Mythic Heroes – Beginners Guide 2023

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Here is everything you need to enjoy Mythic Heroes.

Mythic Heroes is a real-time Idle RPG. The game can boast an exciting storyline about saving the ascended legends world from dying and gacha mechanics that will never let you get bored. It makes Mythic Heroes one of the best choices in 2023 for idle RPG fans.

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And if you are going to download Mythic Heroes, check out this article. It’s a unique Mythic Heroes beginner guide with tips and tricks. While it was created for newcomers, the guide can be helpful even for experienced players.

Starting Up In Mythic Heroes

Starting in Mythic Heroes, you will be welcomed by Hecate, Spirit of the Astrolabe. She will introduce you to the Campaign mode and the game’s lore. Also, Hecate will help you to build Summoner Sanctum, the main building in Mythic Heroes.

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As a reward for completing the tutorial, you’ll get a free Standard Summon. As the chances of obtaining a powerful hero may be low, rerolling is unnecessary. We suggest continuing the storyline to secure a guaranteed SSR hero.

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Mythic Heroes How To Progress

If you want to enjoy Mythic Heroes, you definitely need to have a solid strategy in place. We suggest starting with the Campaign mode and building a strong team using SR/SSR characters. This will also unlock additional game modes that can be helpful in the later stages of the game. 

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Once you have a solid team, you can explore other in-game modes like the Event Center and Hades’ Hell in the Campaign section. Here you can fight for the best rewards, even if it requires more effort.

Mythic Heroes Tips For Beginners

Once you know the fundamentals of Mythic Heroes, we would like to provide you with some practical advice that might be helpful while playing the game. We have put much effort into these tips, which may prove useful even if you are an experienced player.

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We’ve tried to make these tips short and straightforward to save you time. Don’t waste your time; check the list below to discover them.

  • Use rerolling to get the most powerful heroes early on
  • Focus on the Storyline, it can be very helpful
  • Spend resources to train only SR/SSR characters
  • Log into the game daily for free rewards
  • Join a Guild to improve your in-game experience
  • Spin the Astrolabe for free rewards
  • Use Auto Attack/x2 Speed to progress in Mythic Heroes faster

Sticking to these pieces of advice is one of the best ways to improve your in-game experience in Mythic Heroes. 

And if you want to have more helpful tips and tricks, let us know in the comments. We’ll gladly create a comprehensive guide dedicated to tips and tricks for Mythic Heroes.


That’s it with Mythic Heroes beginners guide. As you can see, the game is straightforward if you take an appropriate approach to completing it.

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And if you consider the article helpful, drop a comment so we can make more guides about Mythic Heroes. Also, make sure to check guides about Immortal Rising and Fireball Wizard.

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