My Dear Farm Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
Photo: HyperBeard

My Dear Farm is a super cute farming sim from Hyperbeard, the publisher of charming casual games like Idle Pocket Planet, Pocket Love, Adorable Home, Tsuki’s Odyssey, Kiki’s Vacation, and many more! Manage your own mini farm! Plant crops and flower beds and harvest them to earn coins.

Your goal is to grow crops, collect gifts, decorate, and expand your pocket farm. Fill the empty plot of land with cute decor and plants, harvest healthy crops, and have a space exclusively for flower beds using beautiful fences. As you progress, you will unlock new features as developers at Hyperbeard will introduce new gameplay elements, such as pets and coop in their future updates.

My Dear Farm
Photo: HyperBeard

If you have just started playing Hyperbeard’s latest game, then you might be interested in watching our My Dear Farm tutorial below. Or you can skip to our guide to know the nitty-gritty of the game.

Getting Started

After entering your age, you will be taken to the character customization screen. You can choose your name, hairstyle, skin tone, and hair color. The character customization screen is as minimalist as the game. There’s nothing fancy or complex about the entire game as it’s aimed at the casual gaming crowd.

Once you have created your character, you will be taken to your grandpa’s farm. Your grandpa will greet you with a short tutorial. You will learn how to move items from one place to another, purchase crops from the in-game shop, plant and harvest them, change outfits, check the mailbox to obtain surprise gifts, etc.

Before planting crops, you will have to purchase them from the shop. Tap the “Farm Shop” button (veggies icon) on the lower-right corner of the screen to purchase crops:

Farm shop button on the lower-right.
Photo: HyperBeard

You will see a list of eight random plants on the shop screen – they are broadly categorized into two types at the time of writing this guide – vegetables and flower beds.

Farm shop with eight random items
Photo: HyperBeard

The tiny carrot icon on the top-right corner of the plant photo suggests it’s a vegetable. The small flower icon on the top-right corner of a plant’s photo suggests it’s a flower bed.

You will need coins to purchase a plant. Some rare plants can only be purchased using gems. More about these red trinkets later.

To purchase a crop from the shop, tap its photo to enlarge it. The enlarged photo displays the crop’s name and the number of coins needed to buy it. Tap the “+” sign below the plant’s photo if you want to purchase more than one crop. Tap the “-” sign to decrease the number. Purchasing more crops of the same type increases the total cost.

Purchasing a pumpkin crop
Photo: HyperBeard

Press the green button to buy the crop. You will gain stars, aka “Farm Love” upon each successful purchase. The farm love gauge on the top-left corner of the home screen will fill up a little bit every time you purchase a plant or a decor item.

Note: You will also gain farm love (stars) after claiming a gift from the mailbox. Purchasing decor items will also grant stars.

Farm love gauge
Photo: HyperBeard

You will reach a new level when the farm love gauge is full. Leveling Up will unlock new crops and items in the store. But that’s not all! You will also be able to claim up to three decor items or plants. All you have to do is tap the purple “ad” button to watch a 30-second video to claim that item.

Level up to claim free furniture and decor
Claim up to three new furniture/decor. To claim one, tap the purple “Ad” button, watch a video and obtain the new decor. Photo: HyperBeard

After purchasing a crop, drag and drop it from your inventory menu to an empty white tile on the land. When you place the plant on the empty tile, three buttons appear above the crop:

Three icons appear above newly planted crops
The three icons – inventory, watering can, and green checkmark appear when you place a new crop on the land. Photo: HyperBeard

1. Inventory (Yellow backpack): You can put that new crop back into your inventory by tapping the yellow bag icon.

2. Blue Watering Can: Can be used to water plants. Crops may grow faster when you water them.

3. Green Checkmark: Tap it to place the plant.

The above three buttons also appear when you tap a crop that is already planted on your farm.

You can also obtain a free plant from the shop. Tap the veggies icon on the lower-right corner of the screen. On the left side of the shop screen, you will find a “Free Item” box. Tap the “Ad” button on that box, watch a 30-second advert and get a free random crop.

Refresh items and Free items button on the left side of the farm shop.
Photo: HyperBeard

Immediately after purchasing a plant or decor, press the “Place” button. Your garden switches to edit mode and all you have to do is drag and drop the new item onto the empty white tile on the farm. You may do that or just tap the “X” button and it won’t be placed on the land but will remain in your inventory. You can place the same item onto the land later once you have freed up some space. Just tap the inventory on the lower-left corner of the screen to this.

Your inventory is on the lower-left corner of the screen. Tap to view a list of items that you have stored so far.

Inventory on the lower-left
Photo: HyperBeard

To store a crop or a decor piece in your inventory, tap that item and then tap on the yellow backpack above it. You can also drag and drop an item from the inventory to the empty slot on the land.

Make sure you have collected coins from a crop before putting the crop back into the inventory. Tap the crop to collect coins and then tap it again to bring up the inventory (yellow backpack).

Once a crop is planted on your farm, wait for it to grow. When a crop is ready to be harvested, hearts will appear all around it. Tap the crop to collect coins. Plants generate a random number of coins when tapped.

Press and hold furniture/decor to bring the edit mode. You can now move them to the desired location. You can also rotate the item by tapping on the blue icon above it.

Rotate a furniture item
Photo: HyperBeard

Purchased all crops on the list? You can refresh the list to get a new batch of crops. To refresh instantly, tap the “Ad” button below the “Refresh Items” box and watch a 30-second ad. A new crop of plants (pun intended) will appear in the shop.

Tap free item to get a free crop.
Photo: HyperBeard

Plants that have been purchased will have a green checkmark on the top-right of their pictures in the shop menu.

Like plants, you can also place adorable items to decorate your farm. Tap the chair and fence button on the lower right corner of the screen to access the items shop.

Furniture and decor button
Photo: HyperBeard

In this menu, you can purchase cool items to decorate your pocket farm. There will be 8 items on the list. You can refresh the items list to bring new items by tapping the “Ad” button under “Refresh Items”.

Furniture shop
Photo: HyperBeard

You can also obtain a random decor item by tapping the “Ad” button on the lower-left side of the shop. The “Free Item” could be common or rare.

Besides the plants and decor shop, there’s a third shop – the costume shop. You can find this shop just above the plants’ shop in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Costume and outfit button
Photo: HyperBeard

In the costumes shop, you can purchase hairstyles, outfits, and accessories. However, you will have to spend gems to purchase an item in the costumes shop, unlike other shops, where there will be few items that can be purchased using gems.

Outfit and accessories
Photo: HyperBeard

Tap the mailbox to get a surprise gift from your grandpa. There will be a gift box icon above the mailbox, suggesting that your reward is ready to claim. The gift could be a decor piece for your farm or outfit/accessory. Make sure you press the “Extra Reward” button to get an additional gift from him. You will have to watch a 30-second video to get the bonus gift.

Tap the mailbox to claim a gift. Photo: HyperBeard

Once you obtain the gift, you will have to wait for several minutes to claim a new gift. There will be a countdown clock above the mailbox. Once the clock reaches 00:00, a new gift appears above the mailbox.

Now that we know how to play My Dear Farm, let’s find out more about gems and other features. We will also share a few tips to expand your farm.

How to Obtain Gems

Those red rubies aka gems are used to purchase certain rare plants and decor items from the farm shop menu, which is located on the lower-right corner of the screen. You will also need gems to buy outfits, accessories, hairstyles, and colors. Here’s how to get gems in My Dear Farm:

1. Pay attention to certain crops on your farm. Crops that are ready to harvest will have hearts floating around them. Just tap those crops to earn coins. But some crops will have red gems floating all around them at the time of harvest.

You can get a closer look at spot floating gems around a crop by zooming into the farm. Press the “+” sign next to the magnifying glass on the upper-right corner of the screen, just below your character’s portrait to zoom in to the crops. You can clearly distinguish the gems floating around crops from the hearts. Check out the screenshot below:

Gem around crop
Photo: HyperBeard

Tap crops with gems floating all around them to obtain free rubies.

2. Keep an eye on the streets outside your farm. You will see a wagon/horse cart moving along the street. The wagon will be carrying gems. Wagons passing down the street will be filled with coins most of the time, but sometimes, they will be filled with gems. When you spot a wagon with gems, tap it to watch a 30-second advert and get 5 gems.

Wagon filled with gems
Photo: HyperBeard

3. Tap the green “+” symbol near the total number of gems on the top-right corner of the screen. An offers section will appear on the screen.

Total number of gems and green plus sign
Photo: HyperBeard

Tap the “Ad” button on the left side of the screen, watch a 30-second video and obtain 5 gems.

Free gems in My Dear Farm
Photo: HyperBeard

On the right side, tap the “Free Gems” box and press OK – A new “offers” box will appear on the screen. These offers range from installing a particular app, reaching a certain level in a game, opting for in-app purchases in a game, completing app registrations, etc. The number of gems you will be getting upon completion of an offer is displayed on the right side of the screen.

Daily rewards
Photo: HyperBeard

3. Play My Dear Farm every day to claim daily rewards, which include coins, a random decoration, and gems. If you have just started playing, then you will receive gems on the first, and sixth day of your first 7-day rewards.

Some Decor Items Have Practical Uses

Small fence around flower bed
Basic Fence for a small flower bed. Photo: HyperBeard

Not all decor items are for show. Some of them can be quite useful for your farm. For example, fences and barbed wires can be used to split the farm into two parts – one for growing veggies, and the other meant only for your flower garden. You can have a separate garden bed by fencing it, a cabbage farming area, or an area reserved exclusively for growing aubergines.

You can purchase fences from the decor shop. Tap the button that has a picture of a chair and fence on the lower-right corner. You will see a list of decorations as shown in the below screenshot:

Furniture store with various icons showing decor types
Photo: HyperBeard

Decor items in the shop menu that have a tiny icon of a fence on the top-right corner can be used to divide your farmland into smaller spaces or for creating enclosures. Besides the fence, there’s also flooring. Flooring items have a tiny grass tile icon on the top right. Use flooring to change the land tiles.

Tap on an item and press the “+” button in case you need multiple fences to divide a large area or enclose a small area of plants. Every time you press the “+” button you increase the number of fences as well as the total price.

A fence type
Photo: HyperBeard

How to Customize Your Character

Tap your character’s portrait on the upper-left corner of the screen. Your character’s portrait is next to the Farm Love gauge on the top left.

In the character customization screen, you can change her hairstyle, skin tone, and hair color. Just tap on a skin tone, hair color, and style to customize your character.

Character customization screen
A hairstyle, color, and tone. Photo: HyperBeard

You can purchase an assortment of hair colors and styles from the costume shop.

In the same character customization screen, tap the shop icon on the upper-right corner of the screen.

Shop icon on the upper-right
Photo: HyperBeard

The shop icon is just beside the gear (settings) icon. You can purchase accessories, outfits, hairstyles, and colors. You will need gems to buy them. Tap the exit door on the upper-left corner of the screen to go back to the home screen.

To change your character’s outfit, tap the middle icon just above your character. This icon can be found on the top of the character customization screen and has a picture of a t-shirt, crown, and cap.

Outfit and Accessories
Outfit Screen. Photo: HyperBeard

On the left is the outfit and on the right is the list of accessories you purchased from the costume shop menu. Tap to select the outfit/accessory and then tap the exit door button to save and go back to the home screen.

The third icon above your character, on the top, is your character’s identity. It has an icon of an ID card.

Character ID
Photo: HyperBeard

On the ID section, you can change your character’s name, the background color of her portrait, and your farm’s name. Tap the pencil icon beside your character’s name and the name of the farm. You can also tap the purple button next to the pencil icon to generate random names.

Pay Attention to Bonuses

Bonuses appear on the screen from time to time, in the form of gas balloons, kites, and wagons.

Tap on such bonus offers, watch a video advert and obtain rewards, such as coins, decor items, plants, or outfits/accessories. Kites and wagons with coins grant up to 100 coins.

How to Expand Your Farm

Crops and decorations placed on your farmland will take up space at some point in time. You will need additional space to plant more crops and place new decor items/furniture. To do this, you must expand your farm.

To expand your beautiful steading in My Dear Farm, follow these steps:

1. Tap the signboard on the unclaimed plot of land. This plot will be protected by a wooden fence.

Empty plot of land with signboard
An unclaimed plot of land with a signboard. Photo: HyperBeard

2. A new window titled “Buy New Plot” will appear on the screen. Under “Clean this Area”, you will see the gem requirement for buying that plot.

Buying a new plot
Tap on the green button to purchase a plot. Photo: HyperBeard

The purchase button will be grayed if you don’t have the required number of gems but will turn grey once you have enough gems to buy the plot.

Cleaning the new plot
Cleaner cleaning your plot. Photo: HyperBeard

3. Tap the green button on the window. A cleaner will clean the new plot and you will have one more piece of land to grow crops.

We will try to update this guide as soon as developers introduce new gameplay features to My Dear Farm.

  1. My dear farm game is frozen. It keeps telling to come back to claim the mailbox.
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    Loved the game.

    1. @Ana C Mendoza, você conseguiu solucionar este problema?
      estou na mesma…

      Translate: Did you manage to solve this problem? I am in the same…

      1. Howwwwww!? I recently brought a frog for my dream farm, and it’s so cute but I can’t place it down, how do u put a frog onto the landscape? – pls help me somehow! – thank you for your time, PS I love the game and I think it’s your best one yet, pls try and help , but unfortunately if you can’t it’s ok,…… I’ll figure it out. -thanks

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