Omniheroes Codes – February 2024

Nazarii Verbitskiy
Here are collected working Omniheroes codes!

We’ve got the latest codes for Omniheroes, on August 2023.

Omniheroes is a heroic fantasy casual strategy RPG. In this game, you can rescue sexy Valkyries from demons and fight together against the devil. And if you want to rescue the hottest Valkyries, check out this article. Right here, you’ll discover all the working Omniheroes codes. Players can use them to get Diamonds, Gold, Hero Shards, and other valuable resources.


Omniheroes Codes August 2023

FBG1000A200 Diamonds, 100K Gold, 2 SMN Ticket II
JoinOH200 Diamonds, 20K Gold
OH000200 Diamonds, 15 5-Star Hero Shards
OH55577K Gold, 300 Diamonds, 77 Ascension Ores, 7 SMN Tickets I, SMN Ticket II, 7 5-Star Hero Shards, 7 4-Star Hero Shards, 77 3-Star Hero Shards
OH88888 Diamonds, 2 Bounty Refresh Orders, 1 SMN Ticket II
OH99999 Diamonds, 2 Bounty Refresh Orders, 10 5-Star Hero Shards
OMNIHEROES200 Diamonds
OMNISTART200 Diamonds, 100K Gold, 2 SMN Ticket II
STPATRICKOH200 Diamonds, 5 Lilies of the Valley, 5 Lakegreen Stones, 5 Jade Shards Pendant, 5 Jade Daggers

How To Redeem Codes In Omniheroes

  • Open Omniheroes and complete the tutorial
  • Press on the Profile in the top-left corner of the screen
  • Head to the Settings
  • After that, tap on Gift Code
  • Enter the code into the text box ‘Combination of letters and numbers’
  • Press the button Confirm

Compared to other mobile RPGs similar to Omniheroes, the game has a straightforward process of redeeming codes. You can claim freebies even if you are a newcomer who only started the adventure in Omniheroes. Still, be careful with the spelling, as it’s the most common reason players cannot obtain the deserved freebies.

What Codes Do In Omniheroes?

In Omniheroes, players can use codes to get in-game resources, the most common of which are Gold and Diamonds. In addition to these items, players can obtain more valuable ones such as SMN Tickets, Bounty Refresh, Hero Shards, and others.


Note that Omniheroes was released recently. So, we expect the list of possible rewards to be significantly increased in the future.

Code Not Working – Omniheroes

There are multiple reasons why Omniheroes codes are not working. As we mentioned previously, the most common is spelling mistakes. Thus, you should double-check the code each time before pressing the button Confirm.


Another reason for the Omniheroes code not working is that you are trying to redeem the previously activated code. Keep track of the codes you’ve already redeemed, and you’ll never face such issues.

The last reason is that the code from this article has expired. In such a case, please let us know about the issued code in the comments. We’ll update this article and remove all the outdated codes.

How To Find New Codes In Omniheroes


Staying up-to-date with the latest Omniheroes codes is way more straightforward than you might think. Just make sure to follow the next social media accounts:

As checking these social media accounts might take quite much time, we have an alternative option. Bookmark this article and check it once a week for new codes.


That’s it with Omniheroes codes. If you enjoyed this article and want to discover more codes for mobile games, check out the Codes Category on our website. Here you can find helpful codes for Banana Eats and Roblox: Bakon.

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