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Omniheroes guide
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(Last Updated On: August 24, 2023)

Omniheroes is a fantasy RPG developed by OmniDream Games and it has been an instant hit. The story revolves around the world being attacked by evil forces and they have made Valkyries their captive. Now it’s up to you, the Omniguardian, to take other heroes alongside and save the world.

The graphics, gameplay, features, and everything else about the game is top-notch. However, there are many details that you need to take care of before diving into a battle. And this is why I am here with the Ultimate Omniheroes guide.

Today, we’ll start with the basics of the game and then move on to the more technical things and some other features you can benefit from. So, let’s dive right in!

Basics of Omniheroes

The game isn’t very difficult gameplay-wise since most of the action is automatic. All you will have to do is assemble your team that can defeat the opposition.

Photo: OmniDream Games

That being said, here are a few basics of Omniheroes:

  1. Assemble a team having 5 heroes.
  2. Focus on improving the team’s synergy for additional fighting abilities.
  3. Battle your way through one chapter to complete it.
  4. Upgrade your heroes to make your team more powerful.
  5. Participate in Events, Wilderness, and City missions to gain great rewards.
  6. Heal and Interact with Valkyries.

A Guide to Synergies in Omniheroes

Hero synergies are hands down the most important factor to focus on in Omniheroes. This way, you can assemble a team that takes less damage and attacks more thanks to their chemistry together.

When multiple heroes with the same synergies are placed on a team, their weaknesses lessen and their strengths combine. As a result, you get a significant advantage in the battle.

There are three types of synergies in Omniheroes, which I will discuss below.

Valkyrie Synergy

Photo: OmniDream Games

These are already unlocked for every hero and have the following types:

1. Valiantors

Increases the PDMG of your team.

The synergymates include:

  1. Victoria
  2. Nyx
  3. Macaria
  4. Themis
  5. Atropos
  6. Elune
  7. Jerald
  8. Diana

2. Avengers

Increases the chance to revive your killed teammates.

The synergymates include:

  1. Lachesis
  2. Arkdina
  3. Persephone
  4. Solomon
  5. Albert
  6. Salleine
  7. Atalanta
  8. Bojji

3. Doomsdayers

This focuses on dealing reflected damage to the opposition.

The synergymates include:

  1. Hallios
  2. Aiushtha
  3. Athena
  4. Merlin
  5. Sylvan
  6. Doris
  7. Baal
  8. Stannard

4. Ethereals

Increases the Crit Rate and Crit Damage of the team.

The synergymates include:

  1. Karnak
  2. Mastema
  3. Eudora
  4. Catrina
  5. Dorabella
  6. Ellie
  7. Bastet
  8. Björn
  9. Brutus

5. Mystifiers

Applies corrode debuff to the enemies.

The synergymates include:

  1. Talos
  2. Dullahan
  3. Minotaur
  4. Emily
  5. Franz
  6. Bastet
  7. Osse
  8. Medusa
  9. Percival

6. Glorians

Gives your team an ATK boost along with DMG Boost buffs. It also gives DEF RED debuff to the opposite team.

The synergymates include:

  1. Talanis
  2. Guinn
  3. Marina
  4. Lily & Lia
  5. Carola
  6. Nawi
  7. Yasuke
  8. Clotho

Faction Synergy

This unlocks when the hero reaches level 8. The Royal sunergy is unlocked beforehand.

Photo: OmniDream Games

You need at least two synergymates for the Dawnbringer, Shadowarch, and Verdian synergies to activate while only one synergymate for Royal, Deviant, and Celestial synergies.

Here are the synergy effects:

1. Dawnbringers

Increases attack combos initiation chances.

The synergymates include:

  1. Themis
  2. Atropos
  3. Albert
  4. Salleine
  5. Catrina
  6. Athena
  7. Dorabella
  8. Jerald
  9. Björn
  10. Yasuke

2. Verdians

Gives the chance to follow up basic attacks with increased damage.

The synergymates include:

  1. Merlin
  2. Elune
  3. Minotaur
  4. Marina
  5. Lily & Lia
  6. Sylvan
  7. Doris
  8. Osse
  9. Nawi
  10. Bojji
  11. Stannard
  12. Diana

3. Shadowarchs

Increases the ATK and Dodge Rate of the team.

The synergymates include:

  1. Ellie
  2. Solomon
  3. Emily
  4. Persephone
  5. Carola
  6. Franz
  7. Bastet
  8. Anubia
  9. Percival
  10. Brutus

4. Celestials

Increases the Crit DMG of the team.

The synergymates include:

  1. Talanis
  2. Hallios
  3. Talos
  4. Lachesis
  5. Karnak
  6. Victoria
  7. Eudora
  8. Clotho
  9. Atlanta

5. Deviants

Increases the Leech rate of the team and gives additional buffs.

The synergymates include:

  1. Mastema
  2. Guinn
  3. Dullahan
  4. Aiushtha
  5. Arkdina
  6. Nyx
  7. Macaria
  8. Medusa
  9. Baal

6. Royals

Increases the DMG RED and DMG Boost of the hero and gives some buffs to the team.

The synergymates include:

  1. Talanis
  2. Hallios
  3. Talos
  4. Lachesis
  5. Karnak
  6. Victoria
  7. Eudora
  8. Clotho
  9. Atlanta
  10. Mastema
  11. Guinn
  12. Dullahan
  13. Aiushtha
  14. Arkdina
  15. Nyx
  16. Macaria
  17. Medusa
  18. Baal

Rune Synergy

To unlock this, the hero must be equipped with four rare or better runes. Besides, the hero must be 9-star or higher.

Photo: OmniDream Games

This energy requires at least two synergymates to activate.

1. Monarchs

Limits the damage that allies take from a single attack.

The synergymates include:

  1. Talanis
  2. Talos
  3. Victoria
  4. Dullahan
  5. Macaria
  6. Albert
  7. Dorabella
  8. Merlin
  9. Lily & Lia

2. Enchanters

Gives a chance to apply Confuse debuff to the opposition.

The synergymates include:

  1. Hallios
  2. Lachesis
  3. Eudora
  4. Mastema
  5. Arkdina
  6. Athena
  7. Osse
  8. Emily
  9. Carola
  10. Diana

3. Protectors

Increases the DEF of the team.

The synergymates include:

  1. Karnak
  2. Guinn
  3. Themis
  4. Catrina
  5. Elune
  6. Marina
  7. Bastet
  8. Atalanta
  9. Baal
  10. Bojji
  11. Percival

4. Phantoms

Gives the revived allies an opportunity to restore their health.

The synergymates include:

  1. Aiushtha
  2. Minotaur
  3. Sylvan
  4. Persephone
  5. Franz
  6. Bastet
  7. Jerald
  8. Brutus
  9. Yasuke

5. Strikers

Increases the ATK of the team.

The synergymates include:

  1. Nyx
  2. Atropos
  3. Salleine
  4. Doris
  5. Nawi
  6. Ellie
  7. Solomon
  8. Clotho
  9. Medusa
  10. Björn
  11. Stannard

How to Level Up, Ascend, and Advance Heroes in Omniheroes

Leveling up, ascending, and advancing your heroes is the best way to improve your team’s overall power. You might survive a round or two with the basic cards, but it won’t be long before the enemies crush you.

Therefore, it’s important to always focus on upgrading the Valkyries and Omniguardians.

Now here’s how to do that:

  1. Tap on the Heroes tab.
  2. Select a Hero.
  3. Now tap on Level Up.
Photo: OmniDream Games

Once you unlock Ascension, you’ll be able to increase the maximum strength of your heroes.

To do that, you’ll need to have Ascension tokens which can be collected by doing missions and participating in Wilderness battles.

Lastly, to advance a hero, you’ll need to have two supplementary heroes of the same star level.

So, for instance, if you’re advancing a 5-star hero, you must have two separate 5-star heroes that will be used for the advancement.

You can also merge duplicate 4-star cards to create one 5-star hero instead of buying one.

Now all of this stuff will take a lot of gold, so don’t forget to collect both your online and offline rewards. You’ll get the latter every time you open the game.

Equip and Enhance Heroes’ Gears

You’ll get gears for head, body, and feet. On top of that, there will be a weapon that you can equip as a gear too.

To equip gear, again, go to the Heroes tab > Select a Hero. Now tap on Equip All to automatically equip the gear or you can select it manually.

Photo: OmniDream Games

Afterward, you can enhance them to improve the stats of the hero and ultimately, the power of your team.

Wilderness and City in OmniHeroes

Wilderness and City are two more areas that you will explore in Omniheroes. Both of them have distinct features, which I will discuss below.


Let’s talk about Wilderness first. This area consists of Forgotten Land, the Palace of Penrose, and Arena.

Forgotten Land

Here, you can battle different enemies and gain exciting rewards that will help level up your heroes.

Photo: OmniDream Games

There are four different lands and they have different stages that you need to clear. The lands will unlock as you level up.

Palace of Penrose

The Palace of Penrose is a never-ending tower that has enemies on each floor. Once you clear one floor, you can move on to the next.

Photo: OmniDream Games

The strength of the opposition keeps increasing as you go up but the rewards get better as well.

As an additional tip, if you have heroes from certain synergies in your team, you will gain a great advantage in the battle.


Arena is simply 1v1 between real players. The battles are automatic here as well, but you get to see how your team fares against the one assembled by someone else.

Photo: OmniDream Games

I’d suggest challenging those who have significantly lower power than your heroes. So, if your OVR is 100K, then battle against those with 70K or lower for easy victory.


Labyrinth opens every 2 days for 2 days.

Photo: OmniDream Games

Here you can fight your way through the end to get relic shards and actual relics.


City has a lot to explore. There are so many options and more keep on coming as you progress. Below is a short breakdown of each one.


First up we have the Rankings option on the bottom.

Photo: OmniDream Games

Now there are four rankings in Omniheroes as follows:

  • Power Rankings: Players are ranked based on their team strength.
  • Mission Rankings: Players are ranked based on how many chapters they have completed.
  • Palace Rankings: Players are ranked based on how many floors they have conquered in the Palace of Penrose.
  • Arena Rankings: Players are ranked based on how many trophies they have won in Arena.

Synergy Archive

Photo: OmniDream Games

When heroes reach certain stars or have specific synergies unlocked, you can activate their Archive for a stat bonus.

Hall of Heroes

Hall of Heroes is basically where you summon heroes to add them to the squad. There are the following two summoning options in Omniheroes:

Photo: OmniDream Games
  • Advanced Summon: Requires SMN Ticket II and randomly summons 3 to 5-star heroes.
  • Common Summon: Requires SMN Ticket I and randomly summons 2 to 5-star heroes with a chance of getting a legendary one.

Oracle Temple

Oracle Temple is where you can summon 4 or 5-star heroes or their shards from specific factions by spending Oracle decrees.

Photo: OmniDream Games

It’s the best way to build a team with high synergy.

Relic Vault

Relics are another one of those things that boost the power of your team.

Photo: OmniDream Games

There are many relics to collect and no better option than participating in Labyrinth and then collecting Relics from the Relic Vault.

Merchant Guild

Merchant Guild is where you can buy new gear, heroes, and more. It’s basically a shop.

Photo: OmniDream Games

Moreover, you can redeem Arena Points for some exciting stuff as well.

Sanctuary of Eve

Sanctuary of Eve is unlocked after you have 5 heroes reaching their max level and it’s better to focus on just 5 in the beginning. Moreover, make sure these heroes have the best gear.

Photo: OmniDream Games

Now afterward, you can place other heroes in the Sanctuary and it will give them the same ascended levels, gear levels, gear enhancements, and the rest of the stuff as your five maxed-out heroes.

However, it will take the lowest stat of the five heroes. So if 4 heroes have 10/10 everything and one has 5/10, then the heroes placed in the sanctuary will get levels of the 5/10 hero.

As you saw in the image above, the hero I placed went to level 15 since the lowest level of my five main heroes was 15.

Valkyrie Manor

Valkyrie Manor is where you heal Valkyries after they get injured in battles. You can get the healers as a reward for completing the manor missions.

Once the Valkyrie is perfectly fit you can interact with them to unlock new outfits, voicelines, new stories, and their autobiography.

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Tips and Strategies to Progress Faster in Omniheroes

As always, I am here with some tips for the game. Apply them, and it won’t be long before you start ranking up!

1. Focus on the Team’s Synergy

Synergy is everything in Omniheroes. If you have high-level heroes but they don’t have any synergy then a bit lower-leveled team having excellent synergy can defeat you.

2. Assemble the Best Team Possible

Make sure you’re using the best heroes you have bearing in mind the synergy that comes into play.

I’d suggest going all in with 5-star and legendary heroes and then upgrading them along the way.

3. Keep Summoning and Upgrading Heroes

Summon new heroes and use them in your team if they are beneficial. Otherwise, you can always use them to advance your main heroes.

Apart from that, never forget to upgrade your heroes after every couple of battles. The enemies will keep getting stronger and you must consistently upgrade your team to enhance the overall power.

4. Complete Different Tasks and Missions

There are tons of tasks and missions in the game. You’ll find them everywhere! This means that there are a lot of rewards waiting for you.

Keep completing the quests, tasks, and missions to proceed faster.

5. Don’t Forget Competing in Wilderness

We saw the different game modes you can get in Wilderness, including Arena, Labyrinth, Palace, and Forgotten Land.

Keep competing here as they will help you much more than expected.

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And this was all about the Omniheroes Ultimate Guide. I hope this article helped you in getting to know about the game and how to approach it.

If you’ve been playing this game before, let me know in the comments who is your favorite hero and which team synergy you prefer.

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