Ninja Must Die – Beginners Game Guide

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(Last Updated On: July 26, 2023)

Ever wanted to be a slick, stylish, and action-oriented Ninja? Look no further than Ninja Must Die! Developed by Pandada Games, this side-scrolling game mixes combat running gameplay with flair and reflexes, making it a great catch for any Ninja or gaming enthusiast.

The game intro offers a pretty comprehensive and beginner-friendly tutorial. However, there’s also a thing or two that you can learn before your Ninja exam begins. So check out our Ninja Must Die Beginner’s Game Guide and start ranking up in the shinobi world.

Follow the Money or Improvise

Photo: Pandada Games

When you enter a stage, your Ninja will start to stride through it while enemies come from the opposite side, trying to take you out. At first, coins scattered on the stage will show you the best path forward while teaching you the ropes in Ninja Must Die.

As a rule of thumb, picking up coins is always advised. However, sometimes there won’t be coins to guide you, and enemies will keep coming. The problem is that the coin trail makes you think there’s only one correct way, but that’s not true. You can and should improvise in most stages.

For example, if bats come for you while you’re running over a rope, and you’re switching between the upside and bottom sides to evade them, you may forget that you can also jump and double-jump to avoid these pesky enemies. Improvisation is paramount to overcome more complex stages, so don’t think there’s only one way forward. Ingenuity is key.

Use Your Weapons and Ninjas

Photo: Pandada Games

Weapons and their skills can also open up a new path and offer alternative solutions for what we mentioned above. Can’t find the best option, but there’s a skill available? Burn your enemies down!

Also, remember to use your daily free draw and experiment with different weapons. As with many games, the higher the rarity, the better the weapon. Still, it doesn’t hurt to switch and try others you have.

When you find one that really is in sync with your style, upgrade it to the max. You can also improve your Ninjas by raising their levels, learning more Talents, or improving Support Skills.

Photo: Pandada Games

To increase a Ninja’s level, you must use coins. To discover new talents, you need a stone that matches their element. Every Ninja has two Talent trees: their own and their elemental tree.

A Ninja’s own talent tree improves their solo attributes, while the Elemental tree improves every other Ninja that shares the element. So if you build a team with four fire Ninjas, spending the stone in the fire talent tree is more effective rather than just on one particular Ninja.

Put Your Summons to Work

Photo: Pandada Games

After you get your first summon, you can put it on patrol and acquire experience and other resources. Summons can patrol twice daily, and each action lasts 2 hours. They will keep patrolling when you’re offline, so don’t forget to put them to work.

The experience summons earn will increase their level and, thus, their attributes. When you hop on one of them in the stages, it will be easier to face enemies and ram over them with your buffy Black Dragon or almighty Sky Hawk.

Participate in the Race Mode

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Right at the beginning, you’ll unlock a new game mode called Race Mode. It’s a survival-style gameplay that pits you in an endless stage, and you accumulate points the more you endure.

Then, after finally dying, your points will be tallied up with other players, and you’ll be appointed a rank. This ranking will be counted daily, and you will earn rewards and trophies according to your position.

The more trophies you have, the higher your tier and the better the rewards, such as neko coins that grant you various items when you roll.

Photo: Pandada Games

In addition, Race mode is super fun and shows your ability compared to other players. Needless to say, it’s way harder than the campaign. But putting your Ninja to the test is incredible and satisfying.


Ninja Must Die is a pretty engaging and challenging game. It has personality, smooth gameplay and relies more on your ability and reflexes rather than how fat your wallet is. Kudos to the Race Mode, which provides fair matchmaking and equal opportunities for players to thrive.

We hope this Beginners Game Guide aids you on your journey to becoming a grandmaster Ninja. Have anything else to share? Hit us up in the comments!

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