Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone – Ultimate Gameplay Guide

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Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone Ultimate Guide
(Last Updated On: October 5, 2023)

Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone is a side-scrolling, platforming game developed by TOH Games, the same developers of the Shadow Fighter series and various iterations of Bubble Shooter.

Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone Ultimate Guide
Photo: TOH Games

In Ninja Warrior, players are tasked with one simple objective: reach the objective. This is clearly much simpler said than done, as it is worth noting that our titular Ninja dies after only a single damage hit.

This means any missteps, mistakes, and mistimed actions are equivalent to a one-way ticket to the last checkpoint.

Don’t worry though, as this article aims to guide fledgling ninja on their path to becoming masterful shinobi. Read ahead to see an overview of the game, some in-game mechanics, and some tips and tricks regarding the many enemies you’ll find in the game!

Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone Overview


Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone - Controls
Photo: TOH Games
  • Movement – The arrow buttons located on the lower left side of the screen control the direction in which your Ninja will move.
  • Jump / Double Jump – The jump button makes the ninja leap into the air. Pressing this button again while the ninja is already airborne will force the ninja to perform a mid-air tumble, gaining even more height.
  • Dash – This button prompts the ninja to perform a forward dash. This dash move propels the ninja a few paces forward and doubles as the strongest attack in your arsenal.
  • Shuriken Throw / Slash – This button makes the ninja throw his equipped Shuriken in a straight line. When standing next to an enemy, this button changes to a slash icon, triggering a quick sword slash from the ninja.
  • Invisibility – This button causes the ninja to turn invisible.
  • Bomb – Spends 1,500 gold to throw an arcing bomb that typically kills enemies in a single hit.
  • Consumables – These items trigger various effects, depending on which consumables the ninja just used. Additionally, using these consumables comes with a related cost, so use these sparingly!
Consumable IconsConsumable NameConsumable Effect
ImmortalThis consumable applies a temporary shield to the ninja, protecting him from taking damage once.
CheckpointThis consumable creates a custom checkpoint in any section of the level, allowing the ninja to choose his or her own respawn area.
Time StopThis consumable temporarily forces all enemies into a stasis, causing them to cease all movements and actions.
Booster QuicklyThis consumable temporarily reduces the cooldown times of all the ninja’s actions.

Game Objectives

The overarching goal of every level is to reach the end without getting killed. The rest of the mechanics present in the game are there to help you achieve this goal, or hinder you completely.

Below we go over the important things to keep in mind as you play through Ninja Warrior 2: RPG and Warzone:

Gather Scrolls

Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone - Scrolls
Photo: TOH Games

Scattered throughout each level are 3 scrolls considered to be side objectives. Gathering these scrolls is supposed to help the ninja learn the locations of the boss, but upon further testing, it appears you do not need to gather every single scroll.

You only need to gather an average of 2/3 in each level, or perhaps even less, to unlock the zone boss.

Avoid Traps

Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone - Traps
Photo: TOH Games

Traps come in many forms, such as spike traps, flamethrower traps, boulder traps, spiked walls, etc. There are currently no known ways to disarm these traps, so the best course of action is to avoid them completely.

Kill or Sneak Past Enemies

Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone - Slash Tutorial
Photo: TOH Games

Enemies exist only to hinder the ninja from reaching the shrine at the end of each level. As such, feel free to ignore these enemies if dispatching them proves to be too much of a challenge.

We do recommend killing them when you can though, since each killed enemy awards the ninja with certain amounts of gold.

Reach The Shrine

Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone - Final Shrine
Photo: TOH Games

At the end of each level is a “finish line” that comes in the form of a shrine. Successfully touching this shrine completes the level.

Defeat The Zone Boss

Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone - Boss Drops
Photo: TOH Games

Each “Zone” is a collection of levels in which the ninja is tasked with reaching the final shrine. Once the player has completed enough levels, each zone will culminate in a boss battle.

Successfully clearing these boss battles awards the ninja with some gems, gold, and sometimes, new equipment to help the ninja on their journey.

In addition to the boss drops, successfully defeating a zone boss also unlocks the next zone for the ninja to challenge, which starts the cycle of clearing levels to reach the next zone boss anew.

Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone Basic Enemy Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

As mentioned above, enemies are present in each level within a zone in Ninja Warrior 2. Their only purpose is to stop the ninja from ever reaching the goal at the end of the level.

Each enemy has unique quirks and characteristics that aspiring shinobi should be aware of.

Below we detail each enemy we’ve encountered throughout our playthrough of Zone 1 and try to give tips on the best ways to defeat these enemies:

Axe Soldier

Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone Axe Soldier
Photo: TOH Games

Axe Soldiers are the first enemies you’ll encounter in Ninja Warrior 2. These enemies walk back and forth on a short path and will run towards the ninja if spotted.

The animation for this enemy causes the Axe Soldier to perform a quick backswing before plunging his axe downwards, allowing the ninja a short amount of time to swing his blade before the Axe Soldier’s weapon comes crashing down on the ninja’s head.

Dispatching these enemies is fairly simple, requiring only a single slash, or three shurikens to defeat them.

Archers and Ambush Archers

Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone - Archer
Photo: TOH Games

Archers are likely the second enemies you will encounter in Ninja Warrior 2. The arrows fired by these enemies travel the entire distance of the in-game screen. So it is recommended to jump over arrows instead of trying to run away from them.

Like the Axe Soldiers, these Archers will go down to a Dash, a Slash, or three Basic Shuriken throws.

Another variant of these Archers is the Ambush Archers, who lie in wait behind bushes that obscure them from our vision.

These Ambush Archers are significantly more dangerous since they have the added element of surprise and require quick reflexes from the ninja to properly dispatch.

Similar to the basic version of Archers, a Dash, a Slash, or three Basic Shurkens will do the trick.

Shield Men

Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone - Shield Man
Photo: TOH Games

These enemies come equipped with a Spear and a Wooden Shield. Whenever these enemies spot the ninja, they will run towards the player in an attempt to plunge their weapon into the ninja.

There is a short gap in the motion of a spear thrust, just enough time for the ninja to use a Slashing attack to dispatch the Shield Man.

When facing the ninja, these shieldmen are immune to Shuriken attacks thanks to their wooden shields.

We recommend using melee attacks to dispatch them quickly. Otherwise, Ninjas can wait for the Shield Men to expose their backs, or use Invisibility to sneak up the Shield Men and take them out.


Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone - Bomber
Photo: TOH Games

These enemies take the role of the “suicidal bomber” found in other games similar to Ninja Warrior 2. When spotting the ninja, these enemies will make a mad dash toward the ninja in an attempt to dispatch the player and the bomber in a blaze of glory.

Like most of the other enemies present in the game, Bombers will go down after one melee attack or three ranged attacks.

However, it is worth noting that Bombers drop the bomb they’re holding when killed, so ninjas must quickly get out of harm’s way even after successfully dispatching any Bombers. Failure to do so results in a trip back to your latest checkpoint.


Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone - Kusarier
Photo: TOH Games

Kusariers are black-clad enemies wielding chains with a wicked sickle attached on one end.

When spotting the ninja, these enemies will stop in place before throwing their Kusari towards the player. These Kusari have a surprisingly long reach and can be thrown upwards, making even jumping over these enemies somewhat risky.

To deal with these enemies, players can rely on the usual one melee attack or three Basic Shuriken throws.

The easiest method we’ve found to deal with these enemies is by using Invisibility since it stops the Kusarier from spotting you, and then running in to deliver the final blow.


Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone - Burrower
Photo: TOH Games

Burrowers are some of the most annoying enemies in Ninja Warrior 2 since spotting them can be a challenge. As their names suggest, these enemies like to hide underground, with only the tips of their weapons visible.

Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone - Hidden Burrower
Photo: TOH Games

Unattentive ninjas may find themselves on the receiving end of their bladed staves, as walking over their hiding spots causes Burrowers to leap into the air and swing their weapons downward on the ninja.

We recommend using Dash the moment they pop out of the ground, as this dispatches Burrowers. Players who successfully dodge a Burrower’s surprise attack can also dispatch these enemies the usual way.

Also worth noting is that using Invisibility when walking over hidden Burrowers stops them from spotting the ninja at all, which keeps them buried underground and a non-factor when simply trying to reach the shrine at the end of the level.

Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone Boss Battle Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Samurai Boss

Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone - Samurai Boss
Photo: TOH Games

The Samurai is the boss of Zone 1. Before reaching his arena, you will be met with a single Axe Soldier. Once he’s been dealt with, you’ll eventually reach a small blue lantern next to an ungrabbable wall.

This wall will open upwards, allowing the ninja to move through the new space beneath it and head into the Samurai Boss’ Arena.

Samurai Boss Notable Attacks in Ninja Warrior 2

  • Basic Slash – The Samurai Boss prepares his Katana and swings the weapon in an arc in front of him. This attack can be easily dodged by putting distance between the ninja and the boss. Quick ninjas can also Dash behind the Samurai as he is performing this attack to get some quick slashes in.
  • Flaming Stomp – This attack has the Samurai raising his foot before stomping it into the ground, creating a long-reaching fire trail that extends beyond the screen. Because the fire created by this attack persists on the ground, we recommend dashing behind the samurai when he performs this attack for complete safety.
  • Sword Wave – The sword wave attack has the samurai raising his weapon, before bringing it down, creating arcs of energy that travel from the Samurai to one end of the arena. This attack can be dodged by timing a double jump. Players can also opt to run backward and away from the slash before performing a double jump for easier timing.
  • Dash – Similar to our main character, the Samurai Boss also has his own variant of the Dash attack. The Samurai Boss only uses this attack once he’s fallen low on HP, so be prepared to jump over this attack or respawn at the nearest checkpoint.

Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone General Tips & Tricks

Use Ledges To Your Advantage

Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone - Ledges
Photo: TOH Games

Throughout our playthrough of Zone 1, enemies have not been observed to jump from one ledge to another. This leaves most enemies vulnerable to ranged attacks from your Shuriken.

Since the ninja has an unlimited amount of Shuriken in Ninja Warrior 2, the ninja can use the many ledges present in each level to dispatch enemies from safety.

You Can Jump Over Boulders

Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone - Avoiding Boulders
Photo: TOH Games

In more than one level of Zone 1, Boulder Traps will often surprise unsuspecting ninjas. While it is easier to run away from these boulders and jump towards the next platforms, it is also possible to avoid these boulder traps with a perfectly timed double jump.

Utilize Shuriken’s Long Range

Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone - Shuriken Crit
Photo: TOH Games

Thrown shuriken travels from the ninja all the way to the end of the screen. This often means you can get at least one hit with your shuriken before attracting an enemy’s attention.

Buy All Lv.1 Upgrades

Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone - Upgrades
Photo: TOH Games

On the Home screen for Ninja Warrior 2 is an option for Upgrades. Each Upgrade tree starts with a fairly low gold cost, so upgrading each tree to Lv.1 is fairly affordable and can be done almost immediately after clearing the first few levels.

Ninja Warrior 2: RPG & Warzone - Victory Screen
Photo: TOH Games


Ninja Warrior 2: RPG and Warzone requires perfect timing, fast thinking, and even faster reactions since most of the hazards present in the game are similar to the ninja – almost invisible.

We hope that the tips and tricks we’ve provided thus far are enough to prepare you for your journey toward becoming a masterful Shinobi! Download Ninja Warrior 2 from the Play Store.

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