Myth: Gods Of Asgard – Ultimate Game Guide

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(Last Updated On: August 20, 2023)

Myth: Gods of Asgard is a slick and stylish hack ‘n slash game developed by Momo Technology HK Company Limited. With stunning visuals, frantic gameplay, and a Norse mythology-themed setting, Myth: Gods of Asgard has all the elements to become your go-to action RPG game and keep you entertained for days on end.

For those looking to take their experience to the next level, we’ve put together the Myth: Gods of Asgard – Ultimate Game Guide, encompassing various tips and strategies to enhance your gameplay and help you face the creatures of Norse mythology.

Gameplay Basics

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Without delay, Myth: Gods of Asgard throws you straight into the fray, pitting you against nefarious creatures and visually impressive bosses. From the start, the game emphasizes that your skill matters more than luck or equipment.

The controls are simple. You slide on the left side of the mobile device to move your hero and tap on the right side to unleash attacks, skills, and dodge.

There are three types of abilities: Normal, Powerful, and Special. Normal attacks are basic attacks with no cooldown that become stronger as you repeatedly press them, forming a combo.

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Powerful abilities are more potent than basic attacks but have a short cooldown. They are great for alternating with simple attacks.

Special abilities are the strongest of your hero’s arsenal but come with a relatively longer cooldown. Many Specials require a build-up time, so it’s best to cast them from a safe position.

Finally, in the bottom right corner, we have the most essential ability of the game: Dash. Dash has charges and a very brief cooldown.

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Always pay attention to your Dash charges and use them strategically. It allows you to move quickly across the battlefield and is vital for dodging enemy attacks and staying alive. After all, a dead hero can’t help anyone.

Moreover, the Dash provides a few seconds of invincibility frames. This means you will avoid all the damage if you use the Dash just before an enemy attack hits you. Master the Dash, and you’ll dominate any battlefield and emerge victorious.

The Four Main Heroes

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To enrich the gameplay, Myth: Gods of Asgard organically unlocks four heroes for all players, as seen in the Roles screen. Currently, these are Brynhild, Siegfried, Thor, and Ullr.

There are other heroes, such as Freya and Hel, but they are unlocked behind temporary events or purchases in the store. Therefore, let’s focus on strategies for the four heroes available to everyone.

All heroes have the same skills categories: Normal, Powerful, and Special, and each type has three skills. New skills are unlocked as your player level increases, and these can be upgraded individually.

They can be upgraded up to level four by using each hero’s respective Tome of Power. Each level adds a mighty bonus to the current skill, so we recommend focusing on one skill from each category and upgrading it to the maximum.

The Valkyrie Brynhild

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We begin our journey with the Valkyrie Brynhild. She wields a spear and favors mobility on the battlefield but has one of the lowest resistances among the heroes.

Brynhild’s Normal Skills: Quick Strike, Fearless Charge, Blow from Heaven

Her normal skills involve a four-step combo and a mix of piercing and slashing attacks. They help eliminate enemies with low HP.

Brynhild’s Powerful Skills: Relentless Assault, Heroic Throw, Relentless Strike

Brynhild’s powerful skills start with a flurry of thrusts, culminating in a powerful final attack. However, you must keep attacking consistently to unleash their full potential, which requires positioning yourself safely.

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Brynhild’s Special Skills: Valiant Assault, Spear Strike, Phantom Attack

Brynhild’s special skills are straightforward but effective. She rapidly closes in on enemies, stabbing and slicing them. Higher levels of Specials can summon Phantom Valkyries to attack enemies upon striking or discharging Piercing Lances from the ground.

The Dragon Slayer Siegfried

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Siegfried is our iconic sword-user hero. He has the highest damage output among all characters but has the lowest mobility and attack range, requiring him to get up close and personal with danger.

Siegfried’s Normal Skills: Dragon-Slasher, Dragon-Striker, Rageful Blows

His normal attacks involve a slow but powerful four-step combo that increases damage with each hit in the combo. Some attacks create shockwaves, hitting enemies at a greater distance.

Siegfried’s Powerful Skills: Bloody Dance, Gale of Blades, Cursed Blade

Siegfried’s powerful skill transforms him into a human whirlwind, tearing into enemies caught in his sword dance. The second skill hurls small whirlwinds around him, while the third skill releases a spinning blade, keeping Siegfried at a safe distance.

Photo: Momo Technology HK Company Limited

Siegfried’s Special Skills: Mighty Slash, Frenzied Slash, Curse

Siegfried’s special skills have the longest cooldown in the game but are worth the wait. The first two skills deliver a massive chop, significantly damaging any unsuspecting enemy. The last skill changes the dynamic by unleashing three shockwaves on the battlefield, helping you stay out of harm’s way.

God of Thunder Thor

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Thor is electrifying and wields the legendary Mjölnir, his famous hammer bathed in divine thunder. Therefore, besides basic attacks, his skills deal with lightning elemental damage. He’s the bulkiest hero, with high damage and survivability but lower mobility.

Thor Normal Skills: Mighty Swing, Lightning Circuit, Thunderblast

Thor’s basic attack is a standard 4-hit combo. However, he can accumulate Lightning charges at the end of the attacks, spending them to discharge elemental damage on opponents.

Thor Powerful Skills: Ricochet Hammer, Multi-Hammer, Hammer Swing

Thor uses his hammer from a distance in all his powerful skills, keeping himself secure while pummeling his enemies. The Hammer Swing creates potent hammer protection when surrounded by creatures.

Photo: Momo Technology HK Company Limited

Thor Special Skills: Thunder Clap, Thunder Strike, Thunder Body

Thor’s special skills unleash lightning powers, hitting all enemies around him. The first two skills pound the ground and explode in lightning damage, while the last one electrifies Thor, striking a random enemy at intervals.

The Hunter Ullr

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Wielding a bow makes Ullr the best-ranged hero among the four. He’s more challenging to operate, but players who master him will see their enemies fall one by one under the barrage of his arrows.

Ullr Normal Skills: Precise Shot, Hunter’s Shot, Charged Shot

Ullr has a three-step combo where he quickly shoots arrows and finishes with a big burst. Two skills can be charged up, releasing an eagle at the shot location.

Ullr Powerful Skills: Freezing Barrage, Tracking Barrage, Wide-Range Barrage

Ullr’s powerful skills fire a barrage of arrows raining down on enemies, showering them in a large area of effect. His third powerful skill creates a sequence of arrow showers.

Photo: Momo Technology HK Company Limited

Ullr Special Skills: Multi-Shot, Rapid Fire, Phantom Shot

For those who want to hit multiple opponents in front of them at once, Ullr’s Special skills are designed for precisely that. They all release a strafing attack in a cone area, targeting any enemies directly in front of the hunter.

Heroes’ Talents

The heroes share a skill tree called Talent that boosts the abilities of all heroes. This talent tree has a vast number of nodes, divided into two types: simple talents that increase attributes and talents that activate new features, such as potion use or increasing Dash charges.

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Simple talents are activated by spending Talent Gems, easily acquired after completing a stage. The more powerful talents require a Legendary Talent Gem, also obtainable in the campaign or stores but slightly rarer than the common ones.

Heroes’ Equipment

At the end of each stage, there’s a generous drop of loot to equip your heroes with progressively better gear. Fortunately, all heroes share the same equipment, which makes building a decent setup much more accessible.

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There’s little secret to equipment. Whenever you acquire new and better gear, the interface will show a small green arrow tooltip on the equipment, indicating that it’s better than what you currently have equipped.

However, what we’re really looking for here are Legendary and Ancient Legendary items. Legendary equipment provides extra bonuses to your overall potential, like a chance to emit a shockwave with each attack.

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Ancient Legendary items are part of a set. Powerful bonuses are unlocked as you equip all the equipment from the same group. These items have a greenish background, so keep an eye out for them.

Pay attention to bonuses because the game often indicates that equipment is better than your current set just because it has a higher item level, ignoring the set bonus. In such cases, it’s better to decide for yourself whether it’s worth equipping a higher-level item in exchange for losing your set bonus.

Hall of Gods and Divine Powers

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We all know that any respectable mobile game has a gacha system. Myth: Gods of Asgard is no exception.

Since the game offers its heroes naturally as you play, the gacha system is much more inviting and less urgent. It strengthens your heroes but doesn’t restrict your gameplay like in other games.

Summoning is done in the Hall of Gods and provides Divine Power, card-like buffs that grant powerful passives bonus and an Ultimate attack, the mightiest force on the battlefield.

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Before summoning the Divine Power, you need to choose a God. Each God has a specific ultimate and specializes in a type of damage, providing various passive bonuses. You can summon them using diamonds – the premium resource – or special keys related to God.

Divine Powers can be allocated to each category of skill, adding effects to each attack and Dash. There are also six slots for passive Divine Powers, which increase your hero’s overall battle power.

In-game, there’s a Preparation Walkthrough button in the bottom right corner that displays various builds for your heroes. It’s a great tool to orient yourself and keep up with the Divine Powers you already possess.

Divine Resonance

Divine Powers are mighty tools, but you should consider the combined effects called Divine Resonance before you can equip them.

Each Divine Power belongs to a group, categorized by the God they represent. There are six in total: Baldr, Valkyrie, Odin, Sif, Frigg, and Heimdallr.

Resonance bonuses appear as you equip passive Divine Powers belonging to the same God. The highest Resonance level is also six, the same amount of passive slots.

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The effect conferred by Divine Resonance is the same for all Gods. Six equipped passives increase the damage of that God’s abilities by 30%, which is a relatively high value.

You can create various builds by mixing up to three passives from different Gods, gaining a smaller bonus from all of them. However, we recommend focusing on the God corresponding to the Divine Powers equipped with your normal, powerful, and special skills, as they are your bread and butter on the battlefield.

Your chosen Ultimate should also align with your Divine Resonance. The Ultimate build-up as you strike enemies in the stages and can turn the tide when cast, summoning a powerful God ally.

Friendly Eudemons

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In Myth: Gods of Asgard, during chapter 3, we unlock Eudemons—adorable creatures that accompany us on the battlefield and passively attack enemies in the name of carnage.

We summon Eudemons by hatching Mystic Eggs, which can be acquired in the store or during the campaign. The nefarious creatures are divided into two tiers: Rare and Ancient Legendary. We can take up to three of them onto the battlefield.

To strengthen our Eudemons, we need EXP Potions for them and a sum of gold. The stronger they are, the better their attacks and skills become. It’s another way to facilitate the hack ‘n slash dynamic as we face Norse creatures. Eudemons can also be upgraded by unlocking new heroes’ talents.

Special Stages

As you progress through the chapters of the main campaign, you’ll notice that challenges are becoming progressively harder, and it might be time to acquire new equipment and resources to strengthen your hero.

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On the World Map, you can visit special stages that offer a variety of rewards. The Goblin Treasure Vault rewards you with equipment, diamonds, and even Legendary Talent Gems to tap into your hero’s potential.

The Arena puts you in a clash against another player’s hero, though AI-controlled. It’s one of the most enjoyable gameplay modes because it tests your mettle and prowess against someone on an even playing field. Winning in the Arena gives you Arena Tokens and increases your ranking, granting you boons at the end of the season based on your rating.

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In the Ancient Battlefield, you face a colossal boss where your goal is to deal as much damage as possible within a time limit or while surviving its attacks. The more damage you inflict, the better the rewards.

And, of course, events. Events are temporary stages and battlefields that deliver the best resources in the shortest time possible. They vary seasonally, so it’s worth logging in frequently to Myth: Gods of Asgard to make the most of events and maximize your efficiency.

Wrapping It Up

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Myth: Gods of Asgard is an incredible, rewarding, and challenging game. Its dynamic and fast-paced gameplay keeps you glued to your mobile screen, and its visuals enchant you with its colorful and stylish graphics.

Despite being free-to-play, it doesn’t force you to open your wallet or play for days to unlock the best heroes. Myth: Gods of Asgard naturally provides you with heroes at your own pace as you have fun.

The gacha system is one of the fairest we’ve seen in a long time because, in the end, your skill and tapping dexterity matter more than rare equipment that only a few players manage to obtain due to luck.

We hope you have as much fun with Myth: Gods of Asgard as we did. If you’re already playing, let us know: who’s your favorite hero? Our favorite is definitely Siegfried!

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