Otter Ocean Guide – Tips, Tricks and Strategies

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Otter Ocean is an adorable Kawaii game from Finifugu games. These cute “ocean hamsters” dive into little pools to bring treasures, shells, foods and their otter friends. Coby loses his friends because of a major hurricane. Help him find his buddies by sending him to nearby “dive spots”.

Tap on a dive spot, choose an otter and wait for a few minutes. He will bring a treasure box, which may contain artifacts, shells, food or his lost friends. As you progress, dive spots will get bigger and require more than one otter. The time taken to dive and bring a treasure box will vary from one dive spot to another and will increase as you unlock more spots.

Otter Ocean Game

Collect otters, find secrets and unlock the mystery of the locked door. Find the necklace, which will contain the code to unlock the door or seek and find missing crabs for some cool rewards. There’s so much to do in Otter Ocean and these tips, tricks and strategies will help you collect adorable creatures and unlock more secrets.  

Stock Up On Favorite Otter Meals

Before sending those adorable otters to the dive spot, make sure they are well fed. After diving into the pool and bringing a treasure box for you, otters get tired and need food. The weary look on their faces suggest they are starving.

An otter’s heart meter fills up when you feed him/her. Feed them their favorite food and watch their heart meter fill faster. Their favorite food will be displayed in a thought bubble above them. When you feed an otter his favorite food, he receives double the amount of hearts, which fills his heart meter faster.

 – Before feeding, stock up on food items. Tap on Menu on the lower-right corner of the screen and then tap on “Market”.

 – Ignore the “Ultimate Food Pack” pop up if you aren’t interested in purchasing a food pack with real money. However, you may consider buying this in future in case you want lots of clams, shrimps, salmons and octopuses at a discounted price. For now tap on the “X” on the upper-right corner of the screen.

Food at the Market

 – The market has two categories – Food and Grocery. For now we need food, so purchase the ones you need the most.  

To know an otter’s favorite food go to Menu > Otters and tap on his portrait. His favorite food will be displayed on the bottom of the page.

 – If you can’t find the required food items or favorite food items, just tap on the yellow “Refresh” button to restock immediately. You will have to watch a 30-sec video to get a new list of foods. If you don’t want to watch an advert, then wait for 5 minutes and the list will be automatically refreshed.

 – You can unlock additional food slots. By paying a one-time fee, you will unlock 3 more slots at the bottom.

  – Once you have stocked up on food, you can start feeding them when their diving mission ends.

You will need loads of shells to purchase food and grocery items. Read on to know how to get them for free

How to Get Shells

Shells are Otter Ocean’s currency. You will need them to purchase food and grocery items at the market. Here’s how to get them:

1. Bag of shells: You might have seen a cute otter clutching onto a bag of shells. Just tap on him to obtain them. A bag of shells appears randomly on one of the otters. The more otters you have the more shells you will obtain.

Bag of Shells

The timer on the top-right corner of the screen shows the number of seconds remaining for a new bag to appear. Tap on the “Collect” and the game will move to the otter holding the bag for you.

2. Artifact Sets: An otter may bring a part of an artifact, which partially fills the treasure/artifact set, which can be found under Menu > Treasure. Complete artifact sets (See the below screenshot) to obtain shells.  

An artifact

3. Bird (Puffer Fish?): The yellow bird flies over the ocean at regular interval. Tap on her, watch a 30-sec video and get shells for free.

4. Missions on the Missing Board: You can find the missing board near the ocean shores. Find the missing creatures in and around the ocean and get shells as gifts. A new missing creature appears on the board. Tap on the missing pin to get his/her location hint under “Last Seen” and search in that area. When you find one, tap on the missing creature and get your rewards. If you can’t find the creature then just tap on the magnifying glass on the missing pin, beside the creature’s name to get more hints.

Missing board

Note: Find all missing creatures until day 6. On day 7, you will get a bonus reward – a Ukulele toy.

5. Social Media: Follow the official Instagram handle of Otter Ocean to get 25 shells! The Instagram icon is displayed on the top-right corner of the screen.

6. Quests: Quests will be available at regular intervals. To know the current quest, tap on the envelope on the top-left corner of the screen. Finish a quest to claim shells as rewards.

Don’t forget to triple your offline rewards. When you are away, your otters will keep collecting shells for at least 180 minutes. When you are back, tap on the blue button. Watch a 30-sec video to triple the amount of shells you earned when you were offline.

Types of Treasure Boxes

Otters dive into the pool to bring back cool treasure boxes. These boxes contain food, shells, décor and new otters.

red otter holding a purple treasure box
An otter holding a purple treasure box

Note the color of the box. Treasure boxes are color-coded based on their rarity:

1. Wooden Brown Box: This old algae covered box is the most common treasure chest. You will get shells and/or food items.

2. Red Box: You will get treasures (for completing treasure sets) and shells. However, there are chances of obtaining a new otter from the red box.

3. Purple Box: In Otter Ocean, a purple box contains quest items and those items that are hard to find. Chances of getting a new otter are also high. You might find the necklace in the purple box.

Get More Treasure Boxes

Try this trick for red and purple boxes. When an otter brings any one of these boxes, the game prompts you to obtain another by watching a 30-second video. Go for it. You never know what red and purple boxes contain and getting an extra box may bring additional treasure, food maybe an otter friend! Once he brings a red or purple box, tap on “One More”, watch an advert and get another box.

Know Your Otters

Like I said earlier, you obtain new otters from red or purple boxes. You can find only limited number of creatures in a particular location. For example: In Ocean World, i.e. the very first location, you can find only 14 otter friends.

Knowing your otter friends is one step closer in understanding their likes and interests. Thankfully, there is a way to get to know them:

Tap on Menu > Otters. Tap on an otter’s portrait to reveal his/her page.

Otter Page
Check the bonus for dive missions above Favorite Food

Along with an otter’s favorite food which doubles the amount of hearts, there’s also some bonuses. These are dive mission bonus rewards, such as extra shells, foods etc. Bonus can be found above favorite food in an otter’s description page.

Sending a particular otter to the pool activates his bonus. So if you send Coby to the pool, you will get 10 more shells as mission rewards.

How to get Purple Friendship Stars

In Otter Ocean, friendship stars unlock additional reward opportunities.

Tap on an otter to go to his page. On the right side you will see a purple star. Tap on it to reveal timeline. Basically, you will have to collect a certain number purple “friendship stars” to fill the timeline and get rewards, which could be anything ranging from food to moments that can be used to fill your album under Menu.

Purple star milestones
Collect 100 purple stars to get clams and 175 stars to obtain moments.

You will obtain purple stars when you clean a sooty otter or when you feed him. Sometimes, an otter will be ill and so you will have to give medicines to treat him. Both cleaning and treating otters are a great way to increase the bond with them and in return you will get more purple stars. However, feeding them is also another way to get them.

To clean a creature, you will need Brush. You can purchase a brush from Menu > Grocery. The pill to treat sick otters can also be found under Grocery.

A brush costs around 25-30 shells. Look for discounts and you may get one at a dirt (pun intended) cheap price.

A pill costs around 30 shells but you might get one at a discounted price.

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