Outerplane – Ultimate Walkthrough & Beginners Guide – 2023

June Reyes

OUTERPLANE is a story-driven, action-strategy gacha RPG published by Smilegate Holdings, Inc. that’ll keep you entertained for hours on end. 

Complete with an eye-catching, anime-themed aesthetic, you can recruit several characters in this game to aid you in high-intensity battles and your quest for revenge as K—the protagonist.

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In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know to excel as a beginner in OUTERPLANE, including some tips to help you set up your account in the long run.

Starting Out In OUTERPLANE 

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Your first hour in the game will be spent exploring OUTERPLANE’s story narrative. You’ll be introduced to several characters via cutscenes—including our titular MC whose name is K.

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As you go along the story introduction, you will be led by the game’s tutorial system which will teach you the basics of combat and non-combat mechanics.

Note: You can skip all tutorial sequences in the game by spam-clicking outside of the highlighted area, then clicking the “Skip” button once it appears.

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After going through the tutorial up to Stage 1-4 in Adventure, you’ll finally unlock the Recruit feature.  

Here, you’ll be able to reroll units by using the Start Dash Banner, which is only available for starting accounts.

This is a very important part of a beginner’s playthrough, as this will decide which units will be part of your team in the early stages of the game.

Fortunately for us players, the Selective Recruitment in the Start Dash Banner gives us an unlimited amount of recruits. 

This means you can reroll as much as you want until you have your desired multi-pull (i.e. your most preferred set of 10 units).

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Choosing the right units to pull for in the Selective Recruitment is highly essential for every beginner, as it’ll allow you to pull for one random 3★ unit—a few of which are strong enough to carry your team easily.

Without further ado, here are our top picks for the best 3★ units to reroll for in the Selective Recruitment, including some solid 2★ units for beginners as well:

Best 3★ Units In Selective RecruitmentRarity & ClassElementRole Description
Valentine3★ RangerFireShe’s an excellent tank-DPS hybrid, but where she shines the most is the versatility of her team buffs. 
Veronica3★ GuardianWaterOne of the two best tanks that can be recruited in the Start Dash Banner. She doesn’t output as much damage as Valentine, but she’s a more well-rounded tank overall.
Noa3★ StrikerEarthShe’s the best DPS you can get in the Start Dash Banner. Surround her with solid teammates and she’ll steamroll through the opposition in the early stages easily.
Saeran3★ HealerEarthShe’s the best 3★ Healer who can overheal your units, cleanse debuffs, and increase her allied units’ Priority.
Tio2★ HealerFireShe’s one of the best Healers in the game despite being only a base 2★ unit. If you can’t get Saeran, Tio will serve as a perfectly good substitute even all the way up to the late game.
Dolly2★ MageEarthShe’s a debuff artist who can decrease enemy Speed, Attack, and Accuracy. A fantastic addition for both mono and multi-element teams.
Cindy2★ RangerWaterA strong buffer that can increase her team’s Attack & Accuracy, as well as increase the duration of her buffs.
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Important Gameplay Mechanics To Master 

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OUTERPLANE is an awesome game that features several gameplay mechanics that might be hard to grasp for beginners.

To get better at the game, you must first learn two things—OUTERPLANE’s Combat Mechanics which dictate how battles work, and Power Up Mechanics which are all the ways you can make your units stronger.

Combat Mechanics 

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Listed below is everything you need to know about OUTERPLANE’s combat system, based on the image above.

Legend #Legend NameLegend Description
1Enemy InfoShows the enemy’s HP (Hit Points), WG (Weakness Gauge), and RG (Rage Gauge). Depleting an enemy’s HP defeats them, while depleting their WG simultaneously depletes their RG and inflicts BREAK on them, allowing you to deal massive damage without retaliation from the enemy for a few turns.
2Battle ControlsAllows you to PAUSE, FAST FORWARD, or use AUTO MODE during combat.
3Priority GaugeDisplays the order in which your allied units and enemy units execute their turn. Buffs and debuffs can influence this gauge.
4Chain SkillDisplays the amount of Chain Points you currently have. Once it is full, you can execute a Chain Skill
5SkillsDisplays the three skills that your units have. Clicking on any active skill will activate them.
6AP GaugeDisplays the amount of AP an individual unit has. Clicking on it will show all the available enhancements for your Burst skill.
7AP Skills (Burst)Shows the three possible improvements you can make to your Burst Skill. Clicking on either three consumes AP from your AP Gauge.

Power Up Mechanics 

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Knowing how you can strengthen your units is also very important as a beginner. On that note, you can use five methods you can use to improve your units:

Power Up MethodRequired MaterialsDescription
Enhance HeroFood
Increases a unit’s level and overall stats.
Enhance SkillSkill Manuals
Increases the effectiveness of the unit’s skills in combat.
Increase Max Level & Increase Trust Level Upgrade Stones 
Increases the trust level and max level of a unit. Both consume the same type of materials. Increasing Trust Level to max gives a unit their Exclusive Weapon.
Transcend HeroUnit Pieces (Duplicates)
Increases the unit’s overall stats and star (★) level by feeding them their duplicates.
Gear & Special Gear Enhancement Gear 
Special Gear
Fodder Gear 
Increases the amount of bonus stats your Gear and Special Gear gives your unit. Additional substat bonuses may be generated every time you upgrade a Gear.

Important Items To Farm 

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As a beginner, we highly recommend that you start farming certain items and resources early on so you can start building your account up for the late game right away.

Here are the items you should consider farming as a beginner in OUTERPLANE, as well as the best game modes you can farm them from:

Important Items To FarmBest Sources
GoldBounty Hunter (Challenge Mode)
Daily & Weekly Missions 
Skyward Tower
EtherAdventure Mode 
Daily & Weekly Missions 
Skyward Tower
FoodBandit Chase (Challenge Mode)
Daily & Weekly Missions
Skyward Tower
Unit Pieces (Duplicates)Side Story Mode 
Normal & Rate Up Recruit Banners
Skill ManualsArchdemon Ruins
Adventure Mode 
Daily & Weekly Missions
Achievement Missions
Skyward Tower
Upgrade StonesUpgrade Stone Retrieval (Challenge Mode)
Daily & Weekly Missions
Skyward Tower
Gear & Gear Enhancement MaterialsSpecial Request: Ecology Study (Armor)
Special Request: Identification (Weapon)
Archdemon Ruins (Talismans & Gear Enhancement Materials)

Primary Objectives For Beginners In OUTERPLANE 

If you’re wondering what tasks you should prioritize as a beginner, then look no further.  These are the four most important objectives that you should consider doing ASAP in the early game.

Objective #1: Focus On Clearing Adventure Stages 

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Clearing Adventure stages not only gives you a ton of materials and resources, but it is also the only way you can unlock other features such as Guilds, Challenge Modes, and PVP.

You can farm items such as Ether, Gold, and Food here—all while seeing the fantastic story of OUTERPLANE unfold with each chapter.

As such, this should be your number one priority, as the Adventure mode is the key to unlocking not just the game’s lore, but also the rest of the game modes themselves.

Objective #2: Complete Eva’s Tactical Guide 

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Eva’s Tactical Guide will help you familiarize yourself more with OUTERPLANE’s combat mechanics. 

This is very important for beginners such as yourself, as you’ll often find your battles more challenging once you get to the mid to late stages of the game. 

Need more convincing? Do note that you can also get a lot of useful materials such as Ether, Gold, Skill Manuals, Upgrade Stones, and Food just by completing these stages. It’s basically two birds with one stone!

Objective #3: Join A Guild

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Joining a Guild as soon as you unlock the feature will allow you to farm more power-up materials compared to your fellow beginners.

You can also unlock more game modes by joining a guild, such as Guild Boss Battles where you can fight a variety of tough bosses in exchange for guild currency.

Not to mention you can also socialize with other players by joining a Guild, which just makes your whole gaming experience more fun—unless you’re more of a lone wolf type.

Objective #4: Use Your Daily Challenge Tickets  

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Depleting all of your Challenge Tickets every day is highly advisable, especially for newer players with hardly any power-up materials to their account such as:

  • Gold 
  • Food 
  • Upgrade Stones

You get two Daily Challenge Tickets per day. This amount can be exceeded only by claiming Tickets from outside sources such as Mail Rewards or Achievement Rewards.

Make sure you leave no Tickets unspent before each daily reset, as you’ll be able to farm more items that way.

Five Best Tips For Beginners In OUTERPLANE 

Finally, here we have five of the best tips we recommend every beginner to follow before playing OUTERPLANE.

Tip #1: Make A Team With Mixed Elements In The Early Game

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Instead of building a mono-element starting team, we highly recommend you build a multi-element team—preferably one with at least three elements on them.

This is because while you do get an Elemental Synergy bonus in your Chain Points if you use a mono-element team, mono-element teams tend to perform poorly in Adventure Mode early on.

You’ll need to focus on Adventure Mode right away, and it will have you battling enemies with different elements—sometimes one that your mono-element team will be weak against.

Having units of varying elements, however, will protect you from being stuck at a particular stage just because your units happen to be weak against your enemy’s element.

Tip #2: Always Take Advantage Of Elemental Weaknesses And Skill Chains In Battle 

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Deploying units with Elemental Advantage over enemies will increase their Final Damage, allowing you to clear stages much more quickly.

Utilizing Elemental weaknesses and advantages will put you well on your way to becoming an expert in this game’s combat system:

ElementStrong AgainstWeak Against

Skill Chains, on the other hand, will allow you to take down bosses easier by depleting their WG (Weakness Gauge) and cancelling their Rage attacks.

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Remember to use your Skill Chains as soon as your enemy enters Rage Mode. If you fail to cancel their Rage attack, they will deal a massive amount of damage to your team.

If you do manage to cancel their Rage attack by depleting their Weakness Gauge, they will instead enter Break Mode and be vulnerable to your team’s attacks.

Tip #3: Always Complete Your Daily & Weekly Missions 

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Completing your Daily and Weekly Missions is a requirement for beginners, especially those who are planning to play the game long-term as a F2P player.

Completing Daily & Weekly Missions provide you with highly valuable items such as:

  • Gold 
  • Ether
  • Food 
  • Hammers 
  • Upgrade Stones 
  • Skill Manuals 
  • Clear Tickets

These two are among the very few consistent sources of the following items, so make sure to complete them whenever you can.

Tip #4: Save Your Ether For Rate-Up Banners 

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Ether is OUTERPLANE’s premium currency and is by far one of the rarest items in the game. 

It’s quite hard to farm consistently as a F2P player—especially once you finish Adventure Mode and claim all the giveaway event rewards for new accounts. 

On that note, it would be wise to save up your Ether for Rate Up Recruit Banners exclusively and not use them for Normal Recruit Banners or minor things such as buying Stamina.

Tip #5: When In Doubt, Follow The Guide Quest 

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If you’re at a loss on what tasks to prioritize while playing the game, then we recommend consulting the Guide Quest feature.

The Guide Quest can serve as a solid reference for tasks you should do as a beginner, and it also gives you a variety of items as rewards for clearing them.

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More importantly, you can get Rhona and her Unit Pieces by following the Guide Quest missions. 

She’s a 3★ Striker whose main specialty is cleaving through multiple enemies with her kit, which makes her a great farming unit!


Much like everyone’s beloved gacha game that was also published by Smilegate—Epic Seven, OUTERPLANE requires its players to have some degree of technical knowledge when it comes to turn-based combat, power-up mechanics, and gacha elements.

While the gameplay can be a bit complicated at times, once you get ahold of it by using this guide, you might just find yourself drawn to the game like the vast majority of its player base! 

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