Mythic Samkok Tier List – The Best Characters Ranked

Hamza Rashid
Mythic Samkok Tier List - The Best Characters Ranked

Are you a fan of excellent RPGs with beautiful art styles and addictive gameplay? Well, then it’s very likely that you must have already dipped your toes in Mythic Samkok, the newest RPG by EskyfunUSA.

In addition to the gameplay and visuals being outstanding, one unique thing about Mythic Samkok is that it offers every single player endless draws.

What this means is that anyone can start playing the game and instantly get whatever characters they want, though of course there’s the catch of you having to log in pretty much every day and hit a specific level.

Mythic Samkok Tier List

However, those who realize how important it is to ensure your team has the strongest and most useful characters possible to tackle future boss battles and difficult events would want to learn more about the best cards.

Those players would also likely love our list of the 10 Best Tactical and Strategy RPGs on Android.

Well, that’s exactly what we’re here for. We’ll be going through every single character in the game currently and determining where they stand in our character tier list.

How Does the Tier List Work?

How Does the Tier List Work?

Before we start going through every character, it’s crucial to go through the basics of the Mythic Samkok tier list.

Now, our tier list has a total of three tiers, starting with S and ending with B, with S being the best and B being the worst. So, if you’re like us, then it might be a good idea to fill your lineup with only S tier characters.

Of course, before we start we want to clarify that this tier list is strictly based on our opinion about playing Mythic Samkok.

It’s likely that other players will have a different opinion of these characters, and that’s the whole beauty of playing a game like Mythic Samkok.

S Tier Mythic Samkok Characters

S Tier Mythic Samkok Characters

First of all, it’s time to go through all of the S tier characters in Mythic Samkok. That is to say, all of these characters are the best of the best and the cream of the crop.

This means having even one of them on your team has the potential to take your team’s level up drastically.

Lu Bu

Lu Bu

Hailing from the Wu faction, Lu Bu has some insane potential as a member of any team.

His first skill, Sky Wrath, inflicts damage equivalent to 100% of his attack on a single enemy warrior of your choosing.

That’s not all, as it also has a 90% chance of dealing the burning status to that enemy, dealing constant damage to them.

Additionally, there’s also his second skill, Of Gods and Ghosts, which targets three random enemy members and deals damage equivalent to 120% of his damage.

There’s also a 42% chance of inflicting the burning status on all three of those targets, which can be a major boon when used against multiple squishy foes before a boss appears.

Sun Ce

Sun Ce

Next is the fan-favorite Sun Ce in Mythic Samkok. This Wu faction hero also has two notable abilities. His first skill, Against the Enemy, deals 63% of his attack to enemies in the back row with an additional 32% attack damage to the targeted enemy.

His second skill, Gathering of Predators, deals 168% of his attack to damage enemies in the back row.

This skill also has a 32% additional damage dealt to the target, making it similar to the first skill, just much stronger.

Wen Chou

Wen Chou

Wen Chou, another of the four generals of Heijan, is arguably the best tank character in the game.

As is to be expected from the hero who single-handedly took down three of the four Gongsun Zen generals, he has some abilities that players can take advantage of to get a competitive advantage on the battlefield.

His basic attack skill, Hurricane Strike, deals damage equal to 100% of the attack damage, while also having an 80% chance of inflicting the freeze status effect.

If that wasn’t enough, his Horn of Chilly Wind skill deals damage equal to 150% of the attack to enemy warriors on horizontal rows while also having a 50% chance to inflict Freezing status.

Finally, we have his passive, Deterrence. This skill stuns the target for one round when it is in effect by freezing and burning status via Ice Flame.

This effect is paired with Ice Poison which restores HP equal to 12% of max HP for the friendly unit with the lowest HP when the target is under the freezing and poisoning status.

Yan Liang

Yan Liang

Yan Liang is one of the legendary heroes in Mythic Samkok you get if you choose to side with the Wu faction at the start of the game.

Being one of the four generals of Heijan and being considered to be the bravest of Yuan Shao’s troops, it’s only natural that someone of this prestige would have the capabilities to make for an exceptional S tier character.

When it comes to his basic attack skill, he deals damage equal to 100% of the attack to a single enemy with an 80% chance of dealing with the coveted freeze status effect.

As opposed to the burning effect you might have seen pop up a lot on this list, the freeze effect makes it so the player absorbs damage equals 24% of the attack in each round, and heals the friendly unit with the lowest HP. Talk about impressive!

Moving on to his skill, Abyssal Wail, he deals damage equal to 150% of the attack to enemy warriors on vertical rows, with a 50% chance of inflicting freeze.

His passive, Ice Flame, stuns the target for a single round when it is affected by freezing and burning status.

A Tier Mythic Samkok Characters

A Tier Mythic Samkok Characters

Now that we’ve gone through our S tier characters in Mythic Samkok, we also want to go through all of our A tier characters.

While these characters aren’t nearly as good as the characters in the upper tier, they’re still a force to be reckoned with, and with the right strategizing, can strengthen most teams.

The Lord of The Rings: Rise to War players will know exactly what we’re talking about.

Ling Cao

Ling Cao

After going through so many DPS characters, we thought it might be a good idea to go through a tank too.

Ling Cao is a general of Easturn Wu and the father of Ling Tong. Similar to other characters, he too has two skills that player can take advantage of to devastate the battlefield and anyone who stands in their path.

The first is Rainstorm and Rage Tide, a skill that deals damage equal to 231% of the attack to a single enemy warrior.

As long as you’re smart with this specific skill, you can potentially use it to instantly take down most boss-level individual enemies with a single hit.

The second skill this tanky enemy has is called Tide Breaker. This basic attack skill deals damage equal to 105% of the attack to a single target.

Pair both of these with his passive, which allows Ling Cao to gain 3 stacks of “Shackles” at the start of every battle, and you have yourself the perfect tank character for any team.

Lu Lingqi

Lu Lingqi

First up on the A tier list is Lu Lingqi, a legendary hero and the daughter of the infamous Lu Bu who made an entrance on this tier list earlier.

Her attack skill, Orbital Daylight, deals damage equal to 100% of the total attack damage to a single warrior.

It also has an 80% chance of casting the burn effect, which deals consistent damage to the enemy.

Additionally, there’s also the Rising Karma skill that deals damage equal to 130% of the attack’s total damage to three random enemy warriors.

It also has a 35% chance of casting the burning status to all three of those enemies, with the effect lasting for a total of two rounds.

Zhao Yun

Zhao Yun

Most players will probably get rid of Zhao Yun as soon as they get the chance to because he’s a character that’s given to us near the start of Mythic Samkok, as opposed to us winning him through rolls.

However, those players will probably regret it when they realize just how powerful Zhao has the potential to be.

When we speak of his skills, his basic attack skill isn’t anything to write home about.

It deals damage equal to 100% of the attack to a single enemy target and that’s it. He also doesn’t have a passive skill that could theoretically put him in front of other characters.

However, his skill, As Easy as Clouds, is what makes this hero shine.

It deals damage equal to 250% of the attack to a single enemy warrior, which means it can theoretically demolish a single boss enemy almost instantly when equipped with the right items and upgrades.

Cao Ren

Cao Ren

The first entry on this tier goes to Cao Ren, a legendary hero hailing from the Wei faction in Mythic Samkok. Cao Ren has some exceptional skills that can help a player get a competitive advantage on the battlefield.

His first skill, Fine Powder, inflicts heavy damage to a single target, with the specific amount being 110% of Cao Ren’s total attack stat. Not only that but the skill is accompanied by an 80% chance of inflicting silence on the enemy.

His second skill, Devastating Thunder, damages several enemies in a vertical thunderous clap.

As the name suggests, the attack deals some major damage. Dealing damage is equivalent to 165% of his attack with a 50% chance of inflicting silence.

This increases his damage-dealing potential and disabling power making him a force to be reckoned with.

Gan Ning 

Up next is Gan Ning, a hero hailing from the Wu faction of Mythic Samkok. His skills, namely Catastrophe and Bronkaid Sail of the River have some devastating damage-dealing potential.

The first one deals damage equivalent to 105% of his attack stat to the enemy with the lowest HP.

His second skill, meanwhile, delivers a more potent experience for the enemy, dealing damage equivalent to a whopping 230% of his attack stat to the enemy with the lowest HP.

While his damage-dealing skills are great, it’s crucial to use his abilities strategically as they always hit the enemy with the lowest HP instead of targeting the enemy we want to hit.

Ma Yunlu

Ma Yunlu

How could we go through some of the best heroes in Mythic Samkok without mentioning a single healer character? Ma Yunlu is one of the game’s best hero characters, and that isn’t only because players get her near the start of the game.

As is to be expected, her base attack really isn’t that good as it only deals damage equal to 95% of the attack’s total attack damage.

However, her skill, when used properly, has the potential to turn any battle around instantly. Being the wife of Zhao Yun, her skill provides two carry warriors of the same faction with a cooperation status. 

After any partner with cooperation performs an action, there’s a 24% chance that that character will perform the action again.

Although 2 rage is used every time someone performs an action a second time, if you pair her with some heavy damage-dealing partners, then it should be fairly easy to dominate pretty much any battle.

B Tier Mythic Samkok Characters

B Tier Mythic Samkok Characters

With all of the S and A tier characters out of the way, it’s time to end this list with all of the characters we’ve determined to be B rank in Mythic Samkok.

While these characters aren’t bad per se, they aren’t really that good either, and it’s very likely that most players will choose to abandon these characters in favor of characters from higher tiers.

All of the B tier characters in Mythic Samkok are:

  1. Gou Jia
  2. Zhuge Liang
  3. Zhou Yu 
  4. Zhang Liao
  5. Xu Zhu
  6. Jia Xu
  7. Dian Wei
  8. Zhu Rong
  9. Huang Gai
  10. Zhang Xingcai
  11. Zhang Jiao
  12. Huang Zhong
  13. Ma Chao


With that, our tier list of the best characters in Mythic Samkok comes to an end. Do you agree with these entries?

Do you think someone should have been moved higher or lower on the list in Mythic Samkok? Do let us know in the comment section, and remember to respect everyone’s opinions!

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