6 Open World Games Like Black Desert Mobile

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

The next gen MMORPG is finally available on the Google Play Store. With amazing console-level visuals, lots of quests, deep character customization and 5 diverse classes, Black Desert Mobile will also appeal to those who are playing it for the first time.  

Black Desert Mobile’s gameplay is quite similar to Lost Ark, which is currently one of the most played MMO on Steam. Check out some more Android games like Lost Ark.

A pure open world RPG, BDM offers extreme, fast-paced combat, tons of quests, taming and fishing system. Controls and fairly easy and optimized for mobile phones which ensures an immersive gameplay experience, whether you are exploring the vast world or battling enemies.  

There are quite a few games like Black Desert Mobile on Android and visually they are as impressive as BDM. Here are some of the best open world MMORPGs: 

Best Games Like Black Desert Mobile
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