Outerplane – 5 Crucial Beginners Tips

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Outerplane is a new RPG game that dubs itself a strategy anime. It presents an epic story where we embark on an adventure in an otherworldly kingdom while meeting allies throughout the journey. Like most RPG games on mobile, it features a gacha system, leveling, equipment, and hours spent on the grind. To smooth your experience, we will share 5 Crucial Beginners Tips for Outerplane. Check them out!

Daily Login Bonus

Like many mobile games, Outerplane offers several perks for its devoted players. Every month there is a login bonus whose rewards increase incrementally according to your punctuality.

Also, when events are going on, other bonuses are awarded daily. So even if you cannot play on a specific day, it is worth logging in just to get these bonuses. 

Another tip is to check the store every day. They offer some free packs with gold or items to level up your characters, but you must redeem them directly in the store and then pick up the rewards in your mail.  

Re-roll your First Ten Gacha

Once you unlock the draw feature to boost your team of heroes, watch out for one called Start Dash, also known as Selective Summon. These are free 10-rolls that guarantee a 3-star hero from among those featured.

While many games require you to keep resetting your account to get that coveted hero, Outerplane doesn’t require a reset.

The game allows you to re-roll that Start Dash indefinitely until you are happy with your drawn heroes. It is much more practical and manageable. However, since you are likely a beginner, you will hardly know which is the best hero among the 3-star offered. 

All are powerful enough to empower your team, but if you allow us to give you an opinion, we suggest you go for Noa or Mawell. Both have a robust skillset that will initially make your adventure a breeze, so draw away.

Build a Cohesive Team

Each hero has an element, and these elements have strengths and weaknesses. Fire is strong against Wind, Wind beats Water, and Water quelches Fire. Darkness and Light are opposites; one is strong and vulnerable to the other.

Before starting a stage, check the element of your enemies and take a team with an advantage over your opponents. If two or more heroes share an element, you get extra Chain Points in battle, further improving your advantage.

However, checking your Chain Preview in more challenging fights is essential. It shows the hero’s position when executing a Chain Attack, and some need to be exclusively in fixed positions, like Starter or Finisher Exclusive.

Although this is a more specific situation, it is crucial when facing bosses with enrage, for example. So always be careful to build the best team according to your strategy.

Check your Missions

Outerplane offers Daily & Weekly Missions, Achievements, Battle Pass, Guide Quests, and other tasks to congratulate your gameplay and hard-earned accomplishments. They are easily found in the menu’s left corner of the lobby or the four dots in the top right menu.

Each time you complete some of these tasks, a red exclamation mark will indicate rewards to be collected. These significant boosts will amplify your gameplay, especially at the beginning, where they offer a large amount of Ether, Outerplane’s premium currency. 

Monthly Codes

Everyone loves codes, and so do we! Outerplane offers several monthly codes with diverse gifts like profile frames, ether, and more. To redeem a code, click on the four dots in the upper right corner and choose “Settings.”

Then click the “Account” tab to find the “Enter Coupon” submenu and enter the codes below.

PS: Unfortunately, it appears that the “Enter Coupon” submenu isn’t displaying as normal on iPhone devices. We can’t know for sure when the developers will fix it, but hopefully, soon.

PLAYOUTERPLANE2120 stamina and 20 cake slices
OUTER1ST1500 ether
LISHAGIFT1500 ether, profile frame, 60 stamina and 20 cake slices
      1. Are you playing on iOS, Jason? If so, unfortunately the coupon tab is glitched for now…

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