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My Little Terrarium: Hints to Get Animals

In My Little Terrarium, you will have to follow certain hints if you want to invite animal friends to your glass container. You can get these hints from the Free and Gold section. Watch a video to get access to cryptic one-liners. They are not that difficult to understand, but I will rephrase them to make it simple.  

Lesser Pandas visit your Little Terrarium on certain times

Please note that an animal visits only when you place his epic plant/structure in your terrarium. The following hints are their visiting conditions, which can be satisfied once you place the appropriate epic plant to attract an animal.  

1. Shiba dog visits when the cherry blossom blooms. Place the cherry tree and he will come when the tree blooms.  

2. Once you place the bamboo tree, you must also place three common plants around the tree to attract the Panda.  

3. The rabbit always visits during Saturdays or Sundays.  

4. The Fox usually arrives around 3 PM every day.  

5. You will have to build a round terrarium if you want the Meerkat to visit it once you place his favorite “Echino Cactus” plant on your terrarium.  

6. The koala will come out only when you place two animal friends in the same terrarium. This visiting condition is fulfilled once you place his favorite epic plant – Eucalyptus.  

7. Your favorite cat will never leave your first terrarium.  

8. Build a cube terrarium for the desert fox.  

9. Have two large plants to attract the elephant. Make sure you place the Baobab tree to attract him.  

10. The rare bluebird comes out on between 10 am and 7 am when the background is dark. Place the birdhouse to fulfill her visit condition.  

10. Lesser pandas will visit your terrarium between 6 PM to 6 AM when the background changes to night. Make sure you place the Tree Stump first.  

If you know more animal hints, do tell us in the comments section.  

Let’s find out which epic plant attracts animals:  

Tree Stump: Lesser Panda 

Bird House: Blue Bird 

Rose Bush: Fox 

Eucalyptus: Koala 

Echino Cactus: Meerkat 

Bamboo Tree: Panda Bear 

Baobab Tree: Elephant 

Mammillaria: Desert Fox 

Cherry Tree: Shiba Dog 

Light Stand: Bichon Frise 

Each epic plants and structure costs 150000 gold. You can find the Epic menu in the Shop.  

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