My Talking Tom Friends Game Guide: Tips and Tricks

Anurag Ghosh

My Talking Tom Friends expands on the Talking Tom 2 universe by adding lots of new toys to play with, fun mini-games and your favorite characters such as Angela, Hank, Becca and many more.  

This simulation game focuses on the day-to-day lives of Tom and his best buddies, so expect plenty of fun activities and games. There’s never a dull moment with these super adorable characters chattering, playing with toys and making new friends. Our beginner-level My Talking Tom Friends guide will help you earn more bus tokens, coins, stars and goodie bags.  

Watch our gameplay video below to find out what’s brewing between Tom and his chums:

Getting Started

Fulfill demands of Tom and his friends to complete activities. Tap on the speech bubble that appears above a character.  

You will find different icons in each speech bubble. These icons pertain to a particular activity. Tap on an icon and the character will move closer to an object that’s connected with that activity. Tap on the object or drag and drop the character onto the object to start an activity.  

For example, if you tap on the spoon and fork icon above Angela, it means she is hungry. Just tap on it and she will be on the dining table. Now tap on the spoon and fork icon above the food bowl and drag and drop delish food items to feed her.  

When Tom and his friends perform certain activities, such as playing a sport, conversing with a friend, playing an indoor game, singing etc. You will get bus tokens and stars upon completion. Just tap and hold a character and drag him/her towards a toy or a certain object to begin performing an activity.

Tap on bubbles to get bus tokens and stars.
Tap on Bubbles to get Your Rewards

When an activity ends, rewards appear inside transparent bubbles. Tap on bubbles to collect your rewards.  

Stars fill the star meter (more on this later) and bus tokens are used to fill the bus stop sign board located on the street.  

When the sign board fills up, just drag one of the characters onto the bus. You will be taken to a trip to the nearby supermarket, where you can get lots of goody bags that may contain toys/games and costumes. You may also obtain important items, such as healing items for the medicine cabinet and food.  

The above basic guide is for those who have just started playing My Talking Tom Friends game on their Android devices. Read on for more tips and tricks to get rewards:  

Activities that Grant Rewards  

There are two kinds of activities – Basic and fun. The latter lets you play with toys, games and engage in various hobbies such as singing and playing the electric guitar.  Activity icons appears as speech bubbles above a character.  

My Talking Tom Friends
Basic activity Speech bubbles are in red.

Completing the following basic activities doesn’t grant rewards:  

– Eating food (Appears as fork and spoon in the speech bubble above a character) 

– Going to the Loo (Flush toilet) 

– Taking medicines (Big Plus sign) 

– Bathing in the bath tub (Shower) 

– Sleeping (Crescent Moon) 

However, you will have to complete the above tasks (in case they appear as speech bubbles above a character) if you want Tom and his buddies to perform other tasks. You just can’t drag a character to a toy or game if he/she demands food or wants to go to the loo. They will flat-out refuse to perform any other task until you have completed their basic tasks as shown on their speech bubbles.  

Any speech bubble that does not have the above basic activity icons grant some kind of a rewards, such as stars or bus tokens.  

A speech bubble above a character can have a guitar icon, a board game icon, washing machine, bath tub, teddy bear etc. All these activities grant some kind of reward after completion. You just have to tap on such an icon to move your character closer to that object and then drag and drop that character over the object to start the activity.  

Fill the Star Progress Meter to get Goodie Bags  

In My Talking Tom Friends game, you can earn stars by completing non-basic activities. Read the above paragraph to get a list of basic and non-basic tasks.  

You earn a star after completing a fun task, such as playing an indoor game, using the mic, playing soccer (a soccer ball appears above a character), skateboarding etc.  

When a task is completed, a star appears inside a transparent speech bubble above a character. Tap on it to collect it.  

Stars fill the star progress meter. Tap on the green chalkboard in the living room to access star meters of each character. The green board is located just beside the smart TV.  

Star progress meter for Tom
Complete activities for Tom to collect stars and get rewards

You will notice certain icons above stars. These icons also appear beside the green completion bar above a character when he/she performs a non-basic activity. There are six icons or categories as shown in the above screenshot:  

– Jigsaw puzzle (Indoor sport such as snakes and ladders board game) 

– Soccer ball (outdoor sport such as soccer, skateboarding) 

– Trowel (gardening, cooking) 

– Kitty Faces (chatting with a fellow character) 

– Art palette and paintbrush (hobbies such as singing, playing the guitar etc.) 

Complete a task that belongs to one of the above categories to earn star tokens. These tokens fill a star meter on the green chalkboard. If Tom completes a task, it will fill his star progress meter. If Angela completes a task, her star will be filled.  

When a star is full, you will receive a goodie bag. Make sure you change characters from the bottom-left corner of the screen to check their progress. Each character has a different star progress bar, so make sure you check a character’s star progress and complete an activity which is linked to a category to get stars.   

Example: If there’s a speech bubble with a skateboard above Tom, it means that Tom wants to play with the skateboard. Drag him to the skateboard or just tap on the skateboard icon and then drag him over the toy. 

While he is playing with it, you will notice a tiny soccer ball icon beside the green completion bar above him. This means that the skateboard belongs to the soccer ball category or outdoor sport category. When the task finishes, the star tokens you will receive will fill up the star meter under the soccer ball icon on the green board. Keep playing with the skateboard to receive more tokens until the star fills up.  

When one star out of the three stars under the soccer ball icon fills up, you will receive a goodie bag. Tap on the bag to get your rewards. The goodie bag contains coins, 500 bus tokens and an item. The item will be used to complete a basic/fun activity.  

Go to the Market to Collect Goodie Bags 

You can go to the market to collect free goodie bags. To reach the marketplace, collect bus tokens by finishing fun activities. Tokens will fill the bus stop sign board.  

Bust Stop Signboard
Go to the Market when the Signboard is Green

When it’s full, tap on the signboard. Tom and his friends will jump into the bus and drive to the nearby marketplace.  

Tap on the unlocked store. Certain stores will be locked. You can wait for a few minutes for the stores to open or just tap on an open store.  

The Marketplace

Tap on a goodie bag to collect free rewards. These rewards include new toys, hobby items, food items, costumes and coins. You can open up to 5 goodie bags.  

As soon as you collect rewards, you will be back home. Keep completing fun activities to earn bus tokens and fill the signboard for another fun trip to the market, where you can collect five more goodie bags. Make sure you select a different store than the previous one to get a different set of rewards.  

Speed Up Tasks  

Certain activities, such as sleeping, takes a long time to complete.

Tap on the fast forward button to speed up an activity
Speed up Activities like sleeping

You can easily speed up such tasks by tapping on the character and then tapping on the fast-forward button above him/her. You will have to watch a 30-second video to complete the task instantly.  

Play Mini-Games to Earn Bonus Bus Tokens 

Tap on the Smart TV located beside the green chalkboard. Choose a mini-game and play to complete levels. You will get rewards as soon as the game ends or when you lose all lives. You can also tap on the pause button and then quit the current game to earn rewards, but make sure you complete a few levels before quitting.  

Tap o Smart TV to Play Games

Some mini-games may require you to spend bus tokens to play them. The rewards you will receive from these games will be much more than the tokens spent.  

You can also play a mini-game when a character is engaged in a fun activity. You will see a joystick icon beside the completion bar when you tap on a character who is doing a task. You can the play a mini-game to get additional rewards besides the rewards earned from the task he/she was completing.  

Where to Find Talking Tom’s Buddies 

In My Talking Tom Friends, you will find Tom’s best buddies anywhere. Certain first-time tasks or activities unlocks characters, so pay attention to the speech bubbles and make sure you complete those tasks that appear for the very first time.  

You can find some of the characters in these areas, so make sure you complete activities that are related to them:  

Ginger – Treehouse 

Becca – Swimming Tub 

Hank – Dining Table 

Ben – Sleeping room or bedroom 

Angela – Loo 

Those are some of the characters found while playing My Talking Tom Friends game. If you find more cute characters, then do let us know via the comments section.  

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