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In Monopoly Go, Golden Blitz is a limited-time sticker trading event that lasts just over half a day. During this window, participants have the opportunity to trade their owned golden stickers with friends or fellow tycoons.

Due to the rarity of gold stickers, trading is the best strategy for completing a sticker album collection, making Golden Blitz one of the most anticipated events in Monopoly Go.

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Monopoly Go – Golden Blitz When?

Unfortunately, there are no hints or official announcements regarding the next Golden Blitz in Monopoly Go. However, given that the last Golden Blitz was held on January 30th, speculation suggests that the next one may occur at the end of February.

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Additionally, rumors are circulating about the potential complete removal of the Golden Blitz event from the game. This speculation arises from concerns about certain players monopolizing trades and offering rare cards in exchange for real money.

Note: The discussion regarding the potential removal of the Golden Blitz event from the game is currently speculative and subject to change. It’s advisable to approach this information with a grain of salt.

How to Get Gold Stickers?

Some sets of the Season Albums require gold stickers to complete, which can be found in any of the regular sticker packs. However, these high-value stickers are rare due to their low chance rates.

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The best way to obtain gold stickers in Monopoly Go is by collecting plenty of sticker packs from Main Events, Tournaments, or Minigame (Peg-E, Dig), preferably a blue or purple sticker pack.

Below is the list of Milestones and Rewards for the active Main Event and Tournament in Monopoly Go. Take advantage of this to collect the needed sticker packs to fill up your season album collection or have duplicates in preparation for the Golden Blitz.

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Active Main Event – Cupid’s Cuties

The “Cupid’s Cuties” will return on February 14th until February 16th at 6 PM UTC. This Main Event will reward an impressive 13,370 dice in total.

Monopoly Go
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LevelPoints RequiredRewards
1515 Dice Rolls
315Green Sticker Pack
480120 Dice Rolls
620Green Sticker Pack
72510-minute Rent Frenzy
9180225 Dice Rolls
1140Green Sticker Pack
13300350 Dice Rolls
155010-minute Cash Grab
1770Yellow Sticker Pack
18700720 Dice Rolls
2080Pink Sticker Pack
221,2001,100 Dice Rolls
2315015-minute High Roller
25175160 Dice Rolls
27200Blue Sticker Pack
28300240 Dice Rolls
301,8001,500 Dice Rolls
33800Blue Sticker Pack
352,8002,200 Dice Rolls
361,000Purple Sticker Pack
371,10025-minute Rent Frenzy
401,300850 Dice Rolls
411,400Purple Sticker Pack
Final6,0006,300 Dice Rolls

Active Tournament – Bouquet Builders

Also returning in Monopoly Go after the Smoochy Sweets tournament, Bouquet Builders will start on February 14th at 6 PM UTC and wrap up the following day, February 15th. Bouquet Builders gives a total of 3,440 dice rolls.

Monopoly Go
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LevelPoints RequiredRewards
15540 Dice Rolls
240Green Sticker Pack
39070 Dice Rolls
41305-minute High Roller
511080 Dice Rolls
7200Yellow Sticker Pack
825015-minute Mega Heist
9225Pink Sticker Pack
10275175 Dice Rolls
12400Blue Sticker Pack
13375250 Dice Rolls
1550020-minute Rent Frenzy
16600375 Dice Rolls
17550Blue Sticker Pack
19800500 Dice Rolls
231,50015-minute Cash Grab
Final2,0001,200 Dice Rolls

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How to Trade Gold Stickers

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As mentioned, the Golden Blitz event enables you to trade gold cards with your fellow tycoon friends, and the process is reasonably straightforward. At the start of the event, Scopely predetermines the cards available for trading. It’s important to note that you can only trade up to five gold cards daily.

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To send a gold sticker to your tycoon friend, navigate to the “Album” section, then tap on the sticker you wish to trade. A new window will appear; tap “Send to a Friend” and select the friend from the list to gift or tick on “Make an Exchange” to trade.

Trade with the Community

If your friends don’t have the sticker card you need, consider joining Monopoly Go’s official social channel. Scopely has provided a trade community section, especially in their official Discord.

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To trade, once you have joined Monopoly Go’s Discord, navigate to the Trading section and select the channel corresponding to the sticker star you need.

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But before diving in and interacting with Monopoly Go players, read and follow the rules to avoid penalties and possible bans. Be wary of scammers; ensure you’re trading with the right players and check their reputation in the trading-reputation channel before finalizing the trade.


Prediction suggests that the next Golden Blitz will likely arrive at the end of the month, possibly on February 28th or 29th.

It’s advisable to collect more stickers to complete your album collection and accumulate duplicates for trading in exchange for cards you still need while it’s still early! Note that Monopoly Origins will end on March 28th.

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