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Payday: Crime War guide
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Ever wondered how thrilling and difficult it would be to rob a bank? You can experience the immersive, action-packed nature of these super-critical robberies on your phone!

Yes, the widely loved Payday series has now come to Android and iOS with the new Payday: Crime War.

The extremely exciting first-person shooter game is developed by PopReach Incorporated and Starbreeze Entertainment. Its early access release was available on both the Play Store and Apple Store on June 6, 2023.

In this game, you step into the shoes of professional heisters and experience the thrill of high-stakes robberies in banks, jewelry stores, and many more!

The game also offers 4v4 PvP battles where you get the chance to be cops for the first time in the Payday universe!

To start a game, grab your best weapons, and either go through matchmaking or join a crew of your friends and choose the heist of your choice.

Put on your mask, drill through safes, keep civilians hostage, kill the approaching security forces, grab the loot, and escape to emerge victorious! Mess up anything, and you will face defeat.

Basics of Payday: Crime War


The main action-filled part of the PvE games is the Heists! You can choose between Heists of varying difficulties and at different locations.

Payday: crime war game modes
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Heists cost you in-game cash. The more difficult ones also cost more than easier heists, but they do have a better reward as well.

These rewards can be used to upgrade your loadout and unlock new attachments. You have to complete a set of objectives and escape alive to complete a heist. The Objectives can be seen at the top left corner of the screen.

You can heist at different locations. At the start of the game, only two options are available: A Bank and a Jewelry store. Other locations are unlocked as you level up.


Looking to start a heist? You choose a crime location by selecting one through Crime.Net. It is a map of all the locations you can rob.

Photo: PopReach Incorporated

At the start of PayDay: Crime War, only the West End district is unlocked. As you progress to Level 3, Downtown becomes available, and Foggy Bottom becomes available at Level 6.

Many other districts, such as Shaw and Federal Triangle, are not yet available but will be soon.

Weapons and Loadout

You need your best weapon to perform a successful heist. Hence, proper weapon choice is extremely important! You have a primary and secondary weapon in your loadout.

Photo: PopReach Incorporated

You can also upgrade your weapons and apply some attachments to them for even more power.

Weapons are unlocked as you progress in the game. There are numerous weapons in the game categorized into the following tiers based on their impact and performance:

  • SS Tier: These weapons are the most overpowered and supreme kill machines in the game.
  • S tier: S-tier weapons are also great, with high damage and a good fire rate.
  • A-Tier: These weapons are adequate, but not as good as those in the S or SS tiers.
  • B-tier: These are the least powerful weapons in the game and not very recommended to use for higher-difficulty heists.

Best Primary Weapons

First up, we have the Clarion, which is an SS-class gun with rated damage of 44 per bullet. It has the highest fire rate in the game and an extremely fast reload speed.

Photo: PopReach Incorporated

Second comes the Falcon, which is from the S tier and has a damage of 40 and a substantial range, which makes it special.

Best Secondary Weapons

The Judge and Interceptor .45 are the two finest secondary weapons available.

Photo: PopReach Incorporated

The Judge, with its massive damage of 128 and unlimited rounds of ammunition, as well as its good accuracy and stability, is an excellent choice for a secondary weapon.

Similarly, the Interceptor 45 is another top-notch gun with 71.4 accuracy, fire rate of 305, and unlimited maximum ammo.

PayDay Characters

The notorious Payday gang that ruled the universe of Payday console and PC gaming is now available on mobile.

There are four main characters in PayDay: Crime War, but there are other heisters as well.


This is your default character at the start of the game. His real name is Nicolas, and he is an African American military veteran.

Photo: PopReach Incorporated

He wears a blue, pink, and white mask, and his backstory is briefly shown in the PC game Payday: The Heist.


The real name of the character is James Hoxton, and he is a former sharpshooter from Sheffield, England.

Photo: PopReach Incorporated

He wears a clown mask in white and pink.


Formerly a law-abiding and obedient citizen, he entered the world of crime after his business went bankrupt.

Photo: PopReach Incorporated

Wolf’s real name is still unknown, and all we know about him is that he is an extremely skilled technician from Sweden.

He always wears a black suit along with a white and red demon mask in heists.


Every heist needs a mastermind, and Dallas is the perfect mastermind for the crew.
His real name is Nathan Steele, a 44-year-old American criminal.

Photo: PopReach Incorporated

He also wears an American flag-themed mask during his heists.

Other heisters include Dragan, Houston, Clover, Sydney, and Duke.

Character Customization

You can personalize your character by changing its suit and face mask. By default, there are only default masks for each character and a default suit.

Other suits and masks are unlocked as you level up.

4v4 PvP Battle

Other than the classical heist PvE mode, the game also features a PvP mode where you can play against real players in 4v4 Cash Grab battles.

You need to join a crew or guild for this. Cash Grab PvP is available after Level 3 in Downtown.

Crime Pass

By completing Crime Pass weekly missions, you can earn amazing rewards such as weapons, cash, and safes.

Photo: PopReach Incorporated

There are two types of Crime Pass: Free and Premium. The Premium Crime Pass is an in-game purchase and yields better rewards than the Free Crime Pass.

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PayDay: Crime War offers you the option to choose different shooting modes, adjust controls and layouts, and change graphics configuration according to your preference.

Shoot Mode Settings

If you’re a beginner, make sure you have the Auto Fire mode on; it makes killing the enemy easier by just aiming at them rather than pressing the fire button every time. Turn on ADS for better aiming, and choose Single Tap as your Shooting method.

Photo: PopReach Incorporated

However, if you have played FPS shooters before, then select the Advanced mode, adjust your hud, and fire the way you want.

Control Adjustment Settings

These controls are entirely subject to individual choice. I would suggest you try the game at different sensitivities, choosing which one is optimal for you.

Photo: PopReach Incorporated

Just make sure to keep the aim assist on in every instance.

Graphics Configuration Settings

The game is still in its beta version, and only the early access mode is available.
This is why it does not offer extremely top-notch graphics, and your gameplay is prone to abrupt frame drops, especially in PvP mode.

I would suggest you keep the graphics low, restrict FPS to 45, and turn off anti-aliasing to prevent sudden drops in FPS.

Tips and Tricks to Excel in PayDay: Crime War

As always, I will include some tips for you to progress faster and avoid getting caught in PayDay: Crime War. Implement these strategies and you won’t have many problems robbing.

1. Keep Close to Your Crewmates

‘Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer,’ does not work in Payday.
During a heist, make sure to play as tactically as possible by keeping close to your teammates.

Photo: PopReach Incorporated

This will help you provide and get cover from your teammates when facing enemy forces. You can also easily recover a teammate who has been shot.

Moreover, moving together can help you kill enemies faster, keep cover while you drill or grab loot, and escape more smoothly.

Leaving your teammates can lead to you being cornered by cops, which can lead to defeat.

2. Utilize the Casing Mode Smartly

Casing Mode is the time at the start of each heist when your mask and weapons are concealed.

During this time, you are not suspected by guards or civilians if you act normally and do not enter suspicious areas.

Photo: PopReach Incorporated

You need to use this time as smartly as possible. Explore the territory, keep an eye out for guards and the location of the loot, and figure out a way to execute the heist as smoothly as possible.

You cannot jump, crouch, or shoot in this mode. This will automatically end when you wear your mask or suspicion is raised by either a guard or civilian.

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3. Avoid Raising the Alarm by Avoiding Unwanted Attention

By avoiding suspicion from those around you, you can better explore your heist location and plan your heist. Suspicion is raised by CCTV cameras, civilians, and security guards.

Avoiding suspicion is tricky, but it can be done by carefully paying attention to your movements.

Security Cameras only have a limited view. Notice them from a distance and avoid their line of sight.

Photo: PopReach Incorporated

You can also figure out a way to enter the control center and eliminate the guard responsible for overseeing the cameras.

Civilians and Security guards are more provoked by intimidating moves. Try to avoid them as much as possible.

It’s also recommended to use a silenced weapon to eliminate a suspecting guard if there is no one around.

4. Do not kill Civilians

Your main purpose for the heist is to gain cash, and for that, it is crucial to not kill any civilians.

Photo: PopReach Incorporated

Killing civilians will cost you cash from the reward of your heist and will also make the enemy forces approach you more aggressively during a heist.

5. Grab as Much Extra Loot as Possible!

Want to get more from your heist? Look out for extra lootable items during a heist. This includes jewelry in the Jewelry store other than for the purpose of collecting the designated jewelry boxes.

Collecting these will give you additional rewards and can also help you compensate for an unintentional civilian kill.

But be sure not to get carried away in your greed for extra money! The more items you pick, the slower your character gets, making it more vulnerable to attacks from cops and escaping a bit harder.

Moreover, if you pick up lots of extras without focusing on the objective, your loot bag can fill up! This can extend the duration of your heist and cost you an extra trip to the escape van.


If you want to experience the action-filled thrill of heisting a bank with your friends, Payday: Crime War gives you the ultimate sensation of such robberies. The game has good graphics and sound effects, as well as extremely exciting gameplay.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your best weapons, join a crew, put on your mask, and heist till the ultimate payday!

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