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Cats are the sweetest things, aren’t they? If you’re a cat lover, then PikPok‘s adorable mobile game, My Cat Club: Collect Kittens, is certainly a must-have! Welcome gorgeous felines into your home, and take pictures of them as much as you want.

Get rewarded for those exquisite shots, and breed them with other unique cats to introduce the cutest kittens into the mix. To help ease you into it, here’s a useful guide explaining all the introductory details you need to know of.

The Cat Club Group

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In My Cat Club: Collect Kittens, you’re a member of the Cat Club, a community dedicated to sharing pictures and moments about the cats under their care. You’re one of the up-and-coming individuals, and your growing popularity is hoped to have a positive impact on other cats’ lives, such as promoting rehome and adoption programs.

After adopting a kitten from a trusted shelter, you’ll introduce it to your current household cat, Boots, who’s already a cat-influencer that’s helped you garner a respectable social media following.

Together, they’ll be the main stars of your photoshoot sessions while you introduce more cats into your home (via mixed breeding).

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There are tons of cat variety in My Cat Club: Collect Kittens. Some are small yet fluffy, while others are slim but energetic. You might even breed special cats with distinct eye colors too.

The cats don’t have to be fed or micro-managed, letting you focus on the primary fun of the game: snapping cat pictures and sharing them with the world! The only progressions that you will need to focus on are unlocking new furniture and introducing new cat breeds to embellish your social media posts.


Photo: PikPok

The core gameplay of My Cat Club: Collect Kittens revolves around photoshoots of your endearing felines. The story progression itself is tied to this, letting you create new friendships with other cat owners who follow your social media account.

The photoshoot process is simple and straightforward, being:

  1. Choose the best furniture to be placed as the backdrop.
  2. Select which cats to be included in the pictures.
  3. Determine a pose for each cat before snapping a photo.
  4. Add stickers to boost the photo’s appeal, and then share it online.

Each picture will have different ‘tags’ to be focused on, such as a grumpy cat that needs to be featured in the photo. There will be hidden tags on every first try, meaning you can redo the photoshoots later to improve their ratings.

Photo: PikPok

As your cuties’ photo galleries add up, other people will share new opportunities for you to acquire fresh furniture and places to use as backdrops. These ‘episodes’ are called Photo Series, and you’ll be interacting with reputable in-game people accordingly, like the stern-looking Gus or lovely cafe owner, Safiya.

Completing photoshoots for them is the easiest way for you to acquire more valuable furniture that’ll improve your photo ratings when used for later sessions (or reshoots).

Most of the time, the only way to complete a Photo Series is by getting gold ratings for all photos taken, requiring you to redo them after unlocking better furniture or new cats/ kittens.

Cat Breeds & Traits

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In My Cat Club: Collect Kittens, the cats themselves are obviously the main attraction. As such, there’ll be different varieties for you to find.

However, the only way to collect them is by cross-breeding your grown cats with others that frequently visit your home. After matching a pair together, a new kitten will be born, receiving random traits originating from both parents.

Photo: PikPok

There are two categories of cat traits, each being:

  • Dominant genes
  • Recessive genes

The dominant genes are always visible, while the recessive genes will be hidden (unless unlocked by spending in-game Gems). The new kittens will have their traits chosen randomly based on the genes provided, and these characteristics are:

  • Body type
  • Color pattern
  • Behavior
  • Eye color (extra)
Photo: PikPok

Each kitten can be leveled up as well, gaining new skills that can bolster your photo ratings further. These are different for each cat, adding another layer to the cat-breeding process.

Every kitten is a pleasant surprise, and having many distinct cats lets you complete more photoshoots with amazing results by satisfying different image tags. If you’ve maxed out your current capacity, you can rehome your kittens/ cats to other loving families, letting them find new adventures while you open up room for a new kitty to join yours.

Photo: PikPok

Essentially, you become a part-time cat breeder, and more exotic ones will eventually crop up as your cat pool becomes bigger and more diverse. Currently, the game’s catalog of cat types and variations does seem a bit limited, but this will definitely be expanded upon by the developers in due time.

Furniture Collection

Photo: PikPok

While not as talked-about as the cats, furniture is important too. Higher-tier ones add more ratings to your photos, with some adhering to unique tags that make them exclusive for certain photoshoots.

Each piece of furniture can also be leveled up, making them usable in ‘harder’ photo sessions. The best way to acquire new ones is to complete multiple Photo Series as you play the game, but you can also spend your Coins or Gems in the in-game Shop to get amazing items quickly as well.

Photo: PikPok

Plus, rare cat breeds can also be offered from the Shop, which might not be available anywhere else in the game. They usually cost Gems, which in turn can be bought using real-world money, generating revenue for the developers’ hard work.

Beginner’s Tips

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My Cat Club: Collect Kittens is a kid-friendly game that’s entirely easy to play. That being said, a few helpful tips wouldn’t hurt, especially if your child is struggling to understand the game’s mechanics during the first playthrough.

So, here are some nifty guidelines that might prove beneficial:

Diversify cat types

You might adore a particular cat species, but having cats of the same family will only limit your potential photo ratings, locking you out from better rewards and game progression. So, it’s always best to match your cats with another breed, notably those that are rare and sought-after.

Additionally, you can only have a limited number of cats that you can care for, meaning you’ll have to rehome some of your cats to other families, to make room for new ones to be bred.

Maximize kitten photoshoots

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In My Cat Club: Collect Kittens, every kitten only has 24 hours before they inevitably mature to adulthood. As such, make the most of the time given by using them for photoshoots as much as possible.

You can breeze through multiple Photo Series quickly this way, particularly because they add a big multiplier to your photos’ ratings, letting you aim for gold rank more consistently. After all, who doesn’t like kittens?

Partake in events

Occasionally, in-game events might pop up. These are amazing ways for you to acquire stickers to be used for your photos.

You don’t want to keep using the same sticker repeatedly, right? Even though the game doesn’t penalize you for it, you’ll definitely want every picture to look unique.

Resources like Treats and Gems might also be handed to you as rewards, so make sure to participate as best as you can.

Redo photoshoots to get gold ratings

Photo: PikPok

Many times, especially on the first try, you can’t get gold ratings for your photos because the furniture or cats didn’t meet the expected image tags (a few are hidden on the first attempt).

Starting from Photo Series 2, certain photoshoots can only be unlocked after getting gold ratings for ALL images captured under its banner. You might not be able to do so initially, but once the tags are uncovered, you’ll know exactly what needs to be inside your photos for you to strike gold the next time around.

Share your photos around

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Why keep your cat photos to yourself when you can send them to your cat-loving friends and family too? You’ll get more in-game rewards for doing so, and you’ll feel better knowing that others are playing the game with you as well.

Instead of reading the ‘artificial’ comments made by NPCs, let’s start accepting real-world people’s opinions of our in-game cats instead. Not only are they more genuine, you’ll feel motivated to play the game more, which is a good thing!


Photo: PikPok

My Cat Club: Collect Kittens is a wonderful escape for many animal lovers, regardless of age. Just like Cat Spa, the game is free-to-play and casual, making it a recommended download for everyone.

If you have something to share that can help out new players as well, feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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