Newbie Life – Idle RPG: Beginners Guide With Tips

Ahmed Fawzy
Newbie Life: Idle RPG loading screen

Welcome to Newbie Life: Idle RPG, where you are the manager of the team fighting against monsters and bosses in a fantasy world.

The game was developed by Com2uS Holdings Corporation on July 31, 2023, and it’s available on both the Google Play and App Store.

Newbie Life is an idle game, which means that your team will fight for you and earn loot even when you are offline, but to gain as much loot as possible, you need to assemble a powerful team.

In this article, we will guide you on how to start off your first levels and how to make a great team in Newbie Life: Idle RPG.

Newbie Life – Basics

Newbie Life: Idle RPG battle arena.
Photo: Com2uS Holdings Corporation

Newbie Life: Idle RPG is about idle fights where you should assemble your team, upgrade, and level them up, and they will automatically do the rest.

There are a lot of levels with different difficulties, and to pass a level, you should defeat the boss, which appears right after you have the full gauge bar on the right side.

Remember that the higher level you are at, the more rewards you get, whether you are online or offline, and you will find all the rewards in the loot box below the bar.

Idle Loot Box

Since Newbie Life: Idle RPG is about being idle, in the loot box you will find all the information you need to know about being idle.

Idle Loot Box
Photo: Com2uS Holdings Corporation

Most importantly, you will find the loot bag, which should be enhanced with gems so that you can get more loot while being idle for up to 12 hours, so remember to always claim your rewards.

Fuse Items

Fusing Items into stronger ones.
Photo: Com2uS Holdings Corporation

Going to the inventory next, you will find all the items you got; most of them will be duplicated, so you will need to fuse them into stronger, higher-tier items.


Moving to the most important part, which is your heroes, and tapping on the “character” tab, you will find all the characters you have unlocked.

Overview of Character
Photo: Com2uS Holdings Corporation

Each character has its own unique skills, abilities, and sub-class that best matches it; you can upgrade and level up them using gold and elixir, which you get from missions and loot.

Remember that the items you have fused, you should equip your characters with, and that’s where the “auto-equip” feature takes place, as it gives the characters the best items you have in your bag.

Summon Characters

Heading back to the town and going to the “Summon” place, you will be able to summon many more characters with different tiers.

Summoning Characters
Photo: Com2uS Holdings Corporation

You can summon characters with either the crystals or summon cards.

Newbie Life has got your back if you are not able to summon SSR characters, which are the highest-tier ones, as you are guaranteed to receive one on your 120th summon.

And if it happens and you get duplicates, they will turn into character soul stones based on their tier.

Form A Team

Got your strongest characters? Now it’s time to form the team by heading to the “form team” tab below the screen.

Forming a team.
Photo: Com2uS Holdings Corporation

You will find all the characters you have unlocked. You can either use “Auto Form” or manually place the highest-tier and strongest characters you have.

Remember to place tanks in the front lines and ranged characters in the backlines to get the most out of the team.

Newbie Life Idle battle.
Photo: Com2uS Holdings Corporation


Newbie Life: Idle RPG is a great game with many different ways to make your team stronger and conquer the arena.

To get better in Newbie Life, you need to follow the missions, fuse your items, and level up and upgrade your character.

And most importantly, don’t mute the little guy in the corner so he doesn’t call you mean.

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