Nowhere House: Full Walkthrough and Guide

Anurag Ghosh

Nowhere House is a brilliant point-and-click adventure game from Dark Dome. The game follows the adventure of Adria, who, along with two friends, visits a dilapidated house at the top of the hill. The house is known to be cursed and haunted by a witch. She was hunted down and executed in Hidden Town many years ago. The witch can also be seen in Dark Dome’s new game Haunted Laia.

Nowhere House Walkthrough and Guide

Adria and her friends decide to explore the house. All of a sudden, her friends disappear and she is trapped inside the house. She can’t escape as large thorny vines block the main door. You will have to help Adria find her friends and find a way out of the house.  

Nowhere House is the third game of Dark Dome’s mystery point-and-click trilogy. The first game was The Girl in the Window. It’s a short game, but the puzzles are quite good.

How to Play 

In Nowhere House, you will have to solve a series of clever interactive puzzles to escape the cursed house. Puzzles are not easy to solve and you will have to pay attention to every detail inside the house to solve them.  

You will have to interact with objects by tapping them. Use arrows on the left and right side of the screen to explore rooms. Tap on the doors to enter another room.  

You can take an item by tapping on it. The item will be shown at the bottom, of the inventory.  

To place an item in its rightful location, tap on the item on the inventory and then tap the place where you want to use it.  

You can also combine two items on the inventory. Just tap on one item and then tap on another to make a new item.  

The game has three important characters – Adria, the Gypsy Woman, and the Magician. When you unlock the gypsy woman and the magician, you will have to switch between three houses – the gypsy woman’s house, the magician’s house, and the house where Adria is trapped. Both the houses of the gypsy woman and the magician are just the same house as Adria’s, but the puzzles will be different. You will have to constantly switch between these three houses by tapping on the magician, gypsy woman, and Adria’s portraits on the inventory to solve puzzles.  

Video Walkthrough 

Below you can watch the complete Nowhere House playthrough or read the text walkthrough if you want to solutions to all puzzles in the house.  

The Gypsy Woman  

In the first part, we will have to unlock the gypsy woman’s house, which is just another version of the old house where Adria, the protagonist, is trapped. There are a few easy puzzles that need to be solved:  

Take the picture from the brown drawer at the bottom of the wardrobe. The wardrobe is located next to the door blocked by large thorny vines. This will be the first room.  

Look at the picture. It’s the picture of the witch herself. Pay attention to the background. It’s a shelf with various colored potion bottles.  

Go to the third room. Open the blue door. You will see the same shelf in the washroom.  

Arrange the colored potion bottles on the shelf as shown in the picture. You will have to look at the picture again to know the correct arrangement of the bottles on each shelf.  

The cabinet below the shelf will open after arranging the bottles shown in the pic.  

Take the red key from the cabinet.  

In the same washroom. Open the top-right cabinet, above the washbasin and pick the walky-talky/portable radio. Leave the washroom from the blue door.  

Use the red key on the red door in the second room. This room also has a grandfather clock. You will enter a different part of the house with various new rooms, including a room upstairs.  

Explore each room until you are in the room with the white door. This room also has 9 candles mounted on the wall.  

Tap on the wooden set of drawers on top of the table in the white door room. The middle drawer is missing in this set.  

Open the top drawer. You will find a pair of batteries in it. Take the batteries. In the items list at the bottom of the screen, combine batteries with the walkie-talky by tapping on them and then tapping on the walkie talky. This will allow you to insert the batteries into it.  

Get out of this new area from the red door again – Find the red door. It’s next to the big radio. Exit this area by tapping on the door.  

Move to the fireplace room. A white cloth is covering a portrait. Tap to remove it. You will see the portrait of the gypsy woman.  

Tap on the walkie-talky on the items list > “Look”. Change channels by tapping on the arrow button until you find the channel playing music.  

Tap on the fireplace. Now tap on the walkie-talky again and press the “Grab” button. It will play the same music.  

A skeletal hand will give you a piece of paper with several symbols drawn on a magic square.  

Go back to the grandfather clock room and enter through the red door. Enter a room that has an old radio on the left side. Tap on the radio. 

Change the radio station until it plays the same music, which is also played on the walkie-talkie.  

Note down the numbers of the station that plays the same music as the walkie-talkie. You will find 4 digits from the station – top and bottom (example: 9, 8, 1, 3).  

Match the numbers you just noted down with the symbols in the magic square on that piece of paper in the item’s menu. So, if the numbers from the radio are 9, 8, 1, and 3, the four symbols used to open the lock will be in the ninth, eighth, first, and third squares in the magic squares with symbols. You will have to enter those symbols in that order. Exit the room from the red door.  

Enter the four symbols (which you just noted down from the magic squares) on the lock next to the door blocked by thorny vines (the very first room).  

Once the wardrobe is open, tap on the red box. To open it, you will have to connect matching dots in each section. Match 2 with a 2, 5 with a 5, and so on (check our video tutorial in this section to know more) until all dots are connected with their matching ones.  

Open and take the diamond-shaped gem from the red box. Go to the fireplace room and tap on the portrait. Put the gem in the empty slot just underneath the portrait.  

Adria will be teleported to the Gypsy Woman’s house (which is the same version of the house where the protagonist is trapped, just that the puzzles will be different from the first house).  

The Gypsy Woman will request you to find her missing cat.  

The Magician’s Portrait 

In the next part, we will find out how to uncover the magician’s portrait. There’s a jigsaw puzzle in the Gypsy Woman’s house.  

Get the gardening tool from the set of white drawers in the gypsy woman’s house. Explore this house through every door until you find the white set of drawers placed on the left side of the room. The gardening tool is in the third drawer.  

Go to the white door room. Tap on the map beside it. Note down the location of the key (marked as “X “). Go outdoors through the white door.  

Outside, dig the grass using the tool. Use the gardening tool on the grassy area on the left side of the white door. You will find a purple key. Exit the white door and then again exit through the red door.  

Explore rooms until you find a table with a locked drawer on the right. There’s a bookshelf above it and a window on the left side.  

Use the purple key to unlock the drawer below the table.  

Now go back to the main house (the house in which Adria was trapped) by tapping its icon on the items list on the bottom of the screen.  

Enter from the red door room. Using arrow keys, move to a room that has a bookshelf on the top-left. This room also has an old metal safe below the bookshelf and a window on the right side barricaded by wooden planks.  

Tap on the bookshelf and take the smallest grey book. It’s an album.  

Go back to the gypsy woman’s house from the item list by tapping on the gypsy woman icon on the item list to teleport to her house.  

Now go to the purple table with the drawer that you just unlocked using the purple key. The drawer will be opened. If it isn’t just tap to open it.  

Tap on the album and tap on the opened drawer to place the album.  

On the left of the drawer are pieces of torn photos. Solve the jigsaw puzzle by arranging the pieces of all torn photos inside each silhouette in the grey album. It’s easy, – just pay attention to the background of each piece of photo and arrange to complete the puzzle of all photos. You will have to arrange photos of 4 people – two boys and two girls.  

Once you have all the photos properly arranged, check where a character is looking at in each photo. Some will look up; others will look down. Each person in the photo is looking at a particular symbol. Note down those symbols.  

Go back to the main house. Move to a new set of rooms through the same red door. You will see a staircase. Tap on it to go upstairs. It’s locked. There’s a red padlock.  

Enter the symbols on the red padlock as shown on each pic in the album. Look at each character gazing at a symbol and enter the symbols in this order of photos:  

Juan Manuel, Alejandra, Camila, Pablo.  

Basically, you will have to first look at Juan’s photo, and note down the symbol he is gazing at. Do the same for Alejandra, Camila, and finally Pablo.  

Open the red padlock to enter the room upstairs. You will find more rooms.  

Tap on each arrow to explore all rooms. Go to the room that has a portrait covered with white cloth. Tap on the white cloth to uncover the magician’s portrait.  

The portrait also has an empty slot to enter a gem.  

Unlocking the Magician  

In this part, we will learn how to make the magician come out of the portrait.  

You will have to explore a few rooms on the top floor of the main house, where the magician’s portrait is kept. Move to the room that has three circular boards and a bluish cabinet.  

Open the cabinet and take the oil can and a set of four dice.  

Go downstairs and exit from the red door.  

Move to the room that has the barricaded window on the right and a metal cabinet on the left.  

Use the oil can from the items listed below on the hinges of the metal cabinet. Only then it can be opened.  

Open the metal cabinet and take the skull.  

Go to the Gypsy Woman’s house by tapping on her portrait/icon on the item list below the screen.  

In the Gypsy Woman’s house, move to the room that has the grandfather clock.  

Tap on the compartment at the bottom of the clock to open it and place the skull inside it. The clock will levitate and move, revealing the dice puzzle.  

Go to the room where the Gypsy Woman is standing and give those 4 dice to her. She will roll the dice and throw them on the fireplace table next to her.  

Tap on the dice to reveal the numbers on them.  

Note down the numbers on the dice from left to right. Again, go to the grandfather clock room in Gypsy Woman’s house and enter the numbers on the dice puzzle as seen on the dice thrown by the woman.  

The panel will slide open, revealing another diamond-shaped gem.  

Go back to the main house, upstairs where the magician’s portrait is kept. Insert this gem into the empty slot below the portrait.  

Adria will be teleported to the Magician’s house, which is the third version or replica of the main house. Note the color of his house. It has a greenish/yellowish hue. The Gypsy Woman’s house had a bluish hue.  

Tap the Magician. He will request you to find his hat.  

The Secret Room in the Gypsy Woman’s House 

In this part, we will find a secret room in the gypsy woman’s house. The stairs are broken in her room, which is why you can’t go upstairs.  

In the same magician’s house, go downstairs and exit through the red door beside the four white drawers.  

Move to the fireplace room. It has a rocking chair and a big red unlocked chest. Open the chest.  

Take the blue key from the chest.  

Go back to the main house and move to the room that has the door blocked by thorny vines. Unlock the white drawer at the bottom of the cabinet with the blue key. You will get a deck of cards and an antenna.  

Go to the magician’s house (tap on the magician’s portrait on the item list to go to his house), upstairs where the magician is waiting for you.  

Give the deck of cards to him. He will pick four cards from the deck and show them to you. Tap on the cards held by him to get a clear picture of them. Note down all four numbers and suits.  

On the same top floor, move to the room that has a greenish/bluish table with a brown box on top of it. Tap to enter the numbers and suits one by one as seen on the cards picked by the magician.  

The box opens. Take the black key.  

Go to the Gypsy Woman’s house and move to the blue door room. Enter the washroom through the blue door.  

Open the wooden cabinet in the top-right corner of the room. Take the carrot.  

Go to the Magician’s house > grandfather clock room and give the carrot to the rabbit. The rabbit will scamper with the carrot in his mouth.  

In the same magician’s house, exit the grandfather clock room. Move to the room that has a television placed on a table. Place the antenna on the TV.  

Now you will have to follow the rabbit in every location by watching images broadcast by the TV. Switch on the television by pressing the top button. 

Press the third button to watch the rabbit next to a strange well. Go back to the main house. Enter the brown door and go to the room that has the white door with a series of candles kept on the left wall.  

Open the white door using the black key.  

Explore the outdoors until you see the same rabbit next to the locked well. Tap on the rabbit and he will hop to the left side of the screen. Tap the left arrow and you will see the rabbit hopping towards the rock. Tap the rock and you will see that the rabbit has vanished. But there’s a small picture with a TV and rabbit ears. Pick that picture.  

Go back to the TV room in the magician’s house. Press the fourth button.  

The screen will reveal the same rabbit in a bathroom. Go to that same bathroom in the magician’s house. The washroom or the bathroom can be accessed from the brownish door room. This room also has a barricaded door on the right.  

Tap the rabbit and it will hop into the bathtub. Slide the red cloth to reveal the bathtub. The rabbit will vanish again.  

Move back to the TV room in the magician’s house. Press the last button on the TV.  

The television will reveal the rabbit again, but this time he will be shown next to a broken staircase.  

Move to the Gypsy Woman’s house and reach the broken staircase room. To do this, enter the red door (next to the white drawers) and move to the broken staircase room using the left/right arrow keys.  

Tap the rabbit and it will hop above the broken staircase. The staircase will crumble and fall down but will reveal a coded message – a series of four strange symbols.  

Go to the main house and move to the room that has the portrait of a gypsy woman. You will see a locked red chest. Tap on the red chest.  

Enter the symbols seen on the broken staircase in the same order on the blue padlock to open the red chest. You may have to switch between the Gypsy Woman’s room and this room to enter the code correctly. You can also take a screenshot of the symbols and then it will be easy for you to enter them. Open the chest and take the wooden bucket.  

Next will be the white drawer puzzle. This is pretty easy. You will have to switch between all three houses – the main house, the gypsy woman’s house, and the magician’s house. Open one of the four white drawers placed on the left side of the red door room in each of these three houses. Open each drawer to note down the Tangram symbols, starting from the first drawer in the gypsy woman’s house, the second and third white drawer in the magician’s house, and finally the last drawer in the main house.  

Now move to the main house and go to that room that has a metal cabinet, a barricaded window on the right, and a small bookshelf placed on the top left.  

On top of the bookshelf is a small safe. Tap on it and enter the tangram symbols in the same order as seen on the first, second, third, and last white drawer in each house. 

Open the safe to find seeds. Take those seeds.  

Now go to the gypsy woman’s house and open the blue door to access the bathroom/washroom. Place the wooden bucket below the tap and open the tap to fill the bucket with water.  

In the same gypsy woman’s house, move to the white door room and go outside. Tap on the grass on the left side of the white door outside. Place the seeds and then water them using the bucket. A huge beanstalk appears in no time. Tap on the up arrow to look up. There will be a window. 

Tap on the window and Adria will climb the beanstalk to enter the secret room through the window. Look around this room.  

Finding the Cat 

Now that Adria is in the secret room in the Gypsy Woman’s house, it’s time to explore. Move to the area that has a brown table with a drawer in the secret room upstairs (you climbed the big beanstalk to go to this room). Open the drawer and take the can opener.  

Climb down with the help of the beanstalk by just tapping the window in the secret room.  

Move to the washroom in the Gypsy Woman’s house through the blue door. Open the wooden cabinet on the top-right of the room. Take the canned tuna fish.  

In the same washroom, open the lower cabinet of the shelf on the left side. Take the cauldron (black pot).  

Go to the magician’s house by tapping on his portrait at the bottom of the screen, the items list.  

Move to the room that has the fireplace and the red chest. Tap on the red chest and take those logs of wood.  

In the same magician’s house, move upstairs and go to the room that has the blue table and a box (Remember the card puzzle? Suits and numbers), Tap the box and take the lighter.  

In the items list, combine the can of tuna fish with the can opener to open the can. Just tap both of these items one by one to open the can of tuna.  

Go back to the main house > fireplace room that has the portrait of the gypsy woman. Tap the fireplace.  

Place the firewood, cauldron and then put the opened tuna can in the cauldron. Use the lighter to light the firewood and cook the tuna. The smell of tuna will reach the cat through the chimney. The cat will be sitting at the top of the house, outside, near the chimney.  

In the same house, move to the barricaded window room. This room also has that rusty blue metal cabinet and a small bookshelf on the left. The cat will be in that room. Take the cat.  

Go back to the Gypsy Woman’s House and give the cat to her. She will give you a green key in return. Follow her to the crystal ball room. It has a purple cloth draped in the background with moon and sun symbols on it.  

She will ask for the crystal ball. You will have to bring it to her.  

Go to the magician’s house, upstairs and move to the room that has a window in the middle and a greenish cabinet on the right. Open the cabinet and take the crystal ball.  

Bring the crystal ball into the crystal ball room and place it in the empty slot, where the ball should be kept.  

The gypsy woman will reveal what has happened actually and it’s Adria who’s lost. When all three friends entered the mysterious house (the main house), only Adria could see old furniture whereas her friends could see the empty house.  

Her friends panicked and left the house when they couldn’t find Adria. Adria was there with them, but she also couldn’t find them. It’s a house of illusions. Illusions created by the witch.  

Escaping the Cursed House 

There will be several puzzles in the last chapter of Nowhere House, including a simple candle puzzle.  

In the crystal ball room, note down the pattern of symbols behind the gypsy woman. Pay attention to the pattern of the sun symbols.  

Check the sun symbol pattern in the background
Note down the arrangement of sun symbols on the background

Go to the main house > candle room. The candles placed on the wall are next to the white door, on the left wall. 

Light up candles as per the sun symbols
Light candles as per the pattern of the sun symbols in the crystal ball room.

Using the lighter, light the candles in the same pattern as shown on the purple cloth. Note the pattern ot arrangement of the sun symbols in the purple cloth and then light the candles in the same pattern.  

A panel below the candles will open, revealing an “S” shaped metal hook. Take that hook.  

Go to the Gypsy Woman’s house > white door room. Go outside the house through the white door.  

Tap the beanstalk next to the white door to climb up to the secret room again.  

In this room, use the green key, which the gypsy woman gave you, to open the broken green cabinet and take the magician’s top hat. You will also see the rabbit on the left side.  

Go to the magician’s house and give him his missing top hat. The magician thanks you. Follow him to the wardrobe room. There will be two big wardrobes placed side by side. You can open the left but not the right.  

The magician will enter the wardrobe on the left and close it. Tap on the wardrobe on the right to open it. The wardrobe on the right will shake and when opened you will see him holding a wooden block. Take the wooden block from him. You will also see a small red hammer on the bottom right, next to the magician. Take that hammer.  

In the same house, go downstairs and find the room that has a small puppet encased inside a toughened glass cabinet. You will have to exit the room through the red door and only then you will find this room.  

Use the red hammer to break the glass. Pull the string behind the puppet. It will utter these words:  

“It’s time…”  

In the main house, go to the grandfather clock room. Tap the clock and note down the time – 11:45 (time could be random in the case of your game).  

In the same house, enter the staircase room through the red door. Open the padlock in the door underneath the wooden staircase. Enter this code – “1145” to open the padlock. It’s the same code as the time displayed on the grandfather clock. Open the door underneath the stairs and take the yellow key and a wooden wheel with symbols.  

In the same staircase room, go upstairs and move to the room that has several wooden wheels attached to the wall. Place the wooden wheel on the empty slot on the top of the wall.  

Go to the Gypsy Woman’s house by tapping her portrait on the items list. Move to the white door room. Go outside through the white door. Climb up to the secret room with the help of the beanstalk.  

In the secret room, go to the area where there are some books scattered on the floor. This area is full of cobwebs.  

Take the red book. There’s an eye drawn on it. Read the book. There will be cryptic clues, such as four trees, a well, a statue, a key, and a bucket. There will also be a special table with symbols very similar to the ones on the wooden wheels found in the main house, upstairs.  

Pay attention to the colored “X” in the table with symbols on the book and note down the symbols on the row and column in which each “X” is drawn.  

Go back to the main house > upstairs > wooden wheels room.  

Rotate the blue, green, red, and yellow bordered wheels. A wheel should be rotated in such a way that it should align two symbols as shown on the table with the “X” sign in the red book. The colored cross (X) on the table represents the wooden wheel with the same border color. Blue cross-blue border wooden wheel, red cross-red border wooden wheel, and so on.  

Once you rotate all four wheels and align two symbols in each of the wheels correctly as shown in the table, the panel to the extreme left will slide open revealing that eerie-looking statue shown on the red book. Take the statue.  

Go to the Gypsy Woman’s house and move to the fireplace room. There will be a locked red chest on the right. Use the yellow key to open the red chest. Take the pair of binoculars from the chest.  

Go back upstairs, to the Main House. Go to the room that has the window in the middle and a tall wooden statue with a missing wooden block. Insert the wooden block in the missing area. You got this wooden block from the magician. You will see a big owl-shaped statue. There are five wooden blocks in the statue – they can be rotated to reveal other creatures, such as the snake, wolf, owl, and tiger.  

Tap the window in the middle to open it. You will see the same trees as shown in the red book.  

Use the binoculars to zoom in on these trees. You will see symbols marked on the bark of each tree at several different places – top, middle, and bottom. These symbols correspond to the four creatures in the wooden statue.  

You will have to rotate the wooden blocks in this way as shown by the symbols on each tree: Top block – Snake, Second block – Tiger, Third block – Owl, Fourth block – Wolf, Fifth block – Tiger. (Note: The animal symbols on each tree and their positions might be random.) 

A panel to the extreme right of the wooden blocks will slide up, revealing a lever. Tap to pull the lever down.  

A scene will show the object suspended with a strong rope moving down, closer to the well. Note that the well is locked.  

Go outside through the white door in the same house. Put the “S” shaped metal hook between the object and the well.  

Go back upstairs to the same room where you just solved the wooden block puzzle. Pull the lever up. The object will lift the big stone block covering the well, all thanks to the “S” shaped metal hook attached to it. Go back to the well and tap to peek inside. You will see a scary silhouette crawling down.  

Go to the magician’s house and move to the washroom/bathroom. Open the cabinet underneath the washbasin. Take the rope.  

Combine these three objects in the items list at the bottom of the screen. Tap on each object to combine:  

Wooden Bucket + Rope + Statue.  

Go back to the well in the main house. Tap the combined object and lower down the wooden bucket with the statue inside it deep down the well.  

Two spooky entities will take the statue and put a pink key inside the wooden bucket. Take the pink key.  

Go back upstairs to the Main House.  Explore rooms upstairs until you find a red/pink book placed on a table. Tap the table. Use the pink key to unlock the pink book. The book has a strange-looking symbol on its cover.  

Turn the pages until you see the wall of thorns page and a spell. Tear the spell page.  

You will need these three objects before Adria can read the spell aloud – frog, flower, and candle.  

Go to the magician’s house and take the red candle placed on the top of the fireplace.  

To find the frog in Nowhere House, you will have to go to the Main House. Go outdoors through the white door. You will find it behind a small shrub. Check the screenshot below:  

The frog
The frog

In the Gypsy Woman’s house, go outside through the white door. The flower can be found behind a rock.  

Now you have all three items – frog, candle, and flower.  

Go back to the main house, back to the first room with a door blocked by thorny vines.  

Light the candle by combining the lighter with it. Place all three items on the floor near the door. Just tap the door to place them one by one.  

Grab the piece of paper to let Adria read the spell aloud (remember you will have to tear it from the pink book).  

Endings – Good and Bad 

Nowhere House has two endings – a good ending, where she escapes the house, and a bad ending, where she’s trapped in the witch’s house forever, inside a frame.  

Do nothing and just keep watching the cut scene to get the bad ending.  

Here’s how to get a good ending:  

As Adria reads the spell aloud, the thorny vines disappear and she sees her friends, a police van, and two cops. She tries to go out but there’s an invisible shield that stops her from going outside the house.  

Cops enter the house, search the room and leave the house when they see there’s no one inside. Adria can see them, but they cannot.  

After they leave, you will have a few seconds to break the spell. Use the small red hammer to break the pendant she is wearing. That’s it. It will break the invisible force field. She will reunite with her friends.  

There’s also a secret ending. After she escapes unhurt, the game will allow you to enter the house again. You will have to solve a hidden puzzle to get the secret ending.  

Secret Ending

Enter the secret room through the hidden concrete door. You will enter a strange room, probably used by the witch for incantations.  

Check the position of the hanging ingredients on the top of the screen.  

Tap the pink box kept on the table. The dots on the box should be in the same position as those materials hanging from the ceiling.  

Open the box and take the book. It reveals how the witch trapped both the gypsy woman and the magician.  

That’s how the secret ending in Nowhere House ends. I was hoping for more puzzles, but I guess that’s the only puzzle.  

  1. The candles won’t open the metal door for the S hook. I’m totally stuck there! Anyone have ideas?

  2. There was a problem in my game with the clock, the time displayed was different from the code. Took a bit 2 fig out. If anyone else has this issue try an hour off of what it actually reads.

  3. The secret ending is actually the worst! In the end YOU turn around and the witch has captured YOU, getting Adria out was all a ruse……..see you in a painted world brother!

  4. Thank you for this but you know what? There’s something with the owls. The more I find owls in the game itself, the more owls I can cross out in the settings (you can find it when you try to manually save the game). I bet there’s something with it haha

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