Nexus War Civilization – Ultimate Gameplay Guide

Hamza Rashid

What do you get when a sci-fi RPG game like Mass Effect or Idle Pocket Planet has a baby with a real time strategy game like Clash of Clans or Dominations? You get Nexus War: Civilization, of course. While it might not have the world building to the extent of Mass Effect, it’s still definitely a treat for sci fi game lovers.

Nexus War: Civilization has aliens, robots, machines, guns, explosions, and even powers that will remind you of Bugie’s insanely popular game, Destiny. However, one thing that’s certain is that many players might find the gameplay aspect rather confusing.

Nexus War: Civilization
Source: Phantix Games

Well, that’s where we come in. We’re here with the ultimate gameplay guide for Nexus War: Civilization which will ensure that you have all the knowledge required to progress in the game. Build your civilization and lead your army to victory, as that is your destiny.

Choosing Your Race

Nexus War Civilization choosing race
Source: Phantix Games

The first thing you have to do in Nexus War: CIvilization is choose your race. Now, while it’s true that you can change your race later on so it isn’t THAT big of a deal if you mess up, what race you pick also determines your starting hero. 

Besides, it’ll still save you some time if you go for your ideal race from the get go. Naturally, we’ll be going through all four of the unique races in this game as well as what they bring to the table for you.


Nexus War Civilization aoku
Source: Phantix Games

The first race is that of the Aoku. This race believes that physical strength is all that matters, and that’s pretty clear when you see how these guys look. Being tall and extremely muscular, they give your tank’s attack a 5% increase.

Additionally, you also get a 5% increase in the marching speed of your raiding armies and a 4% increase in training speed. The name of this race’s initial hero is Cayman, and he perfectly fits the mindless brute narrative.


Nexus War Civilization theia
Source: Phantix Games

If you would rather go for some sophisticated individuals instead of the Aoku who act first and think later, might we introduce you to the Theia. These people believe in a source of energy called the Light, and it grants them light based abilities they can use. 

By picking this as your starting race, you’ll see a 5% increase in your infantry’s attack and scout speed. Your healing speed will also be increased by 4%. Finally, the name of the initial hero for this race is Pyornia.


Nexus War Civilization human
Source: Phantix Games

Hey, you don’t necessarily have to go for such unfamiliar races. It’s also possible to play the game as a human. Although there aren’t any special powers granted to this race, there’s something novel about humanity being the race to lead Earth to victory.

This race’s initial hero is the super cool Katherine, and picking this as your starting race gives you a 5% bonus in your artillery’s attack and marching speed of gathering armies. You also get a 4% increase in total construction speed, which can be a game changer for some people.


Nexus War Civilization Izan
Source: Phantix Games

The final race you can pick is Izan. Mass Effect players might see the resemblance between these guys and the Asari since, well, it’s kind of unmissable. Regardless, this extraterrestrial race is full of scientists and explorers who study the universe using logic and reasoning.

The initial hero of this specific race is named Itri, and picking this as your starting race gives you a 5% increase in your tank’s attack and the marching speed of jungling armies. You also get a 4% increase in overall research speed, which is to be expected for a race of researchers.

Expanding Your Civilization

Nexus War Civilization Expanding Civilizations
Source: Phantix Games

After selecting the race you want to go with, you’ll be instantly thrust into a foggy area where you’ll begin building your civilization. At the very heart of your civilization is your City Hall, which determines what your overall level is. As it is with similar games, upgrading your city hall is what allows you to build new buildings and upgrade existing ones.

Along with the initial hero of the race you picked, you’ll also be joined by two robots as well as Faye, who’ll guide you through the beginning section of the game. The robots are what you might call workers. They do several things including repairing and building buildings, clearing debris, and scouting.

Manage Your Resources

Nexus War Civilization manage resources
Source: Phantix Games

As it is with every civilization related game, managing your resources is crucial to ensure your civilization is able to thrive and expand. Now, there are three major resources that are related to gameplay, those being food, gems, and gas. All three of these resources are mandatory if you want to do things like conduct research, train troops, and build new buildings.

Fortunately, all three of these resources can be acquired pretty easily by building resource buildings like farms and gas wells. These resource buildings automatically farm the specific resource they’re built for, and the more you upgrade them the quicker you’ll be able to harvest those resources.

Nexus War Civilization gas well
Source: Phantix Games

While at first, it may seem as though you have more than enough resources to last you a lifetime, you’ll eventually realize that couldn’t be further from the truth. As you progress in the game, you’ll find yourself having to conserve your resources, and actually be smart when deciding what upgrades are important.

Build Mandatory Buildings

Nexus War Civilization build buildings
Source: Phantix Games

Resource farming buildings aren’t the only structures you’ll be building. Aside from the city hall that we mentioned before, there will be several other important buildings that will help you expand your civilization as well. In their regard, this game turns into more of a civilization building game like Castle Empire.

Perhaps the one you’ll be using the most will be the infantry barracks. This building will allow you to train troops that will aid you in your battles. Naturally, the more you upgrade the barracks the more powerful troops you’ll be able to train.

Nexus War Civilization research
Source: Phantix Games

The second mandatory building you want to focus on is the Research Center. This building is EXTREMELY important if you’re looking to get as strong as possible quickly. There are four different types of research you can conduct, those being research related to development, battle, armies, and armaments.

Nexus War Civilization Repair
Source: Phantix Games

Finally, there’s also the Titan Dock. We’ll be going more in depth regarding this when we talk about how the battle system of this game works. However, the gist of it is that this dock is used to build the army you use to conduct battles against the enemy.

Increase Your Overall Power

Power is something that plays a major role in expanding your civilization. The higher your power, the more powerful your overall civilization is, and the more dangerous enemies you can go up against.

Now, training troops and recruiting strong heroes isn’t the only way to increase your power, though your hero’s power will indeed make up a huge chunk of it. Instead, things like how many buildings you have built, how much research you have conducted, and how strong your civilization’s residents all add up to give you your total power.

Nexus War Civilization Increase power
Source: Phantix Games

Sometimes, when trying to complete quests by battling a wave of enemies, there’s a chance that you’ll get a message telling you that your power is too low. If you get this message, it’ll be a sign that you don’t meet the recommended power level, and should instead increase your power before tackling that specific wave.

You can see your current power level near the top of the screen at all times. Additionally, you can tap on your power level to go to your profile info page where you’ll be able to see a breakdown of everything that contributes to your power. This way, you can identify where your civilization is lacking and work toward it.

Follow the Game’s Story

Nexus War Civilization game story
Source: Phantix Games

The best way of unlocking new things, expanding your civilization, and coming across enemies, is by following the game’s story. The story might not be as fleshed out as Mass Effect, but it’s certainly better than, say Galaga Wars.

Now, there are several chapters in Nexus War: Civilization and all of the chapters are broken down into several quests you need to complete. In addition to being a reliable way of acquiring valuable resources, these quests can also be used to learn new features about the game and progress in the overall narrative.

Nexus War Civilization claim rewards
Source: Phantix Games

For example, one thing you’ll learn by progressing through the story is how you can scout out enemy aliens and the civilizations of other players. After scouting them, you can either attack them to obtain resources and potentially acquire more civilians, or visit other civilizations to make friends.

Nexus War Civilization scouting
Source: Phantix Games

Defeat the Opposition

Nexus War Civilization defeating opposition
Source: Phantix Games

In addition to being a civilization building game, Nexus War: Civilization is also a real time strategy game with some action mixed in. As commander, it is your job to rally your troops, ensure they’re strong enough to defeat their enemies, and lead them to victory.

How Do Battles Work?

Nexus War Civilization battling system
Source: Phantix Games

So, how do battles work? Well, since you’re the commander, you don’t really have to do anything during the battle itself. Instead, your role comes in before the battle. Your job is to ensure your troops are as strong as can be to defeat whatever opposition they come up against.

What do you have to do when your troops are strong enough? You have to set up your army, from the Titan dock of course. Now, one thing to keep in mind is that you can’t have an unlimited number of troops or heroes in your army. Instead, you start off with the space of only one hero, which is later increased depending on whether or not you’ve unlocked additional space from the research lab.

Nexus War Civilization titan dock
Source: Phantix Games

With your troops strong enough to match or surpass the recommended power level, you can start the fight. During the fight, you don’t have to do anything. Instead, you simply have to believe in your troops and preparation as your troops and heroes will automatically attack enemies.

Level Up Your Troops

Nexus War Civilization levelling troop
Source: Phantix Games

The first thing to do is to level your troops up. You need to ensure that your troops are both strong enough to take the enemy out and enough in number to ensure they’re able to last multiple waves. In addition to troops, you also have to level your heroes up.

Remember when we mentioned how you’ll have to manage your resources? Well, troops are upgraded by using the same three resources we mentioned above. If you want to level your troops up, it’s crucial that you upgrade the infantry barracks. Well, what does the infantry barracks demand if you want to level it up aside from your town hall level? Resources, of course.

Nexus War Civilization unlocking units
Source: Phantix Games

Therefore, you can’t just rush through levels to make your army overpowered as can be from the get go. However, you’ll eventually start unlocking new troop upgrades for your initial race’s troops. You’ll notice that the evolved versions of the troops while being much stronger than previous levels, will also require more food to train. Yup, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Unlock and Level Up Heroes

Nexus War Civilization unlocking heroes
Source: Phantix Games

Ah yes, heroes. Heroes are what you might call the backbone of any army. If you want to ensure your army is worth anything, you’ll also have to make sure the heroes leading your troops are capable. While you can indeed unlock new heroes rather easily by using the game’s gacha system, leveling them up is what makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Nexus War Civilization recruiting
Source: Phantix Games

Source: Phantix Games

Now there are three aspects of a hero you can level up. First, there are hero skills. These are abilities that heroes use during battles that can change the tide in your favor. To level up existing skills and unlock new ones you’ll have to use hero momentos which can also be acquired via the gacha system.

Nexus War Civilization upgrading hero
Source: Phantix Games

Next up, there’s the overall level of the hero which can be increased by using experience items. Naturally, leveling a hero up will increase its overall strength, health, and the power of your civilization.

Nexus War Civilization xp item
Source: Phantix Games

Finally, there’s the hero rank which you can also increase by using hero momentos. By ranking up a hero, you can upgrade several worthwhile features like the hero led team’s capacity, attack, and defense. Make sure you find the perfect hero for your team and invest your resources on them instead of leveling up the first hero you find and regretting it.


This was everything important you needed to know about the gameplay of Nexus War: Civilization. This is an incredible Sci Fi tactical strategy and civilization building game, and we’re certain you’ll enjoy it if you’re a fan of similar games.

Of course, there’s also the fact that the visuals and animations of this game are amazing, and the developers continue to bring new updates to it. This ensures the game always has something new to come back to.

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