Newbie Life: Idle RPG – Codes & How To Use Them

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(Last Updated On: October 25, 2023)

If you are passionate about idle games and charming characters, then Newbie Life: Idle RPG is the perfect game for you! This game offers a stage-by-stage experience that will keep you engaged with your adorable yet mighty characters.

This delightful and captivating game was created by Com2uS Holdings Corporation, the same company responsible for popular titles like Eternal Three Kingdoms, Baseball Superstars 2023, HEIR OF LIGHT, TALON, and numerous others!

Newbie Life: Idle RPG is available for download on Google Play and the Apple Store.

Newbie Life: Idle RPG
Photo: Com2uS Holdings

This article will present you with a guide and compilation of Newbie Life: Idle RPG – Codes & How to Use Them, providing you with a valuable head start in the game.

Newbie Life: Idle RPG Codes October 2023

Newbie Life: Idle RPG Codes
Photo: Com2uS Holdings

These codes are currently redeemable at the time of this writing, though their validity may be limited. We highly recommend redeeming them promptly to secure your rewards and enjoy their advantages.

Be reminded that complimentary in-game rewards are limited to one claim per account.

Launch0808Character Summon Card x100
NewbieLifeCrystal x2000
Newbie2023Custom Summon Card x50

Newbie Life: Idle RPG has previously issued numerous codes, some of which are expired or have limited claims. However, don’t worry; more codes will be available in the future!

If you discover an expired code, please don’t hesitate to comment below, and we’ll promptly assess and refresh our code list.

Where to Find Redeemable Codes?

Game developers commonly furnish Redemption codes, often as part of promotions and events. They serve the purpose of engaging new players and acknowledging the loyalty of users in Newbie Life: Idle RPG.

The contents and availability of redemption codes can fluctuate and frequently come with expiration dates or restrictions on their usage.

Newbie Life: Idle RPG twitter
Photo: Com2uS Holdings

If you’re curious about where to find the latest codes for Newbie Life: Idle RPG, developers often distribute them, particularly during special events, through their social media platform:

Staying updated and redeeming these codes upon release lets you optimize the advantages and fully enjoy the game.

Joining their social group also fosters a strong connection with the game’s community and guarantees you seize valuable opportunities without missing a beat!

So, be sure to hit that “follow” button and regularly check their social media channels whenever possible.

How to Use the Codes?

Newbie Life: Idle RPG mail
Photo: Com2uS Holdings

Now that you have the list of codes and know where to find fresh ones, it’s time to walk you through the process of using Newbie Life: Idle RPG coupons!

Complete the Tutorial

    If you’re new to the game, you’ll need to complete a tutorial first to unlock the coupon menu. Be sure to follow the Tutorial until no more dialogues appear on your screen.

    Newbie Life: Idle RPG Tutorial
    Photo: Com2uS Holdings

    The Tutorial is relatively straightforward; it shouldn’t consume much of your time to complete.

    Locate your Menu

    Newbie Life: Idle RPG Menu
    Photo: Com2uS Holdings

    After you’ve finished the Tutorial, you can explore the game and its menu without any restrictions. You can find the Navigation/Menu button at the upper right corner of your screen. It should be the blue icon with four small boxes inside.

    Tap on “Coupon”

    Newbie life: Idle RPG coupon menu
    Photo: Com2uS Holdings

    To access Coupon, tap the Navigation/Menu button located in the upper right corner of your screen. This will reveal a section with various features of Newbie Life: Idle RPG. Tap on “Coupon” to open a new window.

    Enter the Codes

    Newbie Life: Idle RPG coupon code
    Photo: Com2uS Holdings

    When the “Coupon” window appears, enter your codes and tap “OK.” If you encounter an issue, double-check the code’s validity and ensure you follow the instructions carefully, paying attention to numbers and capital letters.

    Claim the Rewards

    Newbie Life: Idle RPG mail
    Photo: Com2uS Holdings

    After inputting all the valid codes, you can locate your rewards in the “Mail” section. The mail section is also positioned in the upper right corner of your screen, represented by an envelope icon.

    Congratulations! You have claimed all your rewards.

    What Codes Do in Newbie Life: Idle RPG?

    Newbie Life: Idle RPG characters
    Photo: Com2uS Holdings

    Codes provide valuable rewards in Newbie Life: Idle RPG, such as gems, coins, characters, etc., which can all be used in upgrading and advancing your characters, granting you a competitive advantage.

    One of the most significant rewards is the Summoning Card, which allows you to summon new characters to expand your ever-growing party.

    How to use Summon Card

    Newbie Life: Idle RPG Town
    Photo: Com2uS Holdings

    Using a Summon Card is a simple process. To access the “Summon” window, you must first enter the Town, which is located at the lower right corner of your screen, represented by the house icon.

    Newbie Life: Idle RPG Summon icon
    Photo: Com2uS Holdings

    Tap on “Summon” to access the current banner, where you can roll for Newbie Life: Idle RPG characters with the chance of obtaining SSR characters. One roll requires x5 Summon Cards.

    SSR Guarantee

    Newbie Life: Idle RPG Summoning
    Photo: Com2uS Holdings

    Like many Gacha games, Newbie Life: Idle RPG employs a pity system. After every 200 rolls, you are assured of receiving a random SSR character when using the standard Character Summon.

    With limited-time banners, you are guaranteed to obtain the featured character.

    newbie life: Idle RPG SSR
    Photo: Com2uS Holdings

    Fortunately, in the case of limited-time banners, the remaining Guaranteed Summon count does not reset when you summon an SSR or higher-grade character that is not the target character, giving you a higher chance of getting multiple SSRs.


    Embarking on your journey in Newbie Life: Idle RPG with a small team of characters can be challenging.

    Fortunately, the game’s benevolent developers have supplied codes that offer new players an advantage and the opportunity to acquire SSR characters early in the game. This concludes the article!

    If you’re interested in delving deeper into Newbie Life: Idle RPG characters and their tiers, you can discover more information here: Newbie Life: Idle RPG – Tier List – 2023.

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