MicroTown.io – My Little Town – Ultimate Beginners Guide

Nazarii Verbitskiy
an ultimate MicroTown.io - My Little Town guide
(Last Updated On: October 12, 2023)

MicroTown.io – My Little Town is the farming manager simulator with an idle upgrade. The game is created by Kooapps Games, the developer of Snake io, Piano Tiles 2, Helix Stack Jump, The Moron Test, and many other famous games available on Android and iOS on the Play Store.

And if you experience some issues while progressing in My Little Town, we are here to help you.

This article is your ultimate beginner’s guide for MicroTown.io – My Little Town. Right here, we have compiled everything you need to know about the game, including tips and tricks to improve your in-game experience.

My Little Town
Photo: Kooapps Games

Although it was written with beginners in mind, even seasoned players can benefit from the information provided. And before we start, check out the best Android games like Dragonheir – Silent Gods.

What Is MicroTown.io – My Little Town?

MicroTown.io – My Little Town is a unique combination of mini-market and farming management simulators combined with idle upgrade mechanics. The game was developed by Kooapps Games, creator of Snake io, Piano Tiles 2, Helix Stack Jump, and The Moron Test.

In MicroTown.io, players are responsible for growing a small town business. Although they can hire workers to help with the routine, many things, such as gathering goods, collecting cash, and upgrading the market are the players’ responsibility.

My Little Town
Photo: Kooapps Games

MicroTown.io – My Little Town is available on Android and iOS devices, so users of every platform can download the game directly from the App Store and Play Market. Moreover, people who want to run My Little Town on PC and laptop can use Android emulators without any restrictions. 

How To Make Money In MicroTown.io – My Little Town

As the primary players’ goal in My Little Town is to expand their town and generate more income, you might wonder how to make money in this game. Here are some of the best ways to make money:

Selling Goods

The majority of your income comes from selling goods. The products you can sell depend on the chosen map, but the mechanism remains the same.

Photo: Kooapps Games

Using workers, machines, and animals, you should create different goods and then sell them to customers. Here are some tips that can make selling goods more profitable:

  • Upgrade machinery, workers, and animals to increase production and efficiency
  • Create goods and products based on the marking demand
  • Regularly restock your stores to have a stable source of income
  • Keep unlocking new products, as it allows you to generate more money

Order Pick Up

In addition to selling goods to customers, players can complete Order Pick Ups, special orders from customers available for a limited time. Order Pick Ups usually have a higher payout than selling goods. That’s why we decided to highlight them separately in this article. 

My Little Town
Photo: Kooapps Games

Once an Order Pick Up appears, try to complete it as quickly as possible, while managing the delivery times. The faster you complete special orders, the more time you will have to complete other tasks or take a break.

Note that workers don’t have access and cannot complete Order pick-ups. This responsibility lies entirely on the player, which can be a disadvantage. However, the higher payout makes it worth the extra effort.

By following these tips, you can maximize your earnings from Order Pick Ups and enjoy the game even more.

Daily Bonus

My Little Town
Photo: Kooapps Games

Microtown io offers players a daily bonus that provides players with multiple valuable rewards mentioned in the list below:

  • x2 Speed Boost
  • x2 Money Boost
  • x2 Animals Speed Boost
  • 50 Cash
  • 200 Cash
  • 1,000 Cash

Daily Bonus is available every 24 hours, so make sure to log in daily to claim your daily bonus. Use daily bonuses wisely and try to save them for moments when they will provide the most significant benefit.

My Little Town
Photo: Kooapps Games

Note that MicroTown.io – My Little Town doesn’t require an internet connection to play, so there is a way to abuse daily bonuses. To do it, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  • Turn off the internet connection, open My Little Town
  • Claim your daily bonus
  • Head to the smartphone’s settings
  • Change your data to the next day
  • Open My Little Town, and voila! The daily bonus is available again

This trick is entirely legal, so don’t worry about the risk of being banned.

Bonus Offers

My Little Town
Photo: Kooapps Games

If you have attempted the previous methods but are still struggling to accumulate enough in-game currency to progress, keep an eye on the special bonus offers appearing on the left of the screen.

These offers can provide a significant boost to your in-game economy and help you progress more quickly.

Here are some of the best rewards from bonus offers:

  • 600 Cash
  • 900 Cash
  • x2 Speed Boost
  • x2 Animals Boost
  • x2 Money Boost

Although bonus offers provide a significant resource boost, these are time-limited deals, so you should hurry up to redeem them quickly. 

MicroTown.io – My Little Town: Upgrades Explained

As you progress in MicroTown.io – My Little Town and accumulate wealth, you’ll unlock various upgrades to enhance your town’s efficiency.

My Little Town
Photo: Kooapps Games

At the moment of writing, there are three types of updates in MicroTown.io – My Little Town: Worker Upgrades, Animal Upgrades, and Machine Upgrades. In the table below, we’ll explore each category and delve into the specifics of each type of upgrade.

Update NameUpdate TypesMax Level
MachinesStack Speed3/3

Each new upgrade costs money and that’s the biggest problem with this mechanic. Worker upgrades are the most expensive, as they significantly increase a player’s effectiveness.

My Little Town
Photo: Kooapps Games

Still, it’s worth nothing to say that sometimes the game offers players upgrades for watching ads. This is one of the most beneficial offers you can get in My Little Town, so don’t miss your chance to get them.

MicroTown.io – My Little Town: Locations Explained

As you progress in My Little Town and unlock most of the updates and technologies on the specific map, you can move to the next one. At the moment of writing, there are seven unique locations, with Candy Store being the most advanced.

My Little Town
Photo: Kooapps Games

The following list contains all the locations in Microtown io:

  • Farmers Market
  • Bakery
  • Clothing
  • Cafe
  • Art & Craft
  • Fast Food Restaurant
  • Candy Store

Unlocking new locations is not only about progressing on previous ones. For example, players should pay 600 Cash to move to the Bakery. Moreover, the price for locations increases as you progress.

My Little Town
Photo: Kooapps Games

It’s important to note that the developers regularly update the list of locations in My Little Town.

With each update, new locations are added, and we are expecting two fresh locations soon. Therefore, if you’ve completed all the available maps, there’s no need to worry. Developers will add more content to My Little Town soon.

MicroTown.io – My Little Town – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Once you know about locations, upgrades, currency, and the other essential things in MicroTown.io – My Little Town, let’s discover five helpful tips and tricks that can significantly improve your in-game experience.

Although we’ve created these pieces of advice for newbies, even experienced players can benefit from them.

Watch Ads

While playing MicroTown.io – My Little Town, you will see advertising messages popping up on the right part of the screen. While most players ignore these ads, watching them can be a great way to progress quickly.

My Little Town
Photo: Kooapps Games

By watching ads, players can earn 300 Cash, as well as temporary boosts in Cash, Speed, and Animals. The rewards from ads are immediately added to your account, so you cannot save them for later use.

Still, it’s worth nothing to say that watching a single ad takes only 40 seconds, making it the most beneficial way to progress in MicroTown.io – My Little Town.

Hire Workers Early

My Little Town
Photo: Kooapps Games

As you progress in MicroTown.io – My Little Town, you will start to acquire more and more responsibilities. To deal with these responsibilities more easily, you should hire workers, such as Cashiers, Shelvers, and Farmers.

The Cashier is responsible for serving customers, so they are a must-have for every player.

Shelvers and Farmers are responsible for growing crops and putting them inside machines and stores, making your little town more automated.

My Little Town
Photo: Kooapps Games

In addition to hiring workers, you should also pay attention to improving their Stack and Speed levels, so they can move faster and handle more items at once. While this is a bit pricey, it is one of the most beneficial things you can do in MicroTown.io – My Little Town.

You can also get improvements for your workers by watching ads. Doing so takes a bit of time, but it is still more efficient than grinding money for improvements yourself.

Invest Money Into Upgrades

Upgrades are a necessary part of My Little Town, as they directly affect your income generation. By investing in better machinery and more efficient workers, you can significantly boost your production.

There are three types of upgrades, and each is worth the attention. The key to smartly investing your money into upgrades is prioritization.

First, make sure to invest money into workers and machines. It will result in more product output and faster production times. On the other hand, upgrading workers and machines is extremely expensive, which might be a reason to avoid them.

My Little Town
Photo: Kooapps Games

After investing money into workers and machines, try to invest your money in animals.

Even though animal upgrades are cheaper than workers and machines, they can increase production speed and the maximum output.

My Little Town
Photo: Kooapps Games

Complete Order Pick-Ups

My Little Town
Photo: Kooapps Games

Occasionally, a blue van will approach your little city and make a beneficial offer to buy Eggs, Corn, Wheat, or other resources. This is called an Order Pick-Up, and you should never ignore it.

To maximize the profit from Order Pick-Ups, make sure to watch ads. Doing so triples the income from Order Pick-Ups, which enables players to earn up to a few thousand coins from a single order.

My Little Town
Photo: Kooapps Games

Note that Order Pick-Ups are only available for 10 minutes. You will lose all your resources if you don’t collect enough during the given time.

So, be careful when completing Order Pick-Ups, and only invest your goods when you are 100% sure that you’ll manage to complete the order.

Manage Your Spendings 

The key to success in MicroTown.io – My Little Town is not only making but also spending money.

Thus, we highly recommend you determine how much money you can make and allocate it to various aspects of your town, such as workers, upgrades, animals, farms, and infrastructure.

My Little Town
Photo: Kooapps Games

Try to avoid spending money on customization for your in-game avatar. Although you might want to make your character look unique, it’s unreasonable spending, especially if you are in the early game stages. 

My Little Town
Photo: Kooapps Games


That’s all you should know about MicroTown.io – My Little Town. Even though the game seems complex, properly controlling your expenses and gradually increasing your income can secure your success in My Little Town.

If you’ve enjoyed this guide and want to read more pieces like it, check our website. Here, you can find the full gameplay guide with tips for Hero Adventure – Idle RPG, and Top Troops – Adventure RPG.

The article has ended, but you are still here? Well, you deserved an extra piece of advice, and here it is: 

If you don’t like ads popping up while you are playing the game, disable the Wi-Fi connection while playing MicroTown.io – My Little Town. Doing this won’t affect your in-game experience, but will remove all the available ads.

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