Negamons – Monster Trainer: Gameplay Guide, Tips & Tricks

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Negamons - Monster Trainer - Mobile game
(Last Updated On: October 27, 2023)

Negamons – Monster Trainer is an exciting mobile game where players collect all types of monsters to become the ultimate monster trainer.

Negamons – Monster Trainer is developed by Negaxy., JSC. Negamons is the land where monsters live and players will use these monsters to battle others.

If a battle is successful, the players will have the opportunity to catch the monster they were battling against.

Negamons – Monster Trainer is available for download on the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

Negamons - Monster Trainer - Battle - Monster Catches
Photo: Negaxy., JSC

Opening Negamons for the first time

Once a player opens the game on their phone, they are required to select a gender for their monster trainer.

Negamons - Monster Trainer - Gender
Photo: Negaxy., JSC

After the player has selected the gender, they can select the appearance of their monster trainer. Players can change their skin color and choose between three outfits.

Players will then have the option to choose their starting monster. The choice will be between three monsters that represent water, fire, and grass.

The player should then enter a name for their monster trainer. This can be your real name or a made-up name.

Negamons - Monster trainer - Name
Photo: Negaxy., JSC

Battle Tutorial

Once the player has set up their details, they will go into a battle tutorial which is the main feature of the game.

You will face another opponent with your chosen monster. If you beat the opponent’s monster, you will have the opportunity to catch that monster.

When players catch other monsters, they will be able to use that monster in future battles.

Monsters battle - Trainer - Monster Catch
Photo: Negaxy., JSC

The way players will battle in Negamons is quite simple. A Power gauge bar will show up at the bottom of your screen.

The power gauge shows three different levels of power strikes. The orange strike in the middle is the best strike.

The strike on the left and right side of the middle is a medium power strike.

The strike on the far left and far right are the weakest strikes.

The arrow will move from side to side at a fast pace and players will need to click on the screen so that the arrow lands on the best strike to damage to opponent’s monster the most.

Negamons - Monster Trainer - Power Gauge
Photo: Negaxy., JSC

The monster that is faster in the battle will always start with the first blow. Monsters can be upgraded to ensure they will win every battle.

If you are victorious in battle, you will be rewarded with coins, diamonds, and egg balls.

Monster Battle - Victory - Rewards in battle
Photo: Negaxy., JSC

Upgrading your Monsters

Once you have completed your first battle, you will be able to navigate through Negamon and fight other monsters.

Monsters can be upgraded by feeding them apples. These apples can be found at apple trees on the map.

The more apples players collect, the more they can upgrade their monsters. Apples will randomly spawn next to the trees.

Negamons - Apple trees - Upgrade Monsters
Photo: Negaxy., JSC

Once players have collected enough apples, they will be able to use them to upgrade their monsters.

Upgrading your monsters will give them more HP and additional abilities.

Upgrading Monsters in Negamons
Photo: Negaxy., JSC


Negamons – Monster Trainer has an achievements list that players can use to receive more coins, diamonds, and apples.

Coins are used for opening lucky boxes in the store to get more monsters and other items. Diamonds are used later in the game.

Achievements are things like upgrading one Negamons to level ten or upgrading one Negamons to level 20.

These achievements can boost you as a trainer and help you get further into the game.

Negamons - Monster Trainer - Achievements
Photo: Negaxy., JSC

Finding new Monsters

Players will be able to search for new monsters to fight and capture around the map. Once a payer sees a new monster on the map they will be able to battle.

The monsters are usually found in long grass. Players will need to go to the monster and the battle will start.

The further you get in Negamons the stronger monsters will be. The more monsters you gain will also determine how many monsters will be used in a battle.

In some battles, you will only need to use one monster if they will be able to beat the opponent’s monster.

Other battles will require you to use two or more of your monsters to engage in battle to ensure the enemy monster is beaten.

Once the other monsters have been beaten, you can use your capture egg ball to catch the monsters and expand your monster army.

Negamons - Monster Trainer - Finding new Monsters
Photo: Negaxy., JSC

Tips for new players

  1. Players need to ensure they collect enough apples to upgrade their monsters before going into battle. This will help players win every battle.
  2. Players should check the shop every day for a free normal box. This can be found under the lucky box. The box will contain apples, diamonds, and capture eggs.
  3. Players need to make sure that their monster has enough HP to win the enemy monster in battle. If not, the player will need to use more than one monster.
  4. Once a battle is won, players can watch an ad to receive additional rewards that can help in-game.
  5. Players can talk to other characters on the map for more information about the game and about battles.
Tips for new players - Battle won - Monster catch
Photo: Negaxy., JSC


This concludes the guide and walkthrough of Negamons – Monster Trainer. This guide and tips will help you start your journey with this mobile game.

It is time to become the best Monster trainer of Negamons. Use your skills and resources to become the best at the game.

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