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One Punch Man World

One Punch Man World is now rising as one of the best 3D action games this year. It recreates the world of the popular anime series One-Punch Man, introducing its original characters, iconic locations, and recognizable villains, wreaking havoc once more.

You will experience the One Punch Man World story like the anime but with a more action-centered approach, allowing you to control the beloved characters. You can switch sides and experience the perspective of the Heroes or the Villains.

One Punch Man World

Grow stronger and protect the world against the villains! Rise through the ranks as one of the strongest in One Punch Man World, and in this article, I will equip you with a list of the best Heroes to aim for.

One Punch Man World – Heroes

You can play as your favorite heroes as desired, but focusing on A Tier and S Tier heroes maximizes your advantage in the game, making your exciting journey through the One Punch Man World seamless.


Remember that some characters have different “skins” that grant their own playstyle and combat skills.

Note that tier lists are tools for evaluating the best-performed Heroes and are subject to changes. Ultimately, the most effective way to determine which Heroes suit you is through experimentation and firsthand experience.

S Tier Characters

These are the Meta characters in the game, excelling with good damage, combat abilities, and survivability in any game mode. They are a must-have if you choose to do rerolls in One Punch Man World.

Saitama (Dream World)

One Punch Man World

Saitama (Dreamworld) is one of the top performers in the S Tier, which isn’t surprising given that he’s the main character and the most OP hero in the anime.

He bombards the target with consecutive punches, turning it into a special attack after a dodge. Dreamworld also has the ability to increase stamina recovery speed and enhance all special attacks.

Genos Cyborg of Justice


Genos is one of the popular characters in the series and lands in S Tier. Using his cyborg arm, he releases a flame attack, dealing high damage to the enemy in One Punch Man World.

He can enhance the burning status up to 2 times through energy charging, increasing the damage dealt. Upon release, it will consume all the charged energy.

In terms of gameplay, the charging requires a bit of time, which can be a little challenging against fast-moving enemies, but the high damage output makes it worthwhile.

Speed-O’-Sound Sonic

One pm

Into a fast combat pace? Then Speed-o’-Sound Sonic is the perfect character for you. By consuming a small amount of Topspeed, you can blink to the front of the target and attack them with your high-speed slashing.

With an impressive range, you can hit multiple targets at once. Although his damage is slightly lower than Saitama (Dreamworld) and Genos, his fast attacks make up for it.

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A Tier Characters

High damage, good crowd control, and sustainability in One Punch Man World. A Tier falls short of S Tier but is still considered the best and performs well in combat. These characters excel in a party with other A Tier members.

Zombie Man

One Pun

Armed with guns and axes, Zombie Man can heal from any injury. He engages in close-quarters combat with his axe when not relying on his ranged weapons.

A marksman at heart, he uses his gun for ranged targets, making him versatile in team composition. If you’re looking for a fun playstyle and fast-paced combat, go for Zombie Man.

Other Notable A Tier

Atomic SamuraiQuick with his sword, Atomic Samurai sheathes his katana and makes the laido posture before unleashing rapid slashes at the target.
Genos (Arms Mode)Genos (Arm Mode) unleashes a full-power incineration cannon, dealing massive damage to the enemy and increasing the damage your entire team deals.
Puri-Puri PrisonerPuri-puri Prisoner can initiate a counterattack after a defense. He also accumulates Angel Energy during the battle to launch Angel Combo, dealing massive damage.
SilverfangSilverfang can significantly reduce the damage taken and grants Ancient Martial Might for powerful skills when his attacks clash with his enemies’ attacks.

B Tier Characters

It is considered above average and provides decent damage and survivability. Their abilities shine the brightest in a good team composition and specific game modes. These are considered good starter characters in One Punch Man World.

Saitama (Job Hunting)


Job Hunting focuses on survivability and tanking. Playstyle-wise, combat is slow, but he’s tough to take down.

Other Notable B Tier

Lightning MaxHe’s given at the early part of the game as one of your starter heroes. He’s capable of martial arts and has impressive lightning speed.
Mumen RiderMumen Rider can accumulate Justice Mach to enter a Bicycle-Holding Stat and use another set of normal attacks and skills that deal higher damage.

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C Tier Characters

These characters are recommended for early-game progression but fall heavily behind in late-game content. Alternatively, they perform decently in a team with S and A Tier characters, but it’s best to prioritize your resources on the higher tiers.

StingerIaironSmile Man
Spring MustachioTriple-Staff LilyGolden Ball

Official Discord


Join the One Punch Man World official Discord channel to interact with fellow Heroes, share your guides and tips, and stay updated with announcements and event notices posted on the respective channels.


There you have it! The game just released, so expect more updates and events. The more actively you participate in events, the faster you’ll collect gacha draws. Don’t forget to do your daily free rolls for a chance to snag that S Tier character.

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