Explore a papercraft wonderland in PAPER Anne, the new puzzle platformer now featured on the App Store

Anurag Ghosh

PAPER Anne is the new puzzle game that sets you on a journey of discovery within a paper-based fairy tale-world. Pulling inspiration from some of history’s most famous childhood fiction, the game has unfolded now on the App Store.

Paper Anne

Letting players step into the shoes of the titular Anne, it isn’t long before you realize that the papercraft realm around you is falling apart. PAPER Anne sets you on a journey to save the day through exploration and intricate drag and drop puzzle solving, whilst meeting a few familiar faces like the Ugly Duckling, Cheshire Cat and Tin Soldier along the way.

Lovely Papercraft Visuals

Your journey to thwart the plans of the evil Queen of Hearts will see you shift and slide the paper environments around you, collecting heaps of story fragments required to forge your own tale out of everyone else’s. Beautiful hand-drawn animations serve to bring such instances to life, allowing you to explore the rich, multi-layered papercraft worlds featured in PAPER Anne in no time.

If you feel like unfolding this fairy tale for yourself, iOS users can download PAPER Anne from the App Store right now.

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