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Neural Cloud
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For finding the best characters and classes, our Neural Cloud rank list is very useful. By stopping you from guessing without thinking, it keeps you from making bad deals.

Neural Cloud is a popular mobile game with a unique robot called Dolls.

They have been rejected by others, so they try to find a place where they belong. Each Doll belongs to a specific group and possesses unique abilities.

Look at our list of the best characters in the Neural Cloud tier.

Neural Cloud
Photo: Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd.

Classes in Neural Cloud

In Neural Cloud, 5 classes will help you in battle. Here, we’ll break down each class and what they do:

FighterThe main source of damage in your team.
GuardTank class with higher damage absorption
MedicHealers able to recover health
SpecialistCharacters with unique abilities
SniperCharacters that operate from the backlines
Neural Cloud
Photo: Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd.

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Tier List

There are tonnes of characters in Neural Cloud and each one has a class description, along with unique skills that can be used in the fight mode. 

Neural Cloud
Photo: Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd.

Characters in the S-Tier tend to beat other Neural Cloud characters in a number of areas.

While Snipers offer a more clever method that often lets them stand out above the rest, the Medics in the S-Tier ranks are important in battle. 

Neural Cloud
Photo: Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd.

Here’s our full Neural Cloud tier list, which ranks each character starting from S to D tier.

KuroS TierSniper
CroqueS TierGuard
YannyS TierGuard
ClothoS TierGuard
VeeS TierFighter
AkiS TierFighter
HatsuchiriS TierFighter
SakuyaS TierSpecialist
AngelaS TierSpecialist
HannahS TierSpecialist
HubbleS TierSniper
HazeS TierSniper
ClukayS TierSniper
FlorenceS TierMedic
NanakaS TierMedic
DelaceyS TierMedic
EvelynA TierGuard
MillauA TierGuard
PythonA TierGuard
BettyA TierFighter
NahitaA TierFighter
PhantomA TierFighter
RiseA TierSpecialist
DushevnayaA TierSpecialist
WillowA TierSpecialist
NoraA TierSpecialist
LamA TierSniper
MaxA TierSniper
KuraneA TierSniper
TwigsA TierSniper
PersicaA TierMedic
HelixA TierMedic
GinA TierMedic
JessieA TierMedic
BoneeB TierGuard
ChelseaB TierFighter
BanxyB TierSpecialist
AntoniaB TierSpecialist
SueyoiB TierSpecialist
EarhartB TierSniper
FrenselB TierSniper
ImhotepB TierMedic
SouchunC TierGuard
ZionC TierGuard
FernC TierFighter
CentaureissiC TierFighter
AbigailC TierSpecialist
MaiC TierSpecialist
SockdolagerC TierSniper
OctogenC TierSniper
UranusC TierSniper
ChocoC TierMedic
PanakeiaC TierMedic
SolD TierFighter
KseniaD TierSpecialist
GrooveD TierSpecialist

Tips and Tricks

Use these Tips and Tricks to win gacha-based games.

Neural Cloud
Photo: Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd.

Find out how Re-rolling can give you the best beginning – make many accounts to get your favorite characters first.

Try to Re-roll for the Best Start

Re-rolling is the process by which players can choose the best start in any game by making multiple accounts and saving the one that has the most wanted characters in them.

It is common in many gacha-based games whenever a new game starts.

Players can get tons of calling currencies from the early game tasks along with the pre-registration prizes. 

Neural Cloud
Photo: Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd.

This calling cash can in turn be used to purchase some of the best dolls in the game which will make your account God tier from the beginning.

A good example of a God-tier account would be starting your account with Hubble and Perisaricha as your damage dealer/crowd control + nurse dolls.

Neural Cloud
Photo: Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd.

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Upgrading your Dolls

By improving your doll, its powers will get better and stronger too. There are various ways you can do this, such as using XP (Experience Points) to improve your doll’s level.

Neural Cloud
Photo: Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd.

Then, for every multiple of 10, you can make a breakthrough using the Breakthrough tool and Diggcoin.

Setting the Formation properly

Before starting the fight, you need to set up the order properly, such as guards and warriors who are in front, shooters, experts, and medics who are behind.

But that’s not all, there are times when 1 grid is given a special effect and will be used quickly when the fight starts.

Neural Cloud
Photo: Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd.

You have to read the details of the effect first, such as the teleport effect, so the best doll is the fighter because if it is stopped by a wall, the doll can quickly move over the wall.


In the end, playing smart parts is important to move in Neural Cloud. It’s a changing place and your deeds matter.

Our Neural Cloud list helps players handle tough classes and lots of characters. It’s an important guide for this game.

Each class in the game has special traits good for winning. They go from brave fighters to careful shooters who can fight well both bravely and cleverly.

These skills are important if you want to win this fun task!

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