One Punch Man World – Game Guide, Tips & Codes

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One Punch Man World is a brand-new 3D-action gacha RPG inspired by the famous anime & manga series One Punch Man. The game challenges your combat skills in brutal competitive modes that recreate the original anime’s battles and storyline.

One Punch Man World features iconic characters from the original anime series, including Saitama and Genos.

In this game guide, we’ll explain the gameplay basis of One Punch Man World, share some of the best tips and tricks, and show codes that will help newbies progress faster! Read carefully and avoid any crucial mistakes that might ruin your in-game progression in the early days.

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One Punch Man World game guide
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One Punch Man World: Gameplay & Combat Explained

One Punch Man World is a fighting game, so a significant part of the gameplay is combat. The main storyline, side quests, and open-world missions are tied up in the fights against various foes.

One Punch Man World gameplay
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During the battle, players can use a team of a maximum of four units. Each character has a unique set of skills, and it’s crucial to understand each skill’s effect. This will help you to use skills wisely and succeed even against bosses and strong foes. 

It’s worth noting that players also can execute skill combos to deal damage consecutively.

One Punch Man World: Currencies

One Punch Man World currencies
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Currencies are what you need to purchase resources and unlock new characters. At the moment of writing, there are four currencies in the game:

  • World Gold – premium currency obtained from events and purchased for real money. It is the main currency to draw characters in One Punch Man: World.
  • Credits – the most common currency in the game earned through completing quests, obtaining achievements, and during events. Players can use credits to train characters.
  • World Silver – the second-most-important currency in the game. Using World Silver, you can draw new characters, purchase consumable items, and strengthen your team.
  • Normal Draw Tickets – gacha currency used for the recruitment system. Normal Draw Tickets can be purchased with World Silver from the in-game shop.

One Punch Man World: Resources

One Punch Man World resources
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You will need many resources for different purposes in the game, so it might be a good idea to learn about the most common & important ones.

  • EXP Cards – the most important resource in One Punch Man: World. It can be used to level up your characters and limit breaking them. EXP cards can be obtained by completing campaigns, quests, and events.
  • Memory Chips – come in different qualities and rarities and provide valuable improvements to units’ stats. Orange and Purple are the best memory chips. They provide the most significant boost.
  • Limit Break Materials – a resource used when a character reaches their maximum level. It increases the level cap for the unit. 
  • Impression Arms – a powerful resource that provides stats, skills, and arm skill enhancements. Impression arms come in three rarities: R, SR, and SSR, with SSR being the best.
  • Potential Upgrade Items – one of the most valuable resources obtained through getting duplicated characters. Potential upgrade items are used to improve characters’ stats.

One Punch Man World: Events

One Punch Man World events
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Regular in-game events keep players excited in One Punch Man: World. Events not only offer players a set of unique daily missions, but also provide valuable rewards like Credits, EXP Cards, World Silver, and even selectable SSR characters.

To find out information about the ongoing events, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Main Menu
  2. Press the smartphone button in the top-left corner of the screen
  3. Find and head to the Events Tab

Here, players can find all the ongoing events, missions & milestones, claim rewards, and switch between ongoing events.

One Punch Man World: Boss Fights

One Punch Man World boss fights
Photo: Beijing Perfect World

Boss battles are enhanced fights in One Punch Man: World. During these, players can face bosses, the most dangerous enemies with massive amounts of HP and shield preventing them from taking any damage. Players must focus on breaking the shield quickly and start dealing damage to the boss.

Here are a few more tips for the boss fights in One Punch Man World:

  • Boss fights can be intense, and panicking will decrease your chances of winning. Stay calm and adapt. 
  • Learn defensive maneuvers like dodging, blocking, or using defensive skills to survive longer against the boss
  • Utilize combos and skills effectively. Learn the timing and range of your character to deal the maximum damage

These tips can help you take down bosses in One Punch Man: World much more effectively.

One Punch Man World: Training Explained

One Punch Man World training explained
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Want to master your skills with the specific character in One Punch Man World? You must try training that allows players to test their character before heading into the battle. There are two types of training: Target Training and Free Training.

One Punch Man World target training
Photo: Beijing Perfect World

During the target training, players can focus on the specific aspects of the combat, such as counterattack, defense, briefcase charge, and rage burst state. There is also an advanced challenge combining everything you’ve learned in the previous chapters. Completing all training rewards players with 50 World Silver. 

One Punch Man World free training
Photo: Beijing Perfect World

Free training is an option for those who want to improve everything at once. Here, you can choose the attack frequency and practice your combat skills in free combat.

One Punch Man World: Gacha Explained 

One Punch Man World gacha explained

The Gacha system in One Punch Man World is a necessary part of the game. The system operates with specific odds for obtaining SSR, SR, and R-Level items, making every draw a thrilling experience for the player.

Keep reading and discover the odds of obtaining heroes & items in One Punch Man World.

SSR Odds

  • General Probability for SSR Items: 1.6%
  • SSR Items: 0.6%
  • SSR Characters: 0.3%
  • SSR Impression Arms: 0.3%
  • Guaranteed SSR Items: 90 Draws

SR Odds

  • General Probability for SR Items: 14%
  • SR Items: 5.1%
  • SR Characters: 2.55%
  • SR Impression Arms: 2.55%
  • Guaranteed SR Items: 10 Draws

R-Level Impression Arms

  • General Probability for R-Level Impression Arms: 85.4%

One Punch Man World Characters List

One Punch Man World characters list
Photo: Beijing Perfect World

This is the full list of characters in One Punch Man World at the moment of the game’s release:

  • Saitama – Dreamworld
  • Speed-O’ – Sound Sonic
  • Speed-O’ – Sound Sonic – Prisoner
  • Cyborg of Justice – Genos
  • Silverfang
  • King
  • Atomic Samurai
  • Genos – Arms Mode
  • Zombieman
  • Puri-Puri Prisoner
  • Mumen Rider
  • Genos
  • Saitama – Job Hunting
  • Smile Man
  • Stinger
  • Iairon
  • Golden Ball
  • Lightning Max
  • Spring Mustachio
  • Triple Staff Lily

We may add more characters to the list with every major update. Bookmark this webpage and stay informed about the latest changes.

One Punch Man World – Tips & Tricks

One Punch Man World tips and tricks
Photo: Beijing Perfect World

Once you know the gameplay basics of One Punch Man World, keep reading this article and discover helpful tips & tricks. They allow you to progress faster and prevent you from making any mistakes that might slow down in-game progression.

Finish Main Story Quests

One Punch Man World main story quests
Photo: Beijing Perfect World

If you want the best way to progress in One Punch Man World, simply head to the main story and progress through it. Quests from the main storyline allow players to explore the One Punch Man universe, get generous rewards, and unlock new game modes. 

Not only that, completing quests allows players to unlock new characters that can bring strategic abilities to your team. Lastly, completing main story quests is the perfect way to improve combat skills.

Learn Team-Building 

One Punch Man World team
Photo: Beijing Perfect World

In One Punch Man World, the team consists of four characters: the main and three side characters. The main character is controlled by players during the battle, while the other three support you in dealing with enemies. 

When creating a well-rounded team, choose the strongest unit as the main character. This allows you to lead the team and win the battles solo. In the early game, Saitama obtained from pre-registration works pretty well in the role of the main character.

Still, don’t neglect the side characters. The victory significantly depends on the synergy and balance, so try to mix characters with different strengths and abilities to create a balanced lineup.

Master Your Combat Skills

One Punch Man World master combat skills
Photo: Beijing Perfect World

The world of One Punch Man revolves around the combat system and fast-paced battles. The major part of the game is fighting foes, so players need to pay attention to skill combinations. They help synergize the strengths of your characters and unleash devastating attacks on your enemies quickly.

The most straightforward strategy is to consistently use all of your character’s skills without long breaks. This will deal massive damage to the enemies, and it is one of the hundreds of strategies that can help you dominate the battlefield. 

Explore, experiment, and create a strategy that will work great for your team and your battle strategy. It can be a game-changer that will help you to dominate even during the most challenging encounters.

Upgrade Your Characters

One Punch Man World upgrading characters
Photo: Beijing Perfect World

In One Punch Man: World, you cannot ignore the character progression as you gradually meet more powerful opponents. Players can upgrade their level and skills, limit breaks, and enhance their tier(this takes lots of resources). 

While upgrading, we highly recommend focusing on your team’s main unit, as they significantly contribute to the victory. Once you’ve maxed out the main hero, start upgrading the rest of your team. Prioritize characters with damage-dealing capabilities to maximize your team’s potential.

Take Advantage of Enemy Weaknesses

One Punch Man World enemy weaknesses
Photo: Beijing Perfect World

Each enemy in One Punch Man: World has a trading card, where you can find out their skills, weaknesses, and recommended PL for the fight. Take advantage of this information and adjust your team’s strategy to exploit these vulnerabilities.

For example, technical-type characters can exploit fire-based units’ technique suppression and weakness, helping you to get positive outcomes even against stronger enemies. There are tons of different examples of how you can take advantage of enemy weaknesses, and your mission is to learn them.

Reroll For The Best Characters

One Punch Man World reroll
Photo: Beijing Perfect World

Reroll is one of the best features of gacha games. It’s an abuse of the beginner’s rewards by resetting in-game progression or account. It allows F2P players to start with high-tier characters and progress way faster. 

Follow these steps on how to reroll in One Punch Man World:

  1. Open One Punch Man: World and start the game as a guest
  2. Complete the tutorial to unlock the gacha system
  3. Get your first free rewards and spend your resources to get ten draws, spend them and try to get high-tier unit

If you don’t like the unit you’ve got, delete the game’s files, register with another guest account, and repeat the steps above. If you’ve got the desired hero, link the guest account to Facebook or Google and enjoy the game!

One Punch Man World Codes & Rewards

One Punch Man World - Active Game Codes
Photo: Beijing Perfect World

Now that you know what One Punch Man World is, how to play this game and tricks to progress faster, check out One Punch Man World codes. These special freebies give players in-game currency like Crystals that can be used to purchase different items.

There are currently not a lot of active codes for the game, as it’s new. Check the list below and discover working codes for One Punch Man World.

  • StPattyOPMW
    • Redeem for free rewards (New)
  • OPMWFanfest24
    • Redeem for free rewards
  • ValentinesOPMW
    • Redeem for free rewards
    • Redeem for 100 World silver and 1 regular ticket draw rewards
  • OPMW2024
    • Redeem for free rewards
    • Redeem for free rewards

How To Redeem Codes in One Punch Man World

  1. Open Once Punch Man World on your device
  2. Log into your account and tap on the mobile phone icon at the top of the main menu
  3. After that, tap on the Settings cog icon
  4. Choose the option Gift Codes
  5. Enter the active code featured in the list above into the text box
  6. Tap the button to Confirm
  7. Claim free rewards from your in-game mailbox
One Punch Man World redeem codes
Photo: Beijing Perfect World

Additionally, you can check out the game’s Discord server for more updates about active codes and rewards.

One Punch Man World conclusion
Photo: Beijing Perfect World


That’s it with the One Punch Man World game guide. We hope we helped you with our codes and reroll guide providing detailed information on how to get the best units in One Punch Man: World.

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