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My Little Terrarium: Guide to Foods for Animals

My Little Terrarium lets you grow plants in a small container. Animals visit your glass globe only on certain times. Your cute critter friends love food. When an animal gets his favorite foods, his heart fills and he gives a gift. You will unlock a special statue when you get three gifts from an animal. This guide should help you find out all foods and get to know each animal’s unique tastes: 

AnimalFavorite Food
MeerkatScorpion cake and Blueberry Tart
RabbitWhiskey Jelly, Tea and Bread
Blue BirdWorms, Scorpion Cake, Blueberry Tart
Desert FoxSame as Meerkat
Lesser PandaFruits and Salad
LambSalad and Stew
ElephantSame as Lesser Panda
FoxStew, Tea and Bread
CatSteak, Tuna
PandaNoodles, Stew
ShibaSame as Cat
OtterTuna and Noodles
KoalaNoodles, Whiskey Jelly

Where to Find Food 

Finding food in My Little Terrarium is easy, and there are several ways to get them:  

Finding food in My Little Terrarium

Food might float in the air when watering plants. Tap the food items inside bubbles floating in the air to collect them.  

Get random food in the “Free” menu. You can get two meals watching two videos. There’s a 3-minute cooldown time between each video, so you will have to wait for a few minutes to get another random meal.  

Tap the house and then tap “Make Food” in your first terrarium to get a random meal. It will take 5 minutes to make food.  

Tap the chest tied to a bunch of balloons to get two foods. The chest appears on random occasions so touch it before it vanishes away.  

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