10 Mythic Legends Tips, Tricks and Strategies You Need to Know

Anurag Ghosh
Mythic Legends

Mythic Legends takes the auto-battler gameplay of hits like Auto Chess and Dota Underlords and breaks it down into shorter, mobile-friendly play sessions. Your task is to choose a Legend and assemble a team of Champions and deploy them in fierce arena battles against other players from around the world. There are so many characters, powers, and items to choose from in Mythic Legends that it can be challenging for a newcomer to know where to start. But thanks to the gladiator trainers at Outfit7, we have a handy guide for novices and experts alike.

So here are 10 tips and tricks to get your Mythic Legends game off to a legendary start

Check your opponent’s team before every battle

Check power ratings

See that red fist under your opponent’s info box on the top of the screen? And see that green fist above your name? The numbers displayed next to those fists are your respective Power ratings. These values take into account the power of each player’s Champions, synergies, and Artifacts, and indicate how powerful each deployed team is overall. So if your Power rating is higher than your opponent’s, you’re much more likely to win. But Power ratings are not a predictor of the battle’s outcome. There are lots of strategic factors that those ratings can’t take into account. That’s why you should always tap on your opponent’s info box, and take a closer look at their formation.

What Champions do they have? What level are they? What formation are they in? What synergies and Artefacts do they have? This information tells you a lot about how the opposing team will fight, and about what its strengths and weaknesses are. Use it to tailor your strategy to this particular battle. This will prove much more effective than just simply maximizing your Power rating.

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There’s no “one-size-fits-all” team

Experiment with unique formations

Using the same Champions and formation for every battle is usually a bad strategy in Mythic Legends. The whole point of checking your opponent’s team is to help you figure out how to vary your formation for each battle. If your opponent has undefended ranged units, for example, you should deploy Assassins. But if your opponent has melee units lined up against the back wall, you definitely shouldn’t. Experiment with different formations and different combinations of Champions, synergies, and Artefacts to see what works best for you and your army.

Protect your ranged units

Protect ranged units

While it can be effective to deploy units of only melee fighters, most formations will include at least one ranged unit and, unless you’re deliberately using them as bait, it’s vitally important to defend them. You can position them behind melee units, preferably Knights, to protect them (at least at first) from frontal assaults. You can also position your ranged units along the back wall, or even in the rear corners of the Battle Board. This is especially effective when your opponent’s ranged units have shorter ranges than yours. Protecting your ranged units from enemy Assassins is trickier though. It’s wise to deploy a melee unit or two alongside, or even behind, your ranged units, but don’t leave space behind those melee units because the Assassins will use it for a lethal backstab.

Make the most of synergies

Make use of synergies

Synergies are the bonuses you get for deploying multiple Champions of the same Origin or Class, and they can make a big difference to the outcome of battle. Like everything else in Mythic Legends, the way you use synergies will depend on your play style, so it’s worth experimenting with the huge range of possible combinations. Usually though, a level 2 synergy is more than twice as good as a level 1, and a level 3 is twice as good as a level 2. This means that it’s generally best to select one or two synergies to fill up in order to get the best bonus value from your Champions. We say “generally” because synergies are powerful, but they’re not everything. You need to take into account the individual stats, abilities, rarity and level of your Champions as well.

Rarer Champions really are better

Have rare champions in your team

While a lot really does depend on your strategy and play style, it’s generally true that the rarer the Champion, the more powerful it is. So a level 5 Mythic Champion will usually be more useful than a level 6 Common one, for example. Mythic and Legendary Champions are usually better because of their powerful special abilities though, so to get the most from them you need to understand how their abilities work, and deploy them in such a way that their abilities are exploited to the max.

Always review the Battle Stats

Battle stats

Battle Stats are available after every battle by tapping on the little green button on the battle results screen. Notice that there are three tabs on the Battle Stats screen: Damage (how much Damage every Champion and Legend inflicted during the battle); Received (how much Damage every Champion received); and Healing (how much Damage, if any, each Champion and Legend healed). This screen is particularly useful when you lose, because it helps you identify which of your Champions are under-performing, and which of the enemy Champions was most effective against you. What it doesn’t tell you, though, is why. For that, you have to carefully watch the battle as it unfolds.

Choose your Artefacts carefully

Select artefacts carefully

There’s no “best” Artefact in Mythic Legends; the best choice for any given situation will inevitably depend on all the different variables at work. For example, Artefacts that offer a bonus to a specific Origin or Class are very useful if you plan to use multiple Champions of that Origin or Class. But if you’re the kind of player who switches Champions around a lot from battle to battle, you’ll probably want to avoid Artefacts that only benefit certain Champions. You’ll also notice that some Artefacts have three stars, while others have just one. You’d be right to assume that the three-star Artefacts are more powerful, but the one-star Artefacts can be levelled up to two and then three stars. And Artefacts level up in a similar way to synergies, so a three-star Artefact is much more than three times as powerful as a one-star Artefact. So take into account that it can be better to pick a one-star Artefact and level it up, rather than going for the three-star Artefacts every time.

Focus on beating the strongest players

Beat stronger opponents

In a Mythic Legends Tournament you’ll face up to seven different opponents, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to beat all of them every time. So don’t try to. Instead, pay attention to which opponents are winning their matches early on, identify their strengths and weaknesses as best you can, and then gear all of your decisions towards beating them. They’re the ones who’ll still be standing at the end of the Tournament, after all, so they’re the ones you’ll probably have to beat repeatedly if you want to come out on top.

Get 100 Prestige points every day

Get 100 prestige points daily

Mythic Legends is pretty generous with the rewards it gives you just for playing; the more you play, the more free stuff you get. Tap on the shield icon to the right of the “Battle” button to check your Prestige points. You get rewards – including Gems, Coins, Legends, and Champions – for earning up to 100 Prestige points each day, which usually means playing four or five Tournaments, depending on how highly you rank in each. The game’s fun and rewarding to play for its own sake too, of course. The freebies are just the icing on the cake.

Origins unlocked later are better

Mythic Legends - Origins

Prestige doesn’t just earn you daily rewards, it also advances you through the leagues of Mythic Legends. Tap the button in the bottom-right corner to check your overall progress and to see what milestone rewards you have coming up. The most important milestones are the new leagues, each of which unlocks a new arena, a new Legend, and a new Origin, which is made up of several new Champions. When you first obtain them, those new Champions will be low level and weak, and you might be tempted to stick with the same trusted high-level Champions that got you that far in the first place, but don’t. The Origins unlocked later in the game are generally made up of better Champions, so it’s worth levelling at least some of them up and experimenting with new combinations, formations, and synergies.

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