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My Café: Recipes and Stories – 7 Tips, Hints and Strategies to Increase Profits

Melsoft Games’ My Café: Recipes and Stories is probably the most challenging restaurant sim game I have ever played. Making money is quite tough, so is attracting customers.

You will start slow, placing tables and stools and buying equipment, but once new customers and features are unlocked, you will be addicted to this game.

A gameplay feature I liked the most is the inclusion of fun stories and gossip to a restaurant sim game. Each customer has its own story to tell and Ann will be a part of that story, helping them overcome their challenges. Some stories are quests and completing them will earn you handsome rewards.

Check out our gameplay video to know what are the different types of gifts, what’s inside each gift and whether purchasing them would be a wise idea. It also shows that a player will earn more if she serves special dishes to customers.

My Café: Recipes and Stories has several secrets, gossips and anecdotes to keep you busy for hours. Plus there’s a small café to manage.

With the help of these tips, hints and strategies you will be able to earn more revenue, decorate your coffee house with the right objects and furniture, make the most of special spices and attract more customers:

1. Help Employees: Speed up Serving Items to Customers

While Ann and other employees will do their best to serve the required orders to all customers, you can lend a hand to them and serve customers yourself.

Just tap a customer and press the “What would you like to order” button. Note down the orders and start preparing drinks and other items yourself. If you forget a recipe, just tap the tea cup icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen to access recipe list.

Once the order is ready, tap the same customer and press the “Here’s your order!” button to serve him. Doing this will let you serve all customers quickly. You can do this when there are too many customers arriving at your café.

My Cafe Recipes and Stories

Help Ann and employees serve orders faster by tapping machines to make drinks. Employees will have to wait for a machine to make a drink, so why don’t you tap them first before they do to help them serve customers faster.

While they are busy serving customers, tap empty machines to make drinks for future customers. It will take a few seconds to make a drink. Make sure all machines are not empty and tap a machine as soon as it becomes empty.

2. Two Must-Upgrade Employee Skills

When Ann levels up, an up arrow icon appears above her head. Tap Ann and then tap the “Tell Me about Your Skills” button to know her current level and the available skills.

Ann possesses 3 main types of skills – Daily Simple Gift, All Items Prices and Speed. Other staff members may possess different skills so you will need to read their skills by tapping their skill icons and upgrade the best of three to get maximum profits.

Employee Profile Special Skills

When an employee levels up, you can upgrade a skill of your choice, but you can only upgrade one of 3 skills. Choose your skills wisely. I will recommend upgrading Ann’s “AllItemsPrices!” skill as upgrading it will raise the price of all items by a certain percentage.

If you have upgraded it to level 1, then all item prices will be increased by 6 percent. At level 5 skill, item prices can be raised by 20 percent and at level 10 skill items can be raised by 30 percent.

Once you have upgraded “AllItemsPrices”, tap the tea cup icon to set new prices for all unlocked items. You will now see that previous prices are in light green color.

Tap the plus button to increase their prices and stop when the color changes to dark green. Beyond that the color will change to yellow and very few customers will order those items that are in the yellow color range.

Your second priority should be to upgrade Ann’s “Daily Simple Gift”. Upgrading it to level 1 will give a simple gift every day, whereas upgrading this skill at level 5 will give you 2 gifts and at level 10 will give you 3 gifts.

Simple gifts may contain spices, which you can infuse into drinks and serve them to your customers at a very high price.

3. Hire More Servers to Speed up Staff: Choose Wisely

Having an extra server will speed up staff and help you earn more profit. When you are not playing, the new server will help Ann serve orders to customers. The faster employees serve to customers, the more profits you will earn.

At some point of time, Ann will tell you that a new server (employee) can be hired (check her conversations by tapping the book icon), but before that you will need to buy a service table first. Go to catalog >Furniture and purchase a service table.

Next, you will need to hire a server. To do this, tap the menu icon at the top-right corner of the screen and press the server icon, which is located below the trophy icon.

A new “Staff” screen will be displayed on your smartphone. Tap the “Hire” button. You will be taken to the “candidates” screen.

From the list of candidates, choose a server that possesses better skills than the rest. Most servers will have upgraded skills. Also, make sure the server isn’t too pricey. Each server has a price tag, so you may hire the one whose price is the lowest of all servers.

If you don’t like any servers from the list, you may choose to wait for an hour or so to get a new list of servers. The game updates the server list every few hours.

4. How to get Special Spices

You can make special recipes by adding special spices to drinks or other items. Such special recipes will fetch you over 100 bucks and some may even be higher than you can imagine.

Get Special Spices as Bonuses

You can get spices as rewards for logging in daily or via daily gifts. To increase the number of daily gifts, upgrade your employee’s “Daily Gift” skill when he/she levels up. The more gifts you receive in a day, the higher the chances of getting rare spices.

Spices can also be ordered via phone, but you will need to place one in your café. Unlock “Phone” at level 6. This will not only let you order spices, but also accept takeout orders, which means more revenue. Yippie!

Some customers may also give spices. Keep chatting with customers and some generous and happy bloke, such as Koffsky, will give a rare spice.

To get access to different types of rare spices, you will first need to build a stand and buy a Spice Box. Once you have bought one, you can collect spices that you have received from customers, phone orders or daily login rewards/gifts.

Koffsky and Mary will give you spices and you can add them to tea or other drink and then serve the new item to customers. You can also purchase gifts from Fernando by trading them with gems.

However, you will need to ask a customer whether they would like to have “something special”. They will suggest a special dish containing a spice of their choice and the amount they are willing to pay to you. If you those ingredients, including the special spice, then just prepare it for that customer. Tap the customer again to serve the special item to him.

5. How to Decorate Your Café and Get Bonus Revenue

Adorning your café with eye-catchy furniture and decorations is a great way to earn bonus tips from customers. Your customers will give you hints on decorations and furniture, so pay attention to their conversations.

For example: French style Latte Art painting can be nice addition to your café and will also earn you some extra tips.

My Cafe Bill shows Bonus Earnings from French Style Furniture

The bill will show how many dollars you have earned as tips for decorating your café in a certain style. The bill appears when you open the game.

Decorating your café in one style will give you more tips. There are different styles such as Chinese, French, English and Classic.

If you decorate your café with Chinese style furniture and decorations, then you will receive more tips than decorating your café with both Italian furniture and Chinese decorative pieces.

Chinese Style Furniture

You can check which style a furniture or decoration belongs to by tapping the cash register icon at the bottom-right corner of the game screen.

Select the “Furniture” tab and tap the tiny “i” (info) icon at the top-right corner of each furniture card. It will reveal the style (Chinese, English etc.) and the café prestige you will earn after placing it on your café.

Tip: Furnishing your café in one style will earn you more tips than furnishing your café in two or three different styles. In case you have decorated your café with two different styles, you can discard furniture/decoration that belongs to one style in case you have unlocked more furniture/decoration that belongs to the second style to get more revenue.

To discard, long press a furniture item or a decoration and a storehouse icon (cardboard box) will be shown.

Tap the storehouse icon and that item will be moved to the storehouse. You can access that item anytime by tapping cash register. Select the “Store” tab and tap the “Storehouse” button.

6. Customers will Provide Recipe and Decoration Hints to Increase Revenue

Every customer has its own story to tell, but there are a few helpful ones that will help Ann prepare new recipes and decorate her café with the choicest furniture to boost income and expand her café.

Koffsky will share some new recipes and Margaret will give tips to decorate your café. Fernando, the chairman of the Café and Restaurant society, will provide hints to decorate your café and earn VIP points.

Pay attention to what your customer says, tap him/her when a speech bubble appears to know what they want and they may reward you with a gem or two for meeting their requirements.

7. Pay Attention to Chats – Some of them are Quests that May Get you Gems

Missed a conversation with a customer? No problem! You can access old and new conversations by tapping the book icon at the top-left corner of the screen.

There you will see tiny portraits of your customers with numbers above them. Tap a customer’s portrait to find out his requirements, decoration/recipe tips or just plain gossip.

Talk to Customers

Numbers with a blue background are actually unread or new conversations. Tap a customer’s icon to read all chats between Ann and her customers and the background will turn green, which means all conversations have been read by you.

On the text screen you may find a tiny diamond icon at the end of a sentence as well as an arrow icon beside it. Such conversations actually quests and completing them will earn you a free gem.


Monday 20th of April 2020

you can only watch 10 ads a day.


Friday 13th of September 2019

How do I make Ann serve customers directly? I can’t level up for her. Since 1 month she has been at serving 3202 guests how will I take her up to the next level if she doesn’t serve customers at all?


Monday 1st of July 2019

(Oops! I think I posted my question in the wrong place up above in the forum so pls forgive the redundancy.) Hi there. I’m wondering if perhaps my game has a glitch. Are we supposed to receive free spices daily? If so, I’m at level 11 and this has never happened for me. Also, I’ve never had anyone show up for a takeout order during festivals. Thanks in advance for your help. 🙂

Anurag Ghosh

Saturday 13th of July 2019

I don't think so you can get free spices daily. However, there are several ways to get them. You might find them in daily bonuses and presents or when you fulfill phone orders and town orders.

Meh Cafe

Saturday 1st of June 2019

The author stated, “Every time your café levels up, a new customer will arrive at your place.“

This is patently false. A new customer only arrives every few levels after awhile.

I have been playing this game for well over a year and due to lack of number of customers (there should be at least one per level but there is not), Ann and is still at level nine. That is with me not using any servers, as any time a server serves a customer, Ann will not get any credit for serving the customer and thus will take even longer to level up.

There simply are not enough customers in the café to level her even after a year! I play this game constantly too so it’s not like I’m an occasional player.

I enjoy the game but they make it extremely grindy. I do not agree with all the tips here.

Anurag Ghosh

Saturday 1st of June 2019

Well that's true. A new customer arrives after every few levels. At the time of playing (which was years ago) I noticed that every time I leveled up, a new customer entered the cafe. Will make some changes in this article. Thanks for your comment!


Monday 4th of March 2019

I don't get any daily bonus too.

Jesusa Ciolo

Friday 17th of January 2020

I also don't get daily bonuses

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