New Boba Story Recipes Summer 2023

Boba Story
(Last Updated On: July 3, 2023)

Boba Story is a fun-to-play game, with all sorts of recipes to keep you occupied. Developed by B-Tech Consulting Group, Boba Story is available in the Play Store to download for free.

Your strategy involves making boba drinks for customers, as well as food for them to purchase.

Boba Story
Photo: B-Tech Consulting Group

Boba Story Recipes Worth Trying

The best thing about creating drink recipes in Boba Story is that there is no right or wrong way to craft a drink. Any drink you make, customers will consume.

There are numerous recipes that can give you the currency you need to progress. In Boba Story, the currency is leaves.

Thirsty Anyone?

The drink that would give you the highest leaf value is as follows:

  • The highest-level cup, of course, which is the last cup you can purchase in the store
  • Royal milk tea as a base, and lychee soda added as a secondary flavor
Boba Story
Photo: B-Tech Consulting Group
  • Strawberry cows as an add-in as they have the highest value
  • Gold flakes and whipped cream as a topping
  • As the final ingredient is added, top it off with a strawberry cow lid

This will give you the best amount of money when customers come to your shop.

Don’t forget to do the bonuses when the client orders their drinks, as these will give you even more currency than what you would have received without doing the bonuses.

Boba Story
Photo: B-Tech Consulting Group

When the customer orders a drink, the drink will appear on the table, and a bonus teapot will appear on the drink itself. Tap it and play the mini-game to get additional leaves.

Note that the teapot will disappear if you are not quick enough to tap on the drink!

Value For Money!

Below you can find the most valuable ingredients in 2023, as well as ways to get them:

  1. Base drink: Royal milk tea = 2 strawberry milk cartons + 1 tapioca glass jar (made in the experiment lab, using Kokoro’s gifts).
  2. Add-Ins: Sakura petals = 1 heart + 2 flowers (made in the experiment lab, using Kokoro’s gifts).
  3. Toppings: Gold flakes & whipped cream = 1 strawberry milk + 1 bee + 1 star (made in the experiment lab, using Kokoro’s gifts).
Boba Story
Photo: B-Tech Consulting Group

4. Lids: Strawberry cow lid = 4053 code in the trade store, (You will need 4 regular honey, 0 blueberry honey, 5 strawberry honey, and 3 lavender honey. You will need to unlock the bee area and trade train in order to use this feature).

    Boba Story
    Photo: B-Tech Consulting Group

    Comprehensive guidelines

    For our more in-depth guides on how to obtain the perfect ingredients, feel free to check out our list of ingredients and how to obtain them.

    For a more detailed description of obtaining all the lids, check out our in-depth guide on lids and ways to create them.


    Boba Story will keep you busy for hours. It is fun to play and has plenty of activities and recipes to keep you entertained.

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