Ninja Legends Codes – September 2023

Here are active Ninja Legends codes!
(Last Updated On: August 30, 2023)

We’ve got the latest codes for Ninja Legends on July 2023.

Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced player who has already obtained all the Badges, using Ninja Legends codes is highly profitable. It ensures players free Chi, Gems, Souls, and many other important resources that can make your in-game experince more exciting. Check the list below, and you’ll discover active Ninja Legends codes.

Photo: Scriptbloxian Studios

    Ninja Legends Codes July 2023

    epictrain15Auto-Training (15 Minutes)
    roboninja15Auto-Training (15 Minutes)
    christmasninja500500 Gems
    soulninja10001,000 Chi
    zenmaster15K15,000 Chi
    darkelements20002,000 Chi
    omegasecrets50005,000 Chi
    ultrasecrets10k10,000 Chi
    elementmaster750750 Chi
    secretcrystal10001,000 Chi
    skymaster750750 Chi
    legends700m1,200 Chi
    dojomasters500500 Chi
    dragonlegend750750 Chi
    zenmaster500500 Chi
    epicelements500500 Chi
    goldninja500500 Chi
    goldupdate500500 Chi
    legends500m1,000 Chi
    senseisanta500500 Chi
    blizzardninja500500 Chi
    mythicalninja500500 Chi
    legendaryninja500500 Chi
    shadowninja500500 Chi
    legends200M1,100 Chi
    epicflyingninja500500 Chi
    flyingninja500500 Chi
    dragonwarrior500500 Chi
    swiftblade300300 Chi
    DesertNinja250250 Chi
    fastninja100100 Chi
    epicninja250250 Chi
    masterninja7501,000 Chi
    sparkninja2020 Souls
    soulhunter55 Souls

    How To Redeem Codes In Ninja Legends

    Photo: Scriptbloxian Studios
    • Open Roblox and start Ninja Legends
    • Press the button Codes on the screen’s right part
    • Enter the code into a text box saying ‘Type Code Here’
    • Tap on the button ENTER to claim rewards

    That’s how redeeming codes in Ninja Legends works. If you want to redeem codes more effectively and save time on this process, copy/paste codes instead of writing them manually. It can make getting free rewards much more straightforward.

    What Codes Do In Ninja Legends?

    In Ninja Legends, codes are a safe and legitimate way to obtain Chi, Auto-Training and Souls, considered the most valuable resources in this Roblox game. In addition to giveaways, Ninja Legends codes are considered the best freebies available for everyone: from the advanced player to beginners.

    Code Not Working – Ninja Legends

    Codes need to be entered exactly as they are displayed in this article. Therefore, if, for some reason, the code shown in this article doesn’t work, it’s most likely because of spelling mistakes. Try to be more careful and double-check a code before pressing the button ENTER.

    If the code still doesn’t work, scroll down and leave a comment containing an issued code. We’ll update this article by removing all the expired codes.

    How To Find New Codes In Ninja Legends

    Photo: Scriptbloxian Studios

    Ninja Legends codes are released regularly, so you might need to stay up-to-date with the latest codes. To stay notified, you only need to follow Scriptbloxian on YouTube and Twitter. These are the official social media accounts of the developer, and you can freely come back to them once more free rewards in Ninja Legends are needed.


    That’s all you need to know about Ninja Legends codes. If you like Roblox and want to read more code articles, check codes for Anime Battlegrounds X and Thick Legends. These video games have overpowered rewards for every player!

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