Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox: Ultimate Gameplay Guide

John Alem Ramos
Payback 2
(Last Updated On: November 3, 2023)

Welcome to Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox, an action-packed, third-person game that’s all about weapons, speed, and proving you’re the baddest in the neighborhood. Developed by Apex Designs, you can snag it from the Play Store!

Payback 2 - Intro
Photo: Apex Designs

Payback 2 is the ultimate action game, offering a ton of variety in settings, game modes, vehicles, and weapons. It’s a wild mix of tank battles, high-speed helicopter races, and massive gang showdowns. 

Basically, it’s a rollercoaster of overblown fun, serving up an insanely entertaining experience.

Payback 2 - Intro 2
Photo: Apex Designs

In this open-world game, you can do pretty much anything you want. It might remind you of the Grand Theft Auto series but with more epic gunfights and less of those story-driven missions. Plus, there are various mini-games to dive into.

So, let’s dive into this article and get you geared up to conquer the world of Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox!

Payback 2 – Gameplay Overview

When you dive into Payback 2, you’ll be greeted by the intro, which you can skip if you’re feeling impatient.

The gameplay in Payback 2 might ring a bell if you’re a fan of open-world games like Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row. But here’s the twist: instead of wandering around a massive city, you’ve got a handy mission menu at your disposal. 

Payback 2 - Gameplay 1
Photo: Apex Designs

It’s like a buffet of action where you can pick exactly what you want to play.

Payback 2 opens up a world of possibilities. You’re free to do whatever you fancy. Yes, it shares some similarities with the Grand Theft Auto series, but it’s all about intense gunfights and less about following a detailed storyline.

Plus, it rocks its own unique style.

Payback 2 - Gameplay 2
Photo: Apex Designs

The game serves up a smorgasbord of missions for you to tackle. And the cool part? They keep adding fresh ones daily, so no more rinse-and-repeat boredom.

One standout feature that sets Payback 2 apart from the likes of GTA is that you can handpick your mission from a neat menu.

No need to scour the entire city to find something to do.

Payback 2 - Gameplay 3
Photo: Apex Designs

These missions bring a bunch of cool activities to keep the game spicy.

You can take a leisurely drive as a cab driver, burn rubber in car races, or dive headfirst into intense shootouts against rival gangs. It’s all about options.

Speaking of races, you’ll find a variety of them in Payback 2 – from taxi races to truck races and everything in between.

Or, if you’re in the mood for some real action, you can take on a rival gang and try to wipe them out.

Payback 2 - Gameplay 4
Photo: Apex Designs

Your mission tools include vehicles, machine guns, grenades, knives, and more.

Payback 2 boasts decent graphics and a mix of missions that are perfect for when you just want to kick back and have a good time.

Payback 2 – Game Modes

Payback 2 is like a gaming Swiss Army knife, offering a variety of 9 different game modes. And you’re the maestro, ready to tinker with them as you see fit.

Adjust the map, pick your starting car and weapons, and dial up the AI and police difficulties – it’s your game, your rules.


Payback 2 - Campaign
Photo: Apex Designs

Dive into a campaign brimming with diverse events. You’ll find yourself in epic street brawls, rocket car races, and a whole lot more. Variety is the spice of life in this mode!


Payback 2 - Story
Photo: Apex Designs

Payback 2 unveils a captivating single-player story mode with multiple chapters. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to complete missions and stack up enough cash to unlock the next chapter.

And how do you get these missions? By answering a ringing payphone, of course! You’ll get instructions from the boss through a trusty accomplice.


Payback 2 - Multiplayer
Photo: Apex Designs

Time to take on the world. Challenge your friends or join forces with over a million other players in the vast multiplayer realm. With leaderboard rankings and Google Play support, you’ll never run out of competition.


Payback 2 - Challenges
Photo: Apex Designs

Keep your skills sharp with hourly, daily, and weekly challenges. Strive to outshine the rest of the world in these exciting new events. The competition never stops!


Payback 2 - Custom
Photo: Apex Designs

Unleash your creativity in custom mode. Craft your own events, mixing and matching from seven cities, nine game modes, an arsenal of weaponry, and a fleet of vehicles.

The possibilities are endless, and so is the fun!

Payback 2 – Character Customization

It’s time to express yourself! 

Head over to the main menu and discover a treasure trove of customization options. With dozens upon dozens of skins and accessories to choose from, you’re in full control of how your character looks. 

Payback 2 - Character
Photo: Apex Designs

Want to create a unique style? The customization feature lets you tailor your character’s appearance to your heart’s content. 

Feeling spontaneous? Hit that randomize option and let the game work its magic, creating a fresh and unique look from all available choices.

Payback 2 - Randomise
Photo: Apex Designs

The stage is yours, so make your character truly your own!

Bonus Tips and Tricks

Wanted: Want to stay on the right side of the law? Avoid causing harm to innocent folks. If you’ve incurred a “wanted” status, the mini-map in the top left corner will flash blue and red, indicating nearby police locations. Keep an eye on it to evade the law!

Payback 2 - Wanted
Photo: Apex Designs

Control Comfort: Make the game feel just right for you. In the settings, adjust the controls for both driving and aiming to suit your style and comfort level.

Payback 2 - Controls
Photo: Apex Designs

Camera Options: It’s all about your perspective. If first-person, overhead, or third-person views are more your thing, no worries! You can tweak the camera settings to match your preferred viewpoint.

Payback 2 - Camera
Photo: Apex Designs

Watch Ads: Need some extra gold to enhance your experience? Take advantage of the option to watch ads for bonus gold. It’s a quick and easy way to level up!

Payback 2 - Ads
Photo: Apex Designs


Payback 2 is the ultimate go-to game for those moments when you’re looking for some unadulterated fun and thrills.

It’s a playground of diverse activities, unburdened by a complex storyline, making it perfect for casual gaming.

Whether you’re cruising in a massive truck or leading your gang into a showdown with your trusty machine gun, Payback 2 delivers the kind of action that keeps you entertained anytime you need it. 

So, dive into the chaos, embrace the sandbox world, and have a blast!

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