for 30 minutes, including the time spent killing the Hollows.

If you die before reaching 30, you will revert to a Level 15 Red-Eyed Hollow.

Become an Adjucar

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By removing your mask as an Adjuchas (Pressing “G” and completing the Arrow mini-game), you will become an Adjucar. I won’t recommend this, as the Adjucar has the second weakest buffs among the Arrancar, and you won’t be able to process any further.

As an Adjucar, you will receive the buffs:

  • 1.5x Stat Multiplier
  • 40% EXP Buff
  • +50 Max HP
  • +5 to Max Level at Max potential (Potential + 10 = Max Level)

Become a Vasto Lorde

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The highest level of Menos’ evolution and is extremely rare in number. Vasto Lorde has a unique ability to summon Hollows and is the only primitive Hollow type that can use Flash Mirage.

The more you level up as Vasto Lorde, the stronger you get in Peroxide. Their stat scale gets buffed when they reach level 100, and they get stats for each of the ten levels. They also receive a 1.15x stat multiplier.

They’re indeed strong, but becoming Vasto Lorde is challenging. You must eliminate 1,700 Hollows to progress from Adjuchas to Vasto Lorde. For each death before you reach 1,700, you will lose 60 kills and 120 kills for combat logging.

Luckily, each Hollows give a different number of kills:

  • Normal Hollow – 1 Kill
  • Red Eyes Hollow – 3 Kills
  • Gillian – 5 Kills, 12 if Ancient
  • Adjuchas – 10 Kills, 25 if Ancient
  • Vasto Lorde – 50 Kills, 75 if Ancient
  • Storm Arrancars – 100 Kills
  • Eating dead Hollow bodies gives 1 Kill no matter what type of Hollow.
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At 1250 kills, your kill count is locked, meaning it cannot and will not go below 1250. You can check your Hollow kill progress by talking to the NPC Shady Arrancar, located in Karakura Town, in an alley near ASR’s Cafe.

Here are his quotes that hint at your kill count progress:

QuotesNumber of Kills
“Not a single bit of progress.”0-100
“Not close, not close at all…”100-250
“You have a really long road ahead of you… Kid.”250-500
“You have a long road ahead of you… Kid.”500-1,000
“You’re getting close, that’s for sure.”1,000-1250
“You’re making some progress, keep going.”1,250-1,600
“Almost there, just a little closer.”1,600-1,700

Become a Vastocar

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By pulling off your mask as a Vasto Lorde, you become a Vastocar—the final Hollow evolution. Remember that once you become a Vastocar, you will lose all your levels and won’t have any Vasto Lorde exclusive skills except for Cero Oscuras.

It’s best to skill reset and acquire all the skills you want to keep to complete mastery before becoming an Arrancar.

Becoming Vastocar, you will receive the following buffs:

  • 1.15x Stat Multiplier
  • 80% EXP Boost
  • +80 Max HP
  • +10 to their Max Level at Max Potential (Potential + 15 = Max Level)


There you have it! Progressing into your desired Hollow form requires a lot of commitment and cautious exploration to avoid getting eliminated and start all over. However, once you reach your goal, the sense of accomplishment is undeniably rewarding.

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