My Little Terrarium Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh

Are you excited to have your own small glass container where you can grow plants and meet adorable animals? Well, My Little Terrarium makes your dream come true. You will start with your own tiny garden, where you can grow rose bushes, cherry trees, oyster plants and many others to make bring your terrarium to life. 

My Little Terrarium simulates plant life, so make sure you water your plants frequently. Certain epic plants also attract cute creatures, such as the meerkat, rabbit, panda, desert fox etc. They will appear on your glass globe on certain times. Give them their favorite food and be their friend for life. An animal friend will also grant gifts as a token of appreciation. And while you take care of your little garden, the game lets you listen to classic music, creating a very relaxing atmosphere. 

At the beginning of play, you will have to choose a plant out of three. Plants are placed on a small transparent globe. The in-game tutorial will explain everything, but if you want to know more about this game, then just follow these tips, tricks and strategies:   

Keep Your Plants Alive  

Watering plants daily ensures they don’t die and continue growing. Every plant generates gold each second. The larger the plant, the more gold it generates. A plant at 100 percent growth generates max gold.  

My Little Terrarium

To keep your terrarium green and lively, make sure you water plants each time the game notifies you. Tap a plant and then tap the watering can to water it. 

Revive a Dead Plant  

Pay special attention to a plant that reaches 100 percent growth. You can see the growth (in percentages) above a plant when it needs water (tapping on it will show how much it has grown).  

A plant may die if you don’t water it even after the “Parched” thought bubble appears over it. Make sure you water all plants once the “Thirsty” warning appears on touching them.  

If a plant dies, it turns pale and the word “dead” appears on top of it.

How to revive a dead plant

You can revive a plant using coins or watching a video. I will recommend choosing the latter as you will need coins to buy Epic plants.  

Epic plants attract certain creatures, but we don’t know when do they visit and what are their demands. Thankfully, My Little Terrarium provides a few animal hints to know their visit times and conditions.   

Complete Achievements 

You can get at least 1000 gold when you finish an achievement. Tap the trophy icon on the left side of the screen to get a list of achievements. You may also receive a free random plant when you complete all 10 tasks in the list.  

Feeds Animals to get Gifts 

On the album, each animal has three hearts. When an animals’ heart is full, it gives you a gift. You can fill an animal’s heart by feeding him his favorite food. To know each animal’s fave meals, read My Little Terrarium food guide.  

Food given to an animal fills only a small part of his heart. Some foods fill only a quarter of the heart while others fill half of it. When an animal’s heart is full, he or she always stays in your terrarium.  

Keep feeding an animal to fill all three hearts and get a rare Statue item. Every creature offers a unique statue.  

Your Pet Cat Gives Gold 

Wake up every day to receive lots of gold from your pet kitty. Tap the present box above him to get your rewards. Make sure you tap the “Collect x5” button to receive 5 times the amount.  

Solve the Jigsaw Puzzle 

An Epic plant costs a lot of gold and earning that amount from your existing plants is not possible. You will have to earn a large amount of gold to buy them.

Solve jigsaw puzzles to get gold

Thankfully, there are various ways to get gold in My Little Terrarium. One of them is the jigsaw puzzle. Solve the daily puzzle to get up to 300000 gold as rewards.  

Completing a jigsaw puzzle is easy. Just drag pieces on the empty canvas and put them together to complete a picture. You can also touch the eye on the right side of the canvas to get hints.  

Remove Weed to get Bonus Gold 

Weeds can stop your plants from growing, so make sure you remove them using the scythe. Tap the scythe and drag it all over your terrarium to get rid of weed. You will also get extra gold on removing all weeds in each terrarium.  

How to Fish 

Your cat loves fishing and we all know why. Every time he catches fish, he gives gold in return. To help him catch fish in My Little Terrarium, follow these steps:  

You will need earthworms to catch fish. You can get 2 earthworms from “Free” offers. You will have to watch a video to get them. You can also get them by touching the glowing flower floating in the air (dandelion seed head?). 

Help the cat catch fish

After obtaining earthworms, tap the small pond and then tap the blue fishing icon.  

Touch the cat and tap rapidly when the thought bubble above him shows an exclamation mark. At this time your smartphone will vibrate. Keep tapping until the gauge above him rises and fills up. Release to receive gold.  

Build More Terraria 

Your transparent container has very little space and so you can grow only a few plants and attract some animals. Thankfully, the game lets you create more terraria so that you can have a variety of flora and fauna in each container.  

Tap the zoom out button on the top-right corner of the screen. You will see lots of hexagon shaped empty spaces. You can build a terrarium in one of them.  

Touch the “Shop” on the of the screen. Go to “Frame” and purchase a frame or container. Frames come in varied sizes. Some are cube shaped, others are round. Each container costs gold, so make sure you have at least 300000 G to buy one.  

You will get a free cube terrarium as a gift at the beginning of play.    

Replace Common Dead Plants with Epic Plants 

A single container is costly, which is why you may have to free up space in your existing terrarium to add useful plants.  

Each container has little space and so you may have to prune certain plants to make way for useful flora that can attract animals. All you have to do is delete dead plants and replace them with the ones you feel will add some value to your container.  

You may choose not to water a plant until it withers away. When it dies, it turns gray. Touch the dead plant and then touch the dustbin to throw it away.   

  1. My list of achievements keeps telling me to buy a new frame (terrarium)

    Is there a way to stop this from coming up? I already have 9 and I don’t really want any more at the moment.

    I know I can just ignore the item, but it means there is one less task I can fulfil and I like to keep new achievements appearing so I can earn free plants.

    Does the game stop asking you to buy new frames when you have filled up the dozen available spaces?

  2. Great, now how do u change the music for the quest goal? I can turn music off and on, but I cannot choose the song, like the quest demands.

    1. @Kate, there’s a bar at the bottom of the screen that tells you what song is playing, tap it and then select a different song

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