Omniheroes – Best Heroes To Use

Nazarii Verbitskiy
omniheroes best heroes to use

In Omniheroes, the characters that you use play a significant role in determining the success of your team. Those heroes who are versatile and can adapt to various in-game situations are considered the best ones, as they can excel in the hands of skilled players.

omniheroes best heroes to use
Photo: OmniDream Games

Read this guide, and you’ll find out the best heroes in Omniheroes – those versatile characters who can adapt to various situations and excel in the hands of skilled players despite personal preference.


Omniheroes Talanis
Photo: OmniDream Games

Faction: Divine

Talanis is one of the most powerful Mages in Omniheroes. Her long attack range combined with Ultimate Skill makes Talanis the perfect choice for those who love dealing with some serious damage.

Talanis also has a powerful passive skill that increases her attack and defense stats, making her even more powerful in real battle.


Omniheroes Talos
Photo: OmniDream Games

Faction: Divine

If you are looking for a powerful tank that can withstand the brunt of enemy attacks while protecting allies, Talos is the best choice. He absorbs DMG in place of HP, also applying a Shield equal to 40% of his max HP on all allies for 4 rounds.


Omniheroes Lachesis
Photo: OmniDream Games

Faction: Divine

Lachesis is a Legendary hero support and one of the most powerful heroes in Omniheroes. She is known for her powerful supporting abilities and Ultimate Skill that can dispel all buffs from all the enemies. In addition to it, Lachesis increases the following stats with the Passive Skills:

  • ATK +10%
  • HP +10%
  • DEF +10%


Omniheroes Guinn
Photo: OmniDream Games

Faction: Demon

Guinn is another robust mage hero in Ominheroes who deserves a place in the list of best heroes to use. He is great at dealing with long-range effective attacks and weakening his targets, which makes Guinn one of the best magic characters in Omniheroes. Moreover, Guinn uses skills that help him to further improve the offensive capabilities of his team.


Omniheroes Arkidina
Photo: OmniDream Games

Faction: Demon

One of the most potent heroes from the Demon faction, Arkdine is a member of the Avengers Synergy. What makes Arkdina so good? In addition to dealing damage, this hero can apply buffs on her allies and debuffs on enemies, which makes her a great addition to almost any team in Omniheroes

Best Heroes in Omniheroes: Honorable Mentions

Of course, the five previous heroes are not all the best characters in Omniheroes. There are many other interesting characters that are worth your attention. Just check the list below, and you’ll learn more about them:

  • Hallios
  • Karnak
  • Lamia
  • Endora
  • Macaria
  • Nyx

These heroes are also very powerful, so don’t mind using them if you are lucky to get one from the Summon feature.


Talanis, Talos, Lachesis, Guinn, and Arkdina are the best characters in Omniheroes. Although getting these heroes is quite complex even for advanced players, having one of them included in your team secures that you’ll easily eliminate opponents and make your way through the storyline.

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